Keto For Normies
Keto For Normies
Welcome to Keto For Normies, a podcast hosted by Matt and Megha, the founders of KetoConnect, a ketogenic food blog and YouTube channel. Weekly we will have on guests from all walks of health, nutrition and business to give you insight into their relationship with the diet guidelines they follow and the businesses they run. We will also discuss specific topics surrounding the health and science of a ketogenic diet, give our personal advice and tips for being successful on a keto diet, and answer listener questions! Hosted By: Megha Barot and Matt Gaedke Email: Food Blog: Podcast Review Form: -- Intro Music: Music by Joakim Karud Music by @joakimkarudmusic
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If you can’t get into podcasts this is it.
So, I’ve tried so hard to get into podcasts for the last couple of years. I did keto for a couple of months two years ago, and fell of the wagon. The pandemic really got the best of me, and I needed to lose weight. These two have been the first to really let me enjoy podcasts, mainly theirs. They motivate mostly because I feel they are just like me. This really is Keto for Normies.
Love the Solo’s!
Love listening to the two of you!!
Frustrating, Dumb and Shallow
The hosts interrupt each other at the start of every show. You can hear them not paying attention to their guests by the mouse clicks and subsequent “oh yeah right, btw someone said something to us about our thing totally unrelated to what we just asked our guest about”. ... the way they aren’t paying attention while they have conversations makes them particularly open to saying offensive things and not considering a single one of the different backgrounds that people may be coming to their show from. I am really surprised that they have such high reviews even though they cannot seem to speak proper English. I’m new to the keto world and this podcast makes it seem really really shallow.
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The husband is the worst. He is rude to guests often. Their comments about BLM were enough to make me unsubscribe, but a new ep still popped up for some reason and I was bored enough to check it out. This poor girl talking about reiki! Why would they bring her on if they were going to be condescending about the topic?
If you want to hear a guy say the word “uh” a thousand times an hour through a tinny microphone, this is your show. If you want to hear a couple interrupt each other constantly because the husband thinks he is way funnier than he is, this is your show. If you want to hear two people talk about themselves ad nauseum and give you zero information, this is your show. If you want to hear two people who have no interview skills ask questions like they are giving fifth grade book report, well, here you are.
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Boo Yizzle
Great podcast
As a long-time listener, I can honestly say KFN is one of my favorite health and well-being podcasts out there. I really enjoy the breadth of topics Matt and Megha cover, from niche scientific elements of nutrition, to stories of normal people, to their own advice in solo dolos (my personal fav :))
Can’t Continue to Support
Unsubscribing because of their stance on not supporting black lives matter, in order to keep their racist listeners happy. Matt is extremely condescending and it’s no longer fun to listen to them.
Interesting until they clearly stated they do not support BLM 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽 no longer subscribing t
Great Information
A great podcast for the uninformed and the over-informed. And, like the title, you really are normal people! So easy to listen to! Thanks :)
My Favorites
I have been watching their YouTube channel for quite a long time and have just recently been starting to go on long walks so I decided to try out their podcast and let me tell you- I love these people!! What a great listen!!
My favorite keto podcast
Thank you for addressing the fact that so many keto podcasts have moved into strict carnivore lifestyle. I’ve come to unsubscribe to all of these. Carnivore is just not reasonable. Please keep your keto recommendations coming. I still firmly believe it’s the healthiest life style. You talk about what I think about.
Out of touch
Wow! Imagining that EVERYONE’S situation is (or could be) improved by the quarantine and can work from home. Some people are still forced to show up for their low-wage, “essential” jobs which put their lives at risk.
