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Nancy Solari - Living Full Out
Learn How Harnessing The Power of Resilience Will Give You The Freedom to Live Full Out
52 minutes Posted Feb 4, 2023 at 11:00 am.
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Episode: 2023.9.5

The Living Full Out show with Nancy Solari encourages you to push forward when things get tough in life. Every now and then you may face moments where you feel stifled from making progress. When you consider things that might be weighing you down, you’re taking an important step to live life on your own terms.

Our first caller Beckie has been trying to build a relationship with her sister for 40 years and wonders how to know when it’s time to let go of a toxic relationship. Nancy advised her to really determine if the relationship is causing her pain or rather bothersome. Beckie realized that she didn’t want to throw the whole relationship away but was more annoyed with how things are. Listen in to discover how you can create balance between remaining resilient in your efforts and protecting your peace of mind.

Our inspirational guest Andy Goodling harnessed the power of resilience by learning from his past mistakes to embrace his future. Andy knew early in life that he was different from other boys his age. He’d grown up witnessing his gay uncle being the center of jokes and saw how others coming out in high school hadn’t gone well. Afraid of how others might treat him differently or make life harder, he decided to keep his sexuality a secret. He thought maybe if he found the right girl he could settle down and life would be okay. He used class work and his job as a distraction and while in college he was able to let himself be free, at least partially. He continued to hide his sexuality along with his boyfriend for 4 years, always traveling away to be together. Plans for their future were cut short by one decision that Andy would later regret. He mourned the early death of his significant other and struggled to forgive himself. It wasn’t until he confronted his grief that he found the courage to embrace his authentic self by coming out one year later. Now married to his husband and planning for children, Andy encourages others to spend time getting to know their genuine selves as they strive to embrace life.

Perhaps you’ve experienced moments where you’ve wondered if you’re making the right decisions. We’re always going to have choices in life, whether good or bad, and having the courage to step up and take control allows you to be in the driver’s seat. Having a little faith and being willing to take that risk brings you closer to living full out.