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I like this new flavor
I was a huge fan of old splitscreen and the crew but i really have come to appreciate the new voices and perspectives that the new gang has brought! The in-depth nature of every episode makes it so even if i wasn’t well versed in a topic before i walk away an expert. Please keep at it!
Joe La Zanya
Color Me Old School
I enjoy this podcast very much! I just wanted to say how amused I am that I’m listening to the episode on twists exactly one day after I played through the twist of The Last of Us Part 2. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I had no clue that twist was coming, and I’m glad I didn’t know beforehand. It’s quite a coincidence that I heard this episode right afterward, particularly since the episode has been out for several days already, and I usually listen to them closer to their drop date. Keep up the good show, gang!
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Johnny Utah 909
New hosts not good
Seriously this used to be good now it’s trash. It’s mostly Fahey correcting the other hosts every 2 seconds even though he can’t pronounce the word “especially”. Also he sounds like his mouth is full of spit or something it’s really gross.
Podcast of the year. What else can be said?
Pretty bad
God these new hosts are awful. Never though I’d miss Jason’s voice but my god, Nate BLOW YOUR NOSE! Haha can’t believe this herb is the one that started gamergate!
John B., Esq.
Seriously, what did I just listen to
Excited to see where this goes!
I have been listening since the Maddy, Kirk, and Jason days but i’m excited to see where the new hosts take things. There are some minor growing pains, but I think it’s just a matter of time before everybody gets more comfortable with each other and find their groove. Well produced, and I like the focused discussion topics.
Pretty good
Overall, the new hosts - post Jason, Kirk, and Maddy - are doing a good job filling sone big shoes. I like the focus on topics. My one specific complaint is that there's one host who curses in a way that reminds me of a teenager who's just discovered the pleasures of 4-letter words. It becomes juvenile in a boring way.
Comic Enthusiast
Quit Recasting
It was a great show! Now stop the replays and just relaunch it when you have new hosts lined up.
Thank you Kirk, Mary & Jason
I’ve been listening to this podcast for four years now. I look forward to a new episode every week. Jason, Kirk and more recently Maddie have guiding my through what games to try- shout out baba is you- to great commentary on gaming news and fun glimpses into their curated culture segments. The three of them are what made this show special. Looking forward to following them as a loyal fan on their next journey. Cheers!
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Lil Seadog
This is the best video Game podcast
Jason, Maddy and Kirk know what they are talking about. They are great people. They are funny, entertaining and interesting with great takes, tons of knowledge and insight into games and the industry. They also aren’t too over the top, they aren’t annoying and despite what toxic gamer bros might say they aren’t corporate shills and give their honest takes on the games they love and the ones they don’t.
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Mac Po
MUST GO TO ep222 4:15
IF you have a sense of humor, go to episode 222, and go to about 4min 15sec... maybe one sec earlier. 🤣 I mean... that was the weirdest way of saying you’re getting a sore throat. I haven’t listened to enough episodes yet, but from what I have heard, I’m not a huge fan of the socio-political perspectives they bring up. Not just because I disagree with them (which I do, for some), but also because I think that “virtue signaling” is annoying, it’s patronizing, and it’s reductive in nature. It's like boiling a nuanced issue into simple black/white terms. I think everyone should be able to believe whatever they want... whether it’s offensive, sensitive, deluded, uninformed, WHATEVER. But bringing said beliefs as a lens through which to analyze something like video games is a poor choice IMO. Especially for public consumption. Their beliefs are *subjective*... not everyone agrees with their beliefs. So it alienates a huge chunk of people who may otherwise share their interest in video games. It’s annoying when artists do it in concerts, actors do it at award shows, and when public video game discussion is invaded by subjective perspectives. 🤷‍♂️ BONUS: when you check out ep222 4:15, put the playback speed at 1/2... Jason sounds hilarious when you slow the speed to 0.5x. Super cringe worthy but it’s funny.
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My favorite gaming podcast
Splitscreen is a weekly cant miss for me. The hosts have such great chemistry together and the show has great pacing because of it. They’re hilarious and interesting and don’t take themselves too seriously. There’s some top tier guests but also some lesser known who illuminate an interesting topic or game. The show also has really great audio quality and editing. There’s lots of gaming podcasts out there but Kirk and Jason make Splitscreen stand out
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Kotaku needs fix this
Jason is the only reason to listen to this. Everyone else is utter trash. Bad personalities. Bad interviewers. Why does kotaku continue letting this podcast exist. Hey please do better. I know you can do it.