I’ll start on a positive note. Their keto product reviews on YouTube are really great. Companies send them products and they aren’t afraid to give honest reviews. That’s how I came to them and will continue to watch in that regard. However and content outside of that comes off very judgmental. Basically if you’re not doing keto their way you’re doing it wrong. They take pleasure in shredding apart any mainstream keto trend. Like the Starbucks keto pink drink for example. Matt hates it has went on a few rants about it and other keto treats you may want to enjoy every now and then. Also like most new parents since the baby’s arrival everything goes back to being a “busy mom”. Kind of annoying because moms aren’t the only busy people ya know.
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Matt and Megha are amazing!
I’ve been watching these folks for a couple of years, on YouTube and their podcasts as well. They really think about the content they are creating. I’ve been keto for a few years and Matt and Megha are always out in the lead providing cutting edge reviews and thoughtful opinions. I value their wisdom and their advice. Thank you M & M. Sam (Houston)
Love it!
I was doing super dirty keto but your guys podcast and YouTube channel made me look more closely at what I was eating and make a change. Thanks for all the insight, recipes and entertainment Matt & Megha!!
You know how to keep us engaged!
I absolutely love your podcast! I enjoy continuing my education and I love how you have so many guests who provide information to help and encourage each person to explore and discover what’s best for their bodies on this journey! I listen in the car and at the gym and you both, along with your expert and Normie guests keep it real and honest. Thank you so very much for continuing to create content! Truly just enjoy what you’re putting out there!
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Thank you for what you do!
Thank you for your continuous efforts to make Keto accessible while also challenging us to be more cognizant about what we’re eating and why.
Top 5 favorite podcasts!
I recently started the keto lifestyle and Matt and Megha have been two great resources in this journey thus far. I first found them on YouTube and thank God I started listening to the podcast too because it’s jam packed with great information!
I love you guys!!!
So I started watching you guys on YouTube, then followed you on IG and now I've made it over to listening to your podcasts!! 🤗 honestly this is the first ever podcast that I've made it past episode 1. Never really have podcasts a chance. But I love listening to you guys! Thanks for all the awesome info. I've loved watching you guys become parents as well!
Hate the yelling opening. And all the other woman are just stay at home women? So says the guy explaining why his dr aunt isn’t expected to be able to cook. Sexist much?
Best Keto Podcast
This is the best keto podcast out there. The YouTube channel and blog are also bangin’. Keep up the awesome work and thanks for sharing all of your knowledge and keto insights. Ps. Theo is adorable!!
Keep giving us all of the info
Keto, Kid, all the good stuff!
Stop with the pregnancy!
And stop interrupting. Especially with bad info!
Keep doing great stuff!
Thanks for your work!
Please...just give us the keto info.
Just’ll thank me!
Love how Megha and Matt make ketogenic lifestyle so normal and attainable. With tons of information, great recipes, and hilarious personalities it won’t take long before you’re a die hard fan.
Have gotten annoying
I really liked these guys when I first started keto but it seems like they (mostly Matt) have just gotten argumentative and super dogmatic about their opinions. Matt is super condescending and I find him hard to listen to. It’s a bummer because they were so great and so helpful in the beginning.
Great content
Love all the content you guys offer whether from the podcast, youtube or via your website. It has been super helpful on my keto journey
Good Info...Host Obnoxious
The male host is unbearable. He frequently interjects with nonsensical comments. Unsubscribed once due to his ageist comments. Tried again. In the latest episode, he kicks things off explaining he won’t use the term dope again because he heard a 40 year old woman use it. Who cares? How does this pertain to a keto lifestyle? Unsubscribed again.
Keto junkie
Whether it be on the podcast, facebook or Instagram, you always present great topics! Thanks for all you do!
This is mind numbing
The constant digs on age are annoying enough to make me unsubscribe.
10/10 Highly Recommend
Seriously you guys are my go to keto podcast! Whenever I am not feeling as motivated or worried that I might stray from keto I listen to an episode and it reminds me why I started keto. Love your blog and everything keto.connect keep up the amazing work!
