Mack Maloney's Military X-Files
Mack Maloney's Military X-Files
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Crazy fun
Love your banter. Such good buddies.
Relief from Political Correctness and Wokistan
This reminds me of how my uncles talk at our family gathering. Candid straight from the heart. Each time I drive by Ipswich on the way to the beach. I tell my wife I listen to this Podcast :)
Feels Like Hanging With Your Buds
As a Texan, it took a while to adjust to the Bahstahn accents, but now I'm in. Look forward to the podcast each week, trying to time it to when I can really listen and pick up every rimshot. Some may tire of the repeated introductions, but I love it. I get irritated at podcasts where the guest and even the host are maybe introduced only at the beginning, which you might miss and never know who is talking.
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My Doodad
The best podcast
True entertainment, in the moments I listen to the show I can loose myself. Thank you!!!
Tom in Pennsylvania
Great Show!
I love this program!! Keep up the great work!!
Mad At Us Cause They Ain't Us