Just let Kirk have the podcast
SuperSilver420 was spot on. Jason can be cringeworthy. I’ve been listening to this podcast for over two years now and I couldn’t stand Jason in the beginning, but I tolerated him because I wanted to hear about games. Kirk pretty much has been carrying this podcast from the beginning. If it were a podcast with just Jason, I would’ve unsubscribed a long time ago. The same goes for Maddy. She’s extremely annoying and in many ways it feels like she’s anti everything. Her laugh drives me nuts. She could learn a lot from listening to the PlayStation Blogcast and seeing the difference between her approach and Kristen’s approach.
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Jason Shryer isn’t funny!
I had to unsubscribe when Jason Shryer (author of blood sweat and pixels) decided it would be a funny joke to play the ENTIRETY of Idina Menzel’s “Let It Go” from the Frozen soundtrack. His opinions are often wrong just to drive the conversation, but if you want a REAL gaming podcast for free, stick with EASY ALLIES.
Great music podcast with some games analysis
‪Started listening to Splitscreen for the first time and heard Miracle Musical (also for the first time). Great podcast, even better music recommendations. ‬
Great Pod!
Such a great show! Every week I look forward to my weekly fix!!
Great segments!
I listen to this podcast on my way to work. Great segments by the hosts and has gotten me to think more critically about video games but also in some cases reminds me to not think at all and just dive in to a game!
Sam Cast
The best in games.
Hands down the best video game podcast. Except for that other one.
Great review!
You all were amazing to both enjoy the plot beats that were satisfying while highlighting some of the challenges that the movie had. This is one of the few reviews who are mad that Poe and Fn didn’t kiss and appreciate you’re acknowledging how silly that miss is. Long time listener and first time commenter! Thanks for brining on Maddie! Live the varied perspective in spite of Jason’s “talk, talk, talk”. Also, you there and jamelle bouie are why I watched Watchmen and thank you because it was amazing. Love your takes Maddie and Kirk, and Jason’s investigative reporting!
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To have loved and lost...
I used to love this show and it was one of my favorite podcasts. However, it seems I find myself increasingly frustrated as I listen. I’ve tried to consider what has been a major change to the show... I didn’t mind the addition of another host, but I do believe the quality of the discussion has degraded since... There does seem to be more condescension towards other viewpoints, with Maddy often laughingly mocking other potential idea. Other perspectives can be legitimate. (Also, I’m just referring to media/movies/games opinions)
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in this job or the next
Love the show. I will follow you guys no matter what the podcast is called. 🤙
Good news coverage
I enjoy the dynamic among all three hosts, and I appreciate that they tend to have different takes on the same or similar games. The coverage of the political economy of the games industry has been great—increasingly so since doing the series of interviews on unionizing at GDC 2018. The show is well produced as well as a tight 1hr45min length. I dock it one star because the games criticism misses the mark on occasion. I prefer the media analysis on Waypoint Radio (though that show has been deteriorating of late in terms of general production and editing) and the discussion of game mechanics and the industry on The Crate and Crowbar.
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Current state of affairs
"Hey Maddy, did you play [insert game here]?" "No, [insert banal platitude]" (breathy, fake laugh) |repeat for length of episode|
Lord Beefious
Solid all-around gaming podcast
Pretty good podcast, been listening for a year or so. I enjoy the mix of both general gaming info and reviews, and more serious topics around the gaming culture and industry. Kirk can be kind of long-winded at times, but is good aside from that. Maddy has veered into Jimmy Fallon territory where she’s constantly fake laughing during and after everything she or the other host(s) says.
Darin S
Amazing 3 person show
Jason used to make me cringe, but I love the synergy between hosts. Great show and love the games talk. I also really enjoy the end when they talk about other things they are doing or watching.
Best video games podcast?
Probably! But I’m mainly reviewing to complain about the preroll ads. They’re so jarring lay different from the episode that I skip every one and they’re obnoxious. I’m listening to a video games podcast, so I’ve already heard of the latest huge blockbuster marvel movie, thanks.
One of the best
This is one of the best gaming podcasts out there, love the dynamic between all 3 hosts and how the content is broken up weekly between different topics, news stories, off topic, and finally the music recommendation. One of the few podcasts I get alerted on for every new episode.
Would definitely recommend!
Really enjoy the group dynamic, the coverage from video game news to casual games they’re playing, as well as the off topic conversations. Would recommend!
Great content
Split screen is the best gaming pod around
J Nub
Amazingly fun until it gets political
I’ve listened to this podcast for at least a year and a half and think that when the focus is on games, they have some amazing conversations. Over the past year though, Jason and Kirk’s politics have started showing up in discussions and it’s extremely off-putting, especially if you’re someone like me with conservative view points. They do have a bias and they do color their podcast with it (their website Kotaku is guilty of the same thing), so if that’s not your cup of tea, I wouldn’t recommend it. Otherwise, their game conversations and industry insights can be a fantastic listen.
