Mack Maloney's Military X-Files
Mack Maloney's Military X-Files
Join Mack, Juan-Juan & Commander Cobra as they explore the U.S. military’s involvement in the paranormal on Mack Maloney's Military X-Files radio show.
The 4,000-Pound Cookie
In a very special show, the gang plays World War Two trivia in honor of our wounded veterans and the military charity, Homes for Our Troops. Sample questions: What kind of cookie weighs 4,000 pounds? What famous spy had a wooden leg? What pilot shot down more than 400 planes during World War Two?  At the end of the game, the names of four winning fans are picked from the Magic Fishbowl. Also, 10 reasons why the Gray Aliens will land on Earth before Christmas, plus a surprise musical performance by the rock band, Sky Club. Special guests: General Tom Landwermeyer, Monopoly expert Phil Orbanes & literary agent, Jim Frenkel.     
Nov 30
1 hr 59 min
The Movie Star Who Invented a Torpedo
The gang talks to Dr. Simeon Hein about some astonishing examples of ESP & Remote Viewing. Raven does a remote broadcast from the gang’s adopted American Legion Post in Endicott, NY. Plus, famous women in the military and Lonely Larry’s unsuccessful quest for a McRib sandwich.  Special Guest, Legion Post Commander Mike Coleman.   
Nov 24
1 hr 59 min
Spy vs Spy vs Spy
The gang talks to former U.S. Army Counter-Intelligence officers Scott O’Connell and Agent X about their real-life adventures trailing Russian spies around Berlin at the height of the Cold War. Also, Mack gets crystal-balled by Raven, more bizarre aircraft fails, Switch reports on aliens wearing pajamas and five ways UFO Mechanic Al Renaldo would break up a noisy party.        
Nov 17
1 hr 59 min
Pudding Pops From Outer Space
The best of the gang’s bits, skits and Top Ten lists. Switch’s favorite breakfasts. How Juan-Juan would have won World War Two. Why the Romans ate mouse pancakes. Why it’s cool to be Canadian. The tale of the human doughnut. Funny fan letters from Germany and who was Nips Galore?
Nov 10
1 hr 59 min
A Very Disturbing Halloween
The gang goes full spooky in this special show for All Hallows Eve. Willy Clubb reports on UFO sightings that happened on Halloween. Lois Lane recounts five bizarre military incidents that cannot be explained. Author Valerie Lofaso talks about her three-book series of ghost stories. Lonely Larry recalls a frightening encounter during a visit to Tijuana. Plus, a discussion on the Slenderman Myth and the tragic events it has spawned.  (Warning: Some content unsuitable for minors.)        For a free MMMXFiles bag of swag, go to and hit Contact.      More Mack Maloney Online: Facebook - Twitter - Twitter - Amazon –
Oct 31
1 hr 59 min
Why Do UFOs Like Drive-in Movies?
The gang talks to UFO researcher Preston Dennett about his book, “UFOs at the Drive In.” Also, Cobra explains what happens if an airliner accidently goes supersonic, a report on a mysterious World War Two fighter plane that was half-British & half-German and Bob the Ghost interrupts the show once again. Special guest:  UFO Mechanic Al Renaldo.    For free MMMXFiles swag, go to and hit the contact button.
Oct 27
1 hr 59 min
Even The Devil was an Angel Once…
The gang talks with Sylvia McKelvey, author of “Storm on the Horizon: The New Age, UFOs, and the Cosmic Christ,” about the spiritual connection between angels, devils and aliens. Also, Raven tells Coco his fortune, reveals that he has a sensitive tarot card. Plus, a report on the Pope and a mysterious bottle of scotch. Special guest: Lois Lane.  For free MMMXFiles swag go to & hit the CONTACT button 
Oct 20
1 hr 52 min
Have We Found Heaven On Earth?
In a special show, the gang talks about Mack’s book, “Beyond Area 51, The Mysteries of the Planet's Most Forbidden, Top Secret Destinations.” Segments include reports on Shadow People, Flying Humans, UFOs & the Knights Templar, the Navy’s Area 51, the Hurricane Bomb and a place in Russia scientists believe may be “Heaven on Earth.” Special Guest: Superagent Jim Frenkel .  For free MMMXiles swag, go to     
Oct 13
1 hr 52 min
The Strangest War Ever Fought
The gang talks with ex-NYPD/paranormal investigator Jocko Johnson about how the Australian Army lost a full-scale war against 50,000 six-foot-tall flightless birds known as Emus and how battle tactics used by the creatures sealed the final victory. Plus, 10 Questions for Jocko, more horror stories about growing up in Boston, Clubb reads the latest fan mail & Mack reveals how he became best friends with John Travolta. Also, the free show swag giveaway continues. Special Guest: Lois Lane.
Oct 6
1 hr 59 min
Angels, Devils & the Mystery of Ong’s Hat
The gang talks to Bishop Ron Feyl-Enright about what’s really happening when people experience visions of the Virgin Mary.  Also, a report on a mysterious ghost town in the middle of New Jersey called Ong’s Hat. Plus, ten technical questions for Coco, finding out what’s inside America’s National Quiet Zone, Raven cooks the brain of UFO Mechanic, Al Renaldo and the free MMMX swag giveaway continues. Special Guest: Lois Lane   Mack Maloney Online: Website - Facebook - Twitter - Twitter - Amazon –  
Sep 29
1 hr 52 min
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