Kotaku Splitscreen
Kotaku Splitscreen
Kotaku's Nathan Grayson, Ashley Parrish, and Michael Fahey dive into gaming one very specific topic at a time.
The Splitscreen Quest for Epic Loot, With Diablo Creators Erich Schaefer and David Brevik
This week we're talking loot boxes. First, we kick things off with a conversation with Diablo game designers Erich Schaefer and David Brevik who discuss how their loot boxes came to be. Then, the gang discusses their hot takes about loot boxes, and finally, Fahey makes us a very special loot box.
Apr 15
58 min
How Memes Helped Make Video Games Mainstream
This week we're talking memes and their unique history with video games with special guest and meme librarian Amanda Brennan. After a deep dive into meme history, Fahey quizzes us on our video game meme knowledge, followed by a conversation about Resident Evil's big lady.
Apr 8
53 min
Service Games Killed The Single-Player Star
This week we're talking about games as a service: what is considered a live service game? And how did they come to be? First, we'll dive into the history of service games (as Ash suddenly remembers to feed her dying Neopets). Then we discuss our service games of choice, and round out the episode talking about the service games that are in the headlines lately.
Apr 1
53 min
The Splitscreen Snacktaku Special, Not Sponsored By G Fuel
It's a snacky Snacktaku special this week as we dig into our favorite in-game snacks and road-test G Fuel to see what all the hype is about. (Spoiler alert: WE GET IT. WE GET IT NOW.) Plus, special guest Dan Goubert of The Empty Bowl podcast and of Cerealously joins us for a discussion on the history of gaming snacks.
Mar 25
57 min
NFTs? No, Fuck That
This week we're talking monetization—from the money-grabbing features in video games to, of course, those freakin' NFTs. First, we talk about the history of popular ways that video games have, and continue to glean money from people. Then, we're joined by Kotaku senior editor Luke Plunkett to talk all things NFTs—what they are, how they've impacted the gaming world, and why they indisputably suck. And finally, we finish off the episode with a discussion on the recent developments of video game monetization.
Mar 18
58 min
Covid-19, One Year Later
This week we're reflecting on the one-year anniversary of the pandemic by talking about the games that got us through it. Then, we do a good ol' AFQs (Ask Fahey Questions) segment, followed by an interview with James Vaughan, creator of Plague Inc.
Mar 12
50 min
How Valheim Shook Up Survival Games
This week we're talking survival games, from Oregon Trail to Valheim. First, we go on a journey through the history of survival video games. Then, we talk about the sh*t that annoys us most about survival games (spoiler: it's the actual sh*t). And finally, Nathan and special guest video game journalist John Walker convince Ash why she should to start playing Valheim.
Mar 4
51 min
Video Game Movies And TV Shows Have Stopped Being Terrible (with Brock Wilbur)
This week we're talking video game movies starting with one of the most infamous, of course, 1993's Super Mario Bros. Then, special guest journalist/comedian Brock Wilbur takes us through the weird-but-real history of infamous movie producer Uwe Boll, most known for video game movies like Alone in the Dark, Postal, and In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale. And finally, we wrap with a discussion of how, miraculously, video game movies seem to be improving.
Feb 25
42 min
Gaming’s Best And Worst Bosses (with Stephen Totilo)
This week we're tearing into our bosses—video game bosses of course. First, we kick things off by reviewing a few boss origin stories. Then, we discuss the best and worst video game bosses in great detail. And finally, we grill our former boss (and special guest), the one and only Stephen Totilo.
Feb 18
54 min
Dragon Age/Sex/Location?
We're talking video game romances this week on Kotaku Splitscreen. First, Ashley fulfills her life-long dream of discussing the best and worst of BioWare romances. Then, the team collaborates on their dream dating sim. (It's a bit unconventional.) And finally, we're joined by game designer and Twitch streamer Nina Freeman (twitch.tv/ninamarie), designer of Cibele—a game about love, sex, and the internet. Listen to hear Nina and Fahey discuss some of their gaming romances from years past.
Feb 11
49 min
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