Life After 65
Life After 65
Life After 65
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So you are 65 or over? Most of us are still working and looking forward to enjoying our lives, but there are still many events that affect us. Podcasts will address all aspects of life and current events. Some podcasts may be controversial to spark conversation. Support this podcast:
What The Heck is Going on?
I'm sure I'm not the only one that read and/or watched President Trump last night.  I am concerned about the future of America, the future of Americans.  The energy is polluted with democrats and republicans who have forgotten about why they are in Congress or the Senate.  Instead, they are acting like a bunch of children who are not getting their way and so they are going to stomp their feet and fight until they do.  Neither side giving in or up, but contributing to the chaos and stress that Americans feel on a daily basis.  Am I the only one who thinks this way?  I sure hope not!  --- Support this podcast:
Jan 9, 2019
11 min
Modern Day Prophcey
Lately, I've been thinking about the future and what is in store not only for me, but for the world.  I'm still getting my feet wet when it comes to podcasting, so bear with me.  I promise I will get better.  I'm throwing this one out there because I'm sure there are people that think along the same lines as I do.  They are observing the world as it is today and drawing their own conclusions.  I would love to hear from you if that is the case to discuss the possibilities of life as we know it now and in the future. --- Support this podcast:
Jan 7, 2019
8 min
Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019
It's been a crazy year for me.  I lost both parents a year apart, got laid off of my full time job and turned 65.  Wow!  A bunch of changes I wasn't really prepared to face just yet, let alone the big 6-5.  But it happens; right?  I'm doing a lot of research and developing new strategies to cope with my loss and my future and I want to share those with all of you, and that includes those of us who are younger than 65.  I am going to try to stick to a schedule posting an episode a week as I work through these challenges and I'm hoping that any one who is listening may have words of wisdom to share as well so that we can begin a meaningful dialog addressing some of these issues that we will all face one day.  How many of you have faced these changes?  What have you done to address those changes?  Are you still working?  If so, how long do you plan on working?  Are you able to totally depend on Social Security Benefits?  I asked myself these questions and the sad reality is, no, Social Security Benefits will not cover my expenses.  How about you? --- Support this podcast:
Dec 30, 2018
12 min
Simple Times With Our Families and Friends
We are the Baby Boomers, what happened between 1973 and 2018? How much has the world changed? The world is a scary place now and as we age out of the workforce, even scarier. I don't know about you, but enough is enough. I'm tired of the Kardashians, Trump, politics, news media sensationalizing! There's a lot to be said about the good old days. --- Support this podcast:
Aug 29, 2018
10 min
My Journey Eating the Keto Way
Join me as I talk about my weight loss journey eating less carbs, or what I call the "dirty Keto" plan. Learn how I improved my health, went off of medication and began to feel better about myself as I shed pounds. The changes are amazing once you begin to lose the extra weight. I can't wait until I'm 45 pounds lighter. I know I'm going to feel great! --- Support this podcast:
Aug 22, 2018
15 min
The Last Day
This is the final installment in this podcast. I hope those that listen find some of the suggestions helpful, if nothing else, a point of discussion. How can we as Baby Boomers be responsible for our elderly parents living a quality life? We need to fix the healthcare system. If not for them, for us. --- Support this podcast:
Aug 15, 2018
22 min
The Process of Transition and Hospice
This is the second in a series of episodes following the transition of an elderly parent. How to help your parent transition. Follow along as my sister and I support our mother's decision, the outcome and the feelings that follow an event such as this. --- Support this podcast:
Aug 13, 2018
16 min
Being a caregiver
What is being a caregiver? Are we baby boomers able to deal with our elderly parents? This will be a series of small podcasts detailing my personal experience as a caregiver to my parents. I offer some insight and pitfalls that come with caregiving and trying to get financial assistance extra help if your parents are experiencing medical issues. You can find more stories at --- Support this podcast:
Aug 12, 2018
12 min
My opinion regarding the yearly check-up that my doctor wanted me to do. I love the office with a four-page form that she asked I fill out. after I read the form, and started to fill out some of the information, I just couldn't stay quiet. I had to share this. --- Support this podcast:
Aug 11, 2018
4 min