Mack Maloney's Military X-Files
Mack Maloney's Military X-Files
Join Mack, Juan-Juan & Commander Cobra as they explore the U.S. military’s involvement in the paranormal on Mack Maloney's Military X-Files radio show.
The Case of the Fallen Angels
The gang discusses the life of paranormal author, John Keel, and the questions he raised in his writings.  Are fairies really fallen angels? Why are UFOs seen mostly on Wednesdays and Saturdays?  What is the meaning of the mysterious number sequence: 39-75-52? Also, Raven visits a ghost town in the middle of Pennsylvania. Special guest: Keel podcaster Barbara Richer.  Mack Maloney Online: Website - - - - –
Jun 2
1 hr 52 min
What Day Will The UFOs Finally Land?
The gang talks to Shane Grove of the “From the Shadows” podcast about whether UFOs are waiting for a certain date before they reveal themselves. Also, banned fan letters for the gang, a preview of “Raven’s Scary Movie Hour,” Mack talks about living with a Boston accent and Lonely Larry tells the joke about a tick who died of malnutrition. (Adult Content)         Mack Maloney Online: Website - - - - –
May 26
1 hr 52 min
The Horror Next Time...
The gang talks about all things horror, including the Alien movies, horror books and even horror poetry. Also, Mack reports on a Homes For Our Troops event he & Lois attended, plus Superfan Susan K asks 10 things everyone wants to know about Juan-Juan. Special guest: Justin Bienvenue.   Mack Maloney Online: Website - - - - –
May 19
1 hr 52 min
What’s the Best UFO Case Ever?
The gang goes into the Time Tunnel to discuss what might be the most documented UFO sighting on record. Also, a report on the baffling case of the Ghost Patient of 1945, Hollywood author Gary Olsen and Nurse Kayla call in to discuss their favorite horror movies, Switch channels his inner Mae West and Cobra explains why he’s doing the show “on medication.” Special Guest: Meaghan Reagan.      Website - - - - –
May 12
1 hr 59 min
Why The World Will End in 2046
The gang discusses a wide array of doom & gloom topics including a Clubb Report on an enormous asteroid due to hit the Earth in the near future. Raven on the baffling disappearance of college student, Brandon Swanson.  Switchy on why it’s always a bad idea to explore an abandoned mine. Dr. Bob Gross on why some people can see UFOs while others can’t. Plus, a report on the strange Haneda UFO Incident. Also, the contest to give away free autographed copies of Mack’s latest book, “War of Dragons,” begins.   Mack Maloney Online: Website - - - - –
May 5
1 hr 59 min
Even Stranger, Stranger Things...and Raven
The gang talks about unexplainable events they’ve experienced in their lives, including finding a quarter in an impossible location, the true story of a vanishing $10 bill and the day an uninvited guest visited Raven’s house.  Plus, UFO researcher/Disco King Paul Dale Roberts tells of a bizarre UFO incident at Fort Benning, Georgia, that led to two untimely deaths. Switch reports on Phantom Submarines. Also, the free giveaway contest for Mack’s new book, “War of Dragons” begins.     Also, the latest episode of “Raven’s Scary Movie Show” (Adult Content) Mack Maloney Online: Website - - - - –
Apr 28
2 hr 59 min
The Beatles Were NOT Aliens...
Or were they? A reenforced musical gang gathers for a round of deep-dish Beatles Trivia. Why did so many people hate Paul McCartney’s dog?  Who was the least-coolest Beatle? What was “The Butcher Cover Cover-up” Conspiracy? Find out the answers to these questions and many more in a special show featuring Beatle experts Mark Poulin, Barry Wenig & rock critic Rob Ferraro. Special Guest MC, Lois Lane.
Apr 21
1 hr 52 min
Oh No! It’s Ogo-Pogo!
The gang talks to paranormal researcher Jason Hewlett about his upcoming documentary on Ogo-Pogo, Canada’s Loch Ness monster. Scott & Amber Rose of the long-running Ghostly Talk podcast relate their favorite ghost stories from over the years.  Also, the Mysterious Ashley G reports on different ways Big Pharma is killing us. Plus, Top 10 Reasons Juan-Juan wishes he was Switch.   Mack Maloney Online: Website - - - - –
Apr 14
1 hr 52 min
Roswell Mystery Finally Solved
The gang is joined by Dr. Bob Gross who explains why the debris at Roswell could not have been extraterrestrial. UFO author Chris Bledsoe recounts how his life changed dramatically after having an abduction experience.  Switch reports on a very tiny troll who’s trying to derail his train to success. Plus, Top 10 Reasons why there is no Top 10 list on this show. Also, a bonus segment of the gang’s best bloopers. (Warning: Adult content.)   Mack Maloney Online: Website - - - - –
Apr 7
1 hr 52 min
What To Do If Your House is Haunted
The gang talks to Eric Vanderlaan of War Party Paranormal about what to do if there’s a ghost in your house who just won’t leave. Tech expert & video game producer Greg Masto explains some of the dangers lurking in the new world of Artificial Intelligence.  UFO researcher & empath Valerie Lofaso talks about her new book, an upcoming secret project and why she became a redhead. Also, Top Ten Reasons Coco is in Alaska. Special guest: Ollie Masto.       Mack Maloney Online: Website - - - - –
Mar 31
1 hr 52 min
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