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Kotaku Splitscreen
Kotaku's Nathan Grayson, Ashley Parrish, and Michael Fahey dive into gaming one very specific topic at a time.
How Valheim Shook Up Survival Games
This week we're talking survival games, from Oregon Trail to Valheim. First, we go on a journey through the history of survival video games. Then, we talk about the sh*t that annoys us most about survival games (spoiler: it's the actual sh*t). And finally, Nathan and special guest video game journalist John Walker convince Ash why she should to start playing Valheim.
Mar 4
51 min
Video Game Movies And TV Shows Have Stopped Being Terrible (with Brock Wilbur)
This week we're talking video game movies starting with one of the most infamous, of course, 1993's Super Mario Bros. Then, special guest journalist/comedian Brock Wilbur takes us through the weird-but-real history of infamous movie producer Uwe Boll, most known for video game movies like Alone in the Dark, Postal, and In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale. And finally, we wrap with a discussion of how, miraculously, video game movies seem to be improving.
Feb 25
42 min
Gaming’s Best And Worst Bosses (with Stephen Totilo)
This week we're tearing into our bosses—video game bosses of course. First, we kick things off by reviewing a few boss origin stories. Then, we discuss the best and worst video game bosses in great detail. And finally, we grill our former boss (and special guest), the one and only Stephen Totilo.
Feb 18
54 min
Dragon Age/Sex/Location?
We're talking video game romances this week on Kotaku Splitscreen. First, Ashley fulfills her life-long dream of discussing the best and worst of BioWare romances. Then, the team collaborates on their dream dating sim. (It's a bit unconventional.) And finally, we're joined by game designer and Twitch streamer Nina Freeman (twitch.tv/ninamarie), designer of Cibele—a game about love, sex, and the internet. Listen to hear Nina and Fahey discuss some of their gaming romances from years past.
Feb 11
49 min
GameStop Is Dead, Long Live GameStop
We had to do it. How could we not talk about GameStop this week? First, Ash leads us down memory lane by getting all of us to reminisce about our most salient times at the good ol' gaming store. Then, we discuss our own experiences of working in brick and mortar gaming stores, from GameStop to FYE (anyone remember FYE??). And finally, we're joined by Kotaku staff writer Ethan Gach about his reporting on the GameStop Wallstreet fiasco.
Feb 4
54 min
How Licensed Games Died And Came Back And Died Again And Came Back Again
This week we're talking about licensed games. That's right, we're looking at your Star Wars, James Bond, and all those Disney games. First, Nathan regales us with the story of one particularly bad licensed game that led to the video game crash of '83. Then, Fahey leads us through the history of licensed video games from the beginning to the present day. And finally, Ash walks us through which licensed games are in the headlines these days.
Jan 28
50 min
Most Video Game Presidents Suck, Too
Yes, it's true. We're talking about presidents this week on Splitscreen. (How topical!) First, Fahey stumps Ash and Nathan on a presidential quiz (that spans both video game and real-life presidents). Spoiler alert: we know nothing about presidents. Then, we talk about the best and worst video game presidents. And finally, we wrap with a discussion on video game governance.
Jan 21
45 min
Spoiler Alert: This Is An Episode About Twists And Spoilers
This week we dive into the weird world of video game twists, and spoiler alert: there WILL be spoilers. First Ash leads us in a discussion on the controversy of spoilers in the gaming world. Then, Nathan takes us through a speed run on the history of the MGS2 twist. And finally, Fahey quizzes us on the most memorable video game twists via bullet points.
Jan 14
47 min
No Waluigi In Smash *Ever* And Other 2021 Predictions
Happy New Year! This week on Splitscreen we're sharing our 2021 gaming resolutions, discussing our most anticipated (or hoped-for) games of the year, and our gaming predictions.
Jan 7
47 min
Reboots, Remakes, and Remasters! Oh my! (RECAST)
For our first episode of the new and rebooted Splitscreen we’re discussing...wait for it...reboots! Join us as we chat about the difference between a reboot and a remaster, argue about which of our favorite reboots is the best, and Nathan holds us all hostage as he obsesses over the 2012 remake of the Atari hit SpyHunter.
Dec 31, 2020
44 min
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