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Learn How Accepting Guidance Can Move You Forward in Living Full Out
52 minutes Posted Feb 11, 2023 at 11:00 am.
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The Living Full Out show encourages you to accept guidance. Have you ever found yourself in a situation with no idea how to proceed? Is there someone whose advice you could benefit from? Perhaps you struggle to ask for assistance and direction when you need it. Join Nancy as she discusses how to welcome mentorship into your life.
Our first caller, Jean, found that in the aftermath of the pandemic she struggled to keep up with her friends and stay active. Nancy advised her to take charge of her social life and make plans with her friends to travel and spend quality time. Additionally, Nancy suggested that she try to incrementally increase the amount of daily activity she completes. Setting smaller goals and then building on them is a trustworthy technique for slowly achieving a difficult task.
Our inspirational guest, Threasa Kluever, accepted guidance in her recovery. When Threasa was a child, she experienced abuse from her brother and stepfather. The abuse continued all throughout high school, and caused her to form an eating disorder and self harm. Her teachers noticed her self-destructive habits and assisted her in leaving her home. Threasa was hospitalized while she was still in high school. She hopped around a few other facilities before finally finding one that allowed her to make steps towards recovery. It was only after her college graduation that she discovered she had Dissociative Identity Disorder as a result of the trauma she endured as a child. Since, she has been able to learn to love herself and use the horrible abuse she endured as a way to aid others.
Perhaps you feel that asking for assistance would make you seem weak. The truth of the matter is that everyone needs a helping hand sometimes. When we advocate for ourselves and reach out in times of need, we can recover. Then, maybe you’ll be the one aiding someone else’s healing process. Asking for guidance is a key part of living full out.