New to Keto
I started the Keto diet within the last couple days, I found the Keto Connect YouTube channel and I became so much more comfortable and confident with the change. I have a difficult time sticking to things and having Keto Connect and Keto for Normies has just made it tremendously less intimidating.
Really help me
I am subscribed to YouTube and now your podcast you two have really have me in my Keto diet journey thanks
I’m sorry
I have been such an avid watcher of your YouTube channel for so long but when Wes said he was going to be on your show, I love him too. I had to listen. So this is the first time listening to your podcast. I’m sorry because I should have been listening from the beginning I didn’t realize what I was missing. Podcast in general are new to me, but I will be catching up.
Lost interest
I was really getting into this podcast and loved it. Then they went on and on about being pregnant and their kid. Lost interest, I like the Leto topic and I just didn’t find their family information helpful.
Thank you for always answering questions even when you don’t know the answer, you always know where to look & find it!!!
CrossFit Paw Paw is FAN
I am a 64 year old at 168lbs and CrossFitting 5/week looking for a way to reduce 10 lbs body fat. LOVE your work. Have listened for months and am on keto for 2 weeks with tracking. Eye opening 5 STAR Podcast.
CrossFit Paw Paw
Love this podcast
I get lots of information from you both. I enjoy your guests and appreciate your knowledge.
Love them
Matt & Megha are my fav people. They’ve made my Keto journey so much simpler and more fun.
Bookstore Calico
Love these guys! Great information and I really enjoy their banter with each other.
Another pregnancy episode?
I love this podcast but I’m not pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Three fertility/pregnancy related episodes in a row is too much.
You’re overthinking diet
You lost me at not getting vaccines
Love it!!
Loving your podcast and how real you both are!
“We are”
As a long time listener a situation that has revealed itself many times on the show has been brought back up. I always enjoy listening to the podcast on Monday morning on my way to work and I always liked Meghas intro when she said “we are” Matt did always correct her saying it sounds weird because we’re not the actual website. But it sounded nice and we all knew what she was talking about. Then Megha tried saying it different but it just didn’t roll off the tongue. Then Matt started doing his crazy loud intro. Which is fun. Then he mentioned this week he wants to reimplement the statement of Megha said I used to do that and you always said something and that it sounded weird. I was shocked to hear Matt disagree with this statement! I def remember Megha being corrected many times by Matt after she said we are I’m glad you asked us to comment about this because it’s something I’ve always noticed about this show being a faithful listener. Y’all are an amazing team and always look forward to new content! Cherish each other and see the awesomeness in front of each other, which I can clearly see you guys do. I think it would only be right if y’all do reimplement “we are” that Megha is the one who says it. Wifey is always right Matt! Man up and tell her she was right all along big Papa 😉
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Amazing Keto Podcast
I love the Keto Connect team! The title of the show is so true! It helps make Keto less stressful and more normal! You don't have to be a crazy fit workout person to do Keto! Whether you are new to Keto, an old pro, or even just thinking about it, subscribe to this podcast. Honestly, even if I wasn't Keto I would enjoy listening to them because they are just so chill and nice!
I can hear the lisp!
Just recently found this amazing podcast and already have learned so much!
New to Keto
Two weeks into this new lifestyle. I I'm drawn to this podcast due to all the different shows. I'm two weeks into this and I've learn a lot. You guys are great and easy to listen to can't wait to get through them all. Keep on keeping!
You crack me up!
I love you two and your personalities meshed together giving great information and interviewing all the greatest people. It seems that every episode I listen to, it is meant for me at that exact moment or soon after as far as trying some of your “hacks” and trying the things you do to help my current situations or questions I have with my keto. Also love your product reviews on YouTube and a day of eating keto as well. Thanks for the entertainment while learning soo much! 🤗
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Unhealthy Relationship
If you love listening to a couple bicker and talk down to one another, this is the podcast for you. I used to be a huge fan and look forward to every episode. Now I can hardly make it through 10 minutes without being disgusted by how they speak to one another.
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