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A Bored Burger
Much more enjoyable when they’re discussing video games versus pushing social reform agendas.
Jason you are great to listen to but man I cringe and fast forward when the topic shifts to labor laws and policy. Sure that’s an important topic with many nuances but I really just want to hear about video games as entertainment when I listen.
Shin Malphur
My Main Podcast
Every week I’m just thinking about how much I need the next episode. Thanks yall for the amazing podcast.
Stop interrupting each other
Please , especially maddi
Timmy 5
A+ for the new dynamic
Really enjoying this podcast, especially since adding Maddi as a cohost. I dont even play 3/4 of the games they discuss, but the enthusiasm and humor keeps me interested. Only critique is NO MORE 24 TALK! Kiefer discussions should be limited to Stand By Me, Young Guns and The Lost Boys
Out of touch with gaming community
Do you guys really not understand why people hate Epic and their games launcher?! Have you not been into any message boards!? Was cool with the show until this latest episode, unsubscribed.
Mars Attacks 172794@737389
Informative and Funny, Good Stuff
Love the show - nice information on the gaming industry with a side of humor
Smart and enjoyable
I really appreciate the hosts’ reflections on video games. They make me stop and reconsider my own opinions, which I enjoy greatly. Thanks so much for generously taking the time to prepare and contribute on the podcast. You are one of my favorite shows.
Jason is annoying
1 Star for how annoying Jason is.
Unconditional love
Essential podcast for people who like to listen to knowledgeable, insightful, and genuine people talk about video games...even if the chemistry between the three hosts feels like Daenerys, John Snow and Bran Stark having a book club meeting. I love this show!
Love it
Love the pod
hungry hippo
Recent Changes Have Made It Unbearable
I have been a big fan of Splitscreen for roughly about 4 years now. Unfortunately, the addition of the third host has brought the entertainment value down every week. When it was once Jason and Kirk, they had nice, whilesome conversations about everything (even Destiny, a game I do not care about but easily skippable). Then, Maddy joined... her conversations are of not much interest to me and everytime she speaks, its almost as if she is trying to hold back a laugh and it has been getting annoying. Not only that, but her inputs with Jason and Kirk always leads to her "cracking a joke," almost forcefully, and it is upsetting. I was fine with her random pop-ins, but now it is just hard to skip every time that she speaks about something.
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I appreciate each of the hosts views as they each bring differing perspectives and opinions but the addition of a third host has really messed with the flow. They seem to always talk over one another and don’t let anyone finish their point. It’s jarring to have all three talking at once and I find myself just deleting the weeks drop from my feed in recent weeks.
Still talk too much about Destiny...
You know that funny scene in The Lego Movie where Unikitty is left to stall and says business over and over? This podcast is like that except replace business with Destiny. With the addition of Maddy you think they would talk less Destiny, but I guess they would be incomplete if they didn't.
Resident Elmo
One of the best
Whenever I have little time to listen to podcasts, I always choose this one. Great, diverse opinions with lots of insight and even pretty good production value
Much better with Maddy—
Because Jason seems to mostly hate Kirk (or, at the very least can’t help but bully the guy every chance he gets) this show was tough to get through pre-Maddy. Now, with Maddy as part of the host trio it’s much better. It’s no longer just two dudes waiting for their turn to speak. Recommended!
Listen every week!
Jason and Kirk have always been brilliant and insightful as heck, but the addition of Maddy has made an already wonderful podcast even better. I’m always interested in heading everyone’s thoughts, especially because all three hosts are so insightful about everything that happens in the games industry. With the genuine friendship, chemistry and subsequent humor that comes from the group, it’s a treat to listen to this every week.
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It's alright
Not my favorite video game podcast but will listen if i'm all caught up on my other shows. I don't know that i'll ever understand why the intro music sounds like the opening to SNL with massive saxaphones - every time it plays i keep waiting for someone to say "live from New York!" doesn't fit the show at all. The hosts are fine - they tend to get super negative on games they don't like - even more so than talking about games they like (which one of the hosts only talks about playing Destiny on his PC which is super unrelatable to me and most people). Super snarky - but then again, this was a Gawker company so i guess that's their bread and butter - kind of comes with the territory.
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Freaking Patriots - Splitscreen is great!
Even though Tom Brady's stupid handsome face and the Patriots made it to the SuperBowl, I am once again giving a 5-star rating to this awesome podcast. Do I agree with every point or opinion? No. But that's ok. That's the nature of debate, opinion, discussion, etc. The Splitscreen crew brings a level-headed & thoughtful view to all sides of the world of video games. I also might be one of the few who is actually * excited* for more Destiny 2 talk. I'm having an identity crisis because I was a D1 Titan main and now love Hunters way more in D2. Keep it up, Splitscreen people!
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