Let’s (Not) Talk About It
Let’s (Not) Talk About It
Let's (Not} Talk About It
Hitting the High Notes
59 minutes Posted Apr 20, 2021 at 10:00 pm.
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“As soon as I began to talk about it, it wasn’t so scary anymore.”

Sims Tillirson was just a child when he had a traumatic experience at the hands of a relative. To deal with the pain, he turned to drugs and alcohol. But years later, as Sims reached a turning point, he found better ways to cope with his trauma -- while also helping others with their own struggles. https://letsnottalkaboutit.com

Content warning: This episode contains discussions of sexual abuse and addiction.

Camille Tuutti
Sharon Tiger
Amanda Ziadeh

Sims Tillirson

Yuritzy Gomez Serrano, AMFT

Tessa Hall

Behind the Scenes:
Lisa Abeyta

“Incoming” by Jeffrey C. Mund
"Arms of Gold" by Tape Machines

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