Let’s (Not) Talk About It
Let’s (Not) Talk About It
Let's (Not} Talk About It
Unshushing the Deafening Silence of Hollywood
58 minutes Posted Apr 14, 2021 at 12:00 am.
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"If somebody like him can be brought to justice, then anybody can be." 

Jessica Barth was best known as a Hollywood actor until a scandal involving a famous movie mogul spurred her activism. In the midst of the highly publicized case, Jessica found empowerment in breaking silence and helping others get justice. She used that to launch a nonprofit that strives to eliminate sexual abuse and misconduct entirely.

Camille Tuutti
Sharon Tiger
Amanda Ziadeh

Guest: Jessica Barth

Expert: Yuritzy Gomez Serrano, AMFT

Behind the Scenes: Lisa Abeyta

“Incoming” by Jeffrey C. Mund
"Arms of Gold" by Tape Machines

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