Love Thy Neighborhood
Love Thy Neighborhood
Love Thy Neighborhood
True stories to help you follow Jesus in modern culture. “Amazing and authentic.” - Christianity Today Like a movie for your ears, every episode we choose a compelling topic to wrestle with and put together interwoven stories to explore that topic. It’s not a Bible study or a sermon. It’s a series of gripping, funny, sad and intimate stories of people grappling with what it means to follow Jesus amidst the cultural issues of our time – set to a soundtrack to immerse you. Come along with us as we take a nuanced dive into what it looks like to be a person of Christian faith living in the modern world. Hosted by Jesse Eubanks and produced by Anna Tran.
#77: Scrolling Alone
In 2009, about a quarter of American high school students said they had “persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness.” By last year it was up to 44 percent, the highest level of teenage sadness ever recorded. For girls, the rate rose to 57 percent. That means more than half of teenage girls feel persistently sad or hopeless. If you stood a teen from 2009 next to a teen from 2022, what would be the most noticeable difference between them? One of them would be on her phone. This episode is in partnership with The Gospel Coalition’s Recorded podcast. Listen to more of Recorded at:
Aug 15, 2023
52 min
#76: Where the Gospel Meets Church Hurt
Christians say that being part of the church is a gift but what happens when it feels like a curse? Stories of congregations and pastors being betrayed by their family of faith. Thank you to our guests: Espy Mendez Jonathan Dodson: Mike Hernandez: Jerome Gay: Get Exclusive Access to our new podcast Things We Couldn’t Say:
Aug 1, 2023
1 hr 7 min
Things We Couldn’t Say (About the Enneagram)
This month, we’re launching a brand new podcast called Things We Couldn’t Say. It’s one-part journalism, one-part therapy and one-part campfire conversation. Check out our first episode where we unpack all the things we couldn’t say about the recent LTN episode The Truth About the Enneagram. Want to know how Jesse and Anna changed their minds about the enneagram? Find out here. The Love Thy Neighborhood podcast is the show YOU help us make for everyone. Things We Couldn’t Say is the show WE make for you as a thank you for your support. Exclusively available for our Patreon supporters, you can get access to all of our upcoming episodes of TWCS by becoming a Patreon supporter at:
Jul 18, 2023
1 hr 9 min
#75: A New Sound in Africa
In an undisclosed city in Central Africa, Islam has been the prevailing worldview for centuries. Bishara, a young rich kid with a promising future, finds himself risking everything to become a follower of Jesus. This episode is originally from The Maverick Podcast. Listen to the full series at the link below.
Jul 4, 2023
39 min
#30: Where the Gospel Meets Politics
Christians say our true citizenship is in heaven, but what happens when our earthly and heavenly citizenship conflict? Stories of people stepping outside their political boxes. Originally aired in December 2019.
Jun 20, 2023
45 min
#74: The Truth About the Enneagram
Some claim the enneagram comes from ancient Christians while others claim it’s from demons. Is the enneagram a gift from God or a Trojan horse of self-deception? Three stories of people who discover shocking truths about the enneagram that lead them to unexpected places. Connect with Michelle: Connect with Tyler: Connect with Lindsey:
Jun 8, 2023
1 hr 8 min
#73: Let's Be Friends
In our age of loneliness and distraction, what does it look like to build lasting friendships? Today, two stories about the the beauty and oddity of friendships. One man's quirky gesture becomes an anchor of hope when all seems lost and a woman who's world is fading away builds something new with an unlikely neighbor.
May 23, 2023
44 min
#19: Where the Gospel Meets Special Needs
Link to the 1 minute survey: Christians say we should help the least of these, but what happens when our best efforts aren’t good enough? The story of a mother who grows tired of her mentally impaired son being an outcast at church. This episode aired in 2018.
May 9, 2023
43 min
#72: Where the Gospel Meets Artificial Intelligence
Christians believe we should be people of truth but what happens when the lines between synthetic and genuine get blurry? The story of a lonely man who meets a friendly robot, an older man determined to beat the algorithms and a woman who lets AI tell her how to follow Jesus.
Apr 25, 2023
1 hr
#32: Where the Gospel Meets Evangelism
Christians say we want the whole world to know Jesus personally, but what happens when an entire generation has a problem with sharing their faith? An alarming statistic takes us on a journey to dissect evangelism. Featuring Larry McCrary (The Upstream Collective) and Jeff Rogers (G.O. Ministries).
Apr 11, 2023
48 min
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