Gaby Spartz and Mashi Scanlan
Join Gaby Spartz and Mashi Scanlan each week as they cover the latest in Magic news and events. Prepare yourself for hot takes, Mashi's attempt at clever jokes, and a deep dive into Magic, gaming, and more!
MagicFM #56 - To Infinity and Beyond
Gaby and Mashi cover the unique situation that two MOCS competitors found themselves in last week, while also examining just how expensive Arena has gotten.
Nov 20
1 hr
MagicFM #55 - Magical Mailbag
Gaby and Mashi go to the mailbag this week, answering questions that range from what their unluckiest break was to their favorite Magic art, and much more.
Nov 13
1 hr 2 min
MagicFM #54 - League Play Is Sweet, Supreme Draft Is Sour
Gaby and Mashi discuss the changes they like about MPL/Rivals league play, while expressing their displeasure about supreme draft and alternate art in the Vintage Cube.
Nov 5
1 hr 3 min
MagicFM #53 - Is Jeweled Lotus OK?
Jeweled Lotus blew up the internet yesterday - Gaby and Mashi cover all things Lotus, as well as Arena's mobile delay and Hasbro's earnings call.
Oct 30
1 hr 4 min
MagicFM #52 - A Year of MagicFM!
Gaby and Mashi celebrate their 52nd episode by doing a giveaway, talking about when we might return to paper Magic, and discussing the WotC rules that led to a high-profile retirement this week.
Oct 22
58 min
MagicFM #51 - A Few Bans Later, Is Standard Great Now?
Did enough cards get banned to make Standard awesome? Gaby and Mashi investigate, while also attempting to decipher the latest MPL announcement.
Oct 17
1 hr 1 min
MagicFM #50 - Much Like Zombies, This Controversy Keeps Coming Back
The dead haven't finishing walking, so Gaby and Mashi go hunt some more Zombies, while also revealing plans for MagicFM's one-year anniversary!
Oct 9
1 hr
MagicFM #49 - These Dead Were Made For Walking
The dead are walking, and Gaby and Mashi have a lot to say about it, while also checking in on Standard post-ban.
Oct 2
1 hr 2 min
MagicFM #48 - The Fastest Bans In The West
Gaby and Mashi talk about how bans are needed (and coming) just days after Zendikar Rising's release, while also going over the MTGA Developer Roadmap.
Sep 25
1 hr 4 min
MagicFM #47 - Zendikar Rising First Impressions and Mythic Invitational Post-Mortem
Gaby and Mashi give their first impressions on Zendikar Rising before taking a critical eye to all the exciting things that happened at the Mythic Invitational.
Sep 18
1 hr 4 min
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