Mack Maloney's Military X-Files
Mack Maloney's Military X-Files
Join Mack, Juan-Juan & Commander Cobra as they explore the U.S. military’s involvement in the paranormal on Mack Maloney's Military X-Files radio show.
Does the Government Know a Killer Asteroid is Coming?
The gang talks to The Alien Whisperer, Dolly Safran, about how she was first contacted by Alien Grays and how they’ve become a large part of her life. Willy Clubb reports on suspicions that the U.S. Government knows a killer asteroid is heading towards Earth but is not telling anyone. Also, Superfan Susan Kauppila joins the show with ten intimate questions for Mack. Contains adult themes. Surprise guest: The Black-Eyed Kid.
Jan 27
1 hr 52 min
UFOs & the Great Tator Experiment
The gang talks to best-selling Hollywood author Gary Olsen about Adolf Hitler’s disturbing obsession with Walt Disney. Canadian correspondents Kim & Sara Scheie report on three up close & personal UFO encounters north of the border. Willy Clubb on why the latest Pentagon UFO report is so baffling. Plus, Switch reveals his new breakfast place & Raven cuts her bangs. Special guest: Martin Willis of Podcast UFO.
Jan 20
1 hr 52 min
Roswell UFO Crash Finally Solved
In a special new show, the gang squares off for a Rumble in the Jungle, reviewing the new Tom Cruise movie, “Top Gun 2.”  Also, UFO researcher Dr. Bob Gross asks why man-made, Earthbound materials were found in the debris at Roswell. Plus, Switch on a 1920s UFO crash which led to an early appearance of the Men in Black and a discussion about Raven’s attire on the show. Special Guest: Pistol Pete Falconi. (Warning: Adult Themes)
Jan 13
1 hr 52 min
A Ghost Walks into a Waffle House…
The gang welcomes the New Year by discussing a wide range of topics. Switch reports on a frightening ghostly character named The Grinning Man. Raven reports on haunted lighthouses and why many seem to be inhabited by the ghosts of children. Plus, Mack & Raven disagree on a disgusting movie, Mack talks about his brother’s weird little dog, Agent X reveals the mystery of his missing underwear and 10 reasons why Switch returned a Batman costume after Christmas.   To get a free bag of MMMXFiles swag, go to & hit the contact button.  Mack Maloney Online: Website - - - - –
Jan 6
1 hr 52 min
The Greatest Rumble of All Time
In a special rebroadcast, Mack, Juan-Juan, Switch & Cobra talk to authors Marc Cushman (Star Wars) and John Jackson Miller (Star Trek) about which iconic franchise is more awesome.  Also, Switch with a new "Report from the Fringe" and Ella the Psychic tries to guess what Switch, Pistol Pete & Willy Clubb look like just by hearing their voices. Mack Maloney Online: Website - - - - –
Dec 30, 2022
1 hr 52 min
The Non-Christmas Christmas Show
In a fan favorite re-boot, the gang talks to Dr. Bruce Solheim about his relative’s involvement with Hitler’s despised secret police. Author Matthew Roberts on his new paranormal-themed book, “Initiated.”  Army war vet & paranormal podcast host Jessie Kwasney on his unusual combat experiences in Iraq. Also, Top Ten Weird Warships, a discussion on why the British Navy would name one of its ships, the HMS Pansy, and what U.S. military service has the worst food. Special guest: Empath Valerie Lofaso. Mack Maloney Online: Website - - - - –
Dec 23, 2022
1 hr 52 min
A UFO Christmas Party
The gang celebrates the holidays by discussing weird things that have happened during the Yuletide season. Raven on frightening Christmas myths. Switch on incidents where aliens have been encountered on Christmas Day. Also, Mack tells about a bizarre Christmas Eve fistfight, what’s the best way to steal a Christmas tree, plus Top Ten Christmas presents Juan-Juan doesn’t want. Special guests: Dr. Bob Gross, Kim & Sara Scheie, Agent X, UFO Mechanic Al Renaldo & Superfan Susan Kauppila. Mack Maloney Online: Website - - - - –
Dec 16, 2022
1 hr 52 min
Cat Bombs, Flying Tanks & Stalin’s Army of Monkeys
Playing for a $100 prize, the gang learns a lot of weird facts during this edition of the MMMX-Files World War 2 trivia contest. Did Stalin really create an army of ape soldiers called the “Humanzees?” Does “Nazi” really mean “moron” in German? Did Haiti once declare war on Rumania? These answers and more are revealed during this special two-hour broadcast honoring Homes for Our Troops, the charity organization that builds free homes for our veterans wounded in combat after 9/11. Special guests: Literary Agent Jim Frenkel, Phil “Mister Monopoly” Orbanes, military historian Jocko Johnson and General Tom Landwermeyer. Homes For Our Troops - Building Homes, Rebuilding Lives! ( Mack Maloney Online: Website - - - - –
Dec 8, 2022
1 hr 52 min
What is the Most Secret Top Secret of All Time?
In a popular, audience-requested show, the gang talks with historian Phil Orbanes about a special op from World War Two that was so secret, even the President wasn’t told about it.  Vic Mignogna, star of “Star Trek Continues,” dishes on William Shatner and others. The Ghost Sisters talk about their chilling ghost-hunting adventures. Switch gets an unusual fan letter. Mack & JJ argue about Quentin Tarantino again, and the gang proves that Roger Moore was the best James Bond ever.  Special guest: Lois Lane.        Mack Maloney Online: Website - - - - –
Dec 2, 2022
1 hr 52 min
Return of The Worst Spy in the World
The gang talks with Monopoly expert and military historian, Phil Orbanes, about a World War Two spy codenamed “Top Hat” who betrayed England only to be undone by a femme fatale. Security chief Willy Clubb reads the gang’s latest fan mail. Plus, the Top 5 UFO movies that shouldn’t be re-booted, a new theory that makes time travel possible, and reports that the retired F-117 Stealth Fighter is flying again. Reboot episode. Special guests:  Jill Hanson and literary agent to the stars, Jim Frenkel.    Mack Maloney Online: Website - - - - –
Nov 25, 2022
1 hr 52 min
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