Let’s (Not) Talk About It
Let’s (Not) Talk About It
Let's (Not} Talk About It
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Very Engaging!
This is a great podcast! I like the format where the guests get to tell their story without many additional questions or interruptions. The therapists comments at the end are added value and give perspective on the issue.
Just what I need in my life!!
These ladies are so authentic and genuine! I was hooked from listening to the trailer. I cannot wait to hear future content from this team! Absolutely love it!
Inspiring and intriguing!
I’ve listened to the first two episodes and haven’t stopped talking about the resilience of the guests. The host are kind and ask good questions. I love, love, love that they bring a mental health expert in to wrap up the episode with helpful tips and resources for the audience.
Changing it up
Insightful and fascinating
With just a few episodes out, this is already one of my favorite podcasts. Talking through trauma in such a thoughtful, insightful and respectful way is hard to do but they manage to do it — and to make it relatable to listeners. Can't wait to see what they come out with next!
Great show and incredibly empowering
This was a fantastic first episode. Heavy topic but told in a way that was informative, the guest had such charisma and energy, the questions dived deep into what the guest was feeling and going through at the time of his story and I felt so uplifted and hopeful for all of those incarcerated and for those formerly incarcerated. And great insight by the expert in the second half of the show into the mind of a teenager and the impact of such an experience.
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My new favorite podcast!
This sounds so insightful, and revealing. Let’s talk!
The healings and feelings doc
Much Anticipated
I have been looking forward to this podcast dropping. Excited for the first full episode to come out this week!