Live Long and Master Aging
Live Long and Master Aging
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The Live Long and Master Aging (LLAMA) podcast is a weekly series of extended, one-to-one interviews, about human longevity. Hosted by Peter Bowes, leading scientists share their latest research into living a long and healthy life. We delve into the clinical trials and challenge new ideas. We also feature some remarkable people who have already mastered the art of aging. Hear about their insights into growing old, without feeling old, and the secrets of their longevity.
The case against full body scans | Dr. Mirza Rahman
Much of the buzz around full body MRI scans has resulted from attention given to them by influencers and celebrities who have posted about their experiences. At a cost of up to $2,500 the scans are touted as a way to catch medical problems, such as cancer, at a stage when they can be treated. But they have been widely criticized by professional medical bodies and are generally not covered by health insurance. This video is a response by the president of the American College of Preventive Medi...
Jun 12
48 min
Why have a full body scan? | Andrew Lacy
There has been a surge in interest in the use of full body MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans as a screening tool to spot early signs of disease. Influencers and celebrities have posted about their experiences, creating an additional buzz around these screening interventions. At a cost of up to $2,500 the scans are touted as a tool to catch medical problems, such as cancer, at a stage when they can be treated. Unlike X-ray and CT scans, MRI does not involve exposure to radiation. To...
Jun 12
55 min
The Science of Friendships | David Robson
David Robson has always found forming new connections and meeting strangers challenging. As a science writer - and confronted by his own insecurities - he decided to delve into the research that suggests forging new relationships has a direct impact on healthy aging. The result is Robson's latest book, The Laws of Connection: The Scientific Secrets of Building a Strong Social Network, which reveals how people impacted by serious illnesses fare much better when they have people around them. &n...
Jun 3
48 min
Sniffing pleasant smells to improve memory | Michael Leon
Memory loss is often cited as one of the most worrying aspects of growing older. But what if the section of the brain that's responsible for memory could be stimulated by simply sniffing a few pleasant odors? There is extensive research pointing to a relationship between exposure to different smells and memory improvement. A clinical trial led by Prof. Michael Leon at the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior, University of California, Irvine, suggests the loss of olfaction can cause ...
May 17
31 min
Defying aging myths | Maddy Dychtwald
Maddy Dychtwald has been unraveling the mysteries of aging for decades. Before biohacking was a thing and the recent surge in interest in age-reversal science, she and her husband launched a mission to address longevity as a new frontier. Through her work with Age Wave, the company they founded, the writer and renowned thought-leader has curated the best advice from the some of the world's leading experts. Now she is sharing her wisdom with a science-based guide to growing o...
May 14
39 min
Algae for lunch to live longer? | Catharine Arnston
Could the regular consumption of algae help us age better and live healthier lives? Catherine Arnston, founder and CEO of EnergyBits, is on a mission to introduce algae to everyday diets for health and longevity. Touted for its potent healing and nourishing properties, algae, particularly spirulina and chlorella, have garnered support from organizations like the United Nations and NASA for their dense nutritional profiles and potential in combating world hunger. In this interview with Peter B...
Apr 14
49 min
Harnessing the power of placebo | Brandy Gillmore
Brandy Gillmore went from being wheelchair-bound, on morphine, and given no hope by doctors, to a full recovery and an active life. It is a remarkable turnaround in fortunes - following two serious accidents and years of searching for a solution. Now, the former network engineer is telling her story in a new book, Master Your Mind and Energy to Heal Your Body. Gillmore offers compelling evidence on the impact of an optimistic mindset and demonstrates the potential of the mind to o...
Apr 3
32 min
Give me some longevity | Nate Wilkins
Another day. Another year. Another decade. "Give me some longevity," says fitness coach and author, Nate Wilkins. The 70-year-old functional aging specialist is the co-founder of Ageless Workout, a Miami-based health, healing and wellness company that seeks to bridge the gap between fitness and medicine. At the recent Livelong summit in Palm Beach, Florida, he and host Peter Bowes discussed the shift in mindset during the pandemic towards valuing optimal fitness and the foundation...
Mar 27
37 min
Nobel laureate alarmed by over-hyped longevity research
Could we one day cheat death? Are we hurtling towards a time when science will be so advanced that aging can be prevented or halted in its tracks? Nobel laureate Venki Ramakrishnan takes a skeptical view in a fascinating exploration of longevity research. In Why We Die: The New Science of Aging and the Quest for Immortality, the acclaimed scientist delves into the complexities of aging and the pursuit of extending healthy lifespan.A former president of the Royal Society in London, Ramakrishna...
Mar 11
59 min
The rest of my life | Ron Kastner
Ron Kastner experienced what he called a "mortality moment" in his late 50s. A new dad, with two young daughters, it was a "profound realization" that he was entering the third act of his life and that to make the most of it, he had to make significant changes. A businessman who drank too much and was challenged by the stresses of the corporate world, Ron embarked on a journey to discover the life he wanted to live. He embraced new practices for health and longevity and discovered that i...
Mar 5
36 min
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