Jagged Little Feels
Jagged Little Feels
Taylor Nicks and Christy Ray
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Been searching for a good mental health podcast for awhile and finally found one
It’s been difficult for me to find a podcast that I can relate to and one where the hosts are fun and easy to listen to. I can honestly say this podcast checks all those boxes. The honesty and vulnerability of the hosts allows me to vulnerable and honest with myself. The topics they choose to discuss are thoughtful and again, relatable, as I’m a 32 year old single millennial.. my only suggestion would be that I would LOVE an advice episode where people can write in and receive love, life, relationship advice from these women. Please keep making more episodes!
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JLF is for the boys
If you’re a bro like me, listen to these women. They speak the truth. Also, they’re f***ing funny.
Shitshow Jack
If men don’t listen to JLF’s you’re an idiot!
Let’s just get right into this....3 women, telling all, being transparent about mental health, dating, life, love and all the other things! As a straight man wanting to know the most about Gods most confusing creation, this podcast really helps to understand the females mental (well kinda understand them). 3 diff perspectives, walks of life and view pints really make each episode special! Great job ladies!
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Nicoles BooThang
The level of care and the different perspectives provided by these women is absolutely amazing. If you haven’t hit subscribe yet, what are you even waiting for? Subscribe! Share! Repost! ❤️
I’ve always looked up to Taylor and have enjoyed getting to know Ryan & Christy through this podcast in their purest forms!!! Perfectly articulated in every sense of the word!!!! I have listened from the beginning but wanted to say I especially loved the latest episode with Caroline Kraddick. When she said that she purged her following list on ig when because realized how negative some accounts made her feel, it resonated. I think we subconsciously lose sight in so many things mentioned in these episodes and I can’t wait until I have a commute each week so I can blast this thru my speakers ok!!? Y’all are angels! Thank you!
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Hey you, person reading this! 👉🏾 Go to sleep streaming this series. Man. Funny, Ryan followed me on Twitter. For whatever reason. I have 3 hundred followers she has 3k or something. Anyway. She recommended a book to me and is the most down to earth person. Patient, friendly, loving. Honest. It shows in her two friends and co hosts. Inviting, stigma murder, open, light hearted, educational, advocating, community, people oriented podcast. They will be on tvs and movie screens near you and me one day. Glad to call Ryan an actual friend. 👍🏾
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Honest, funny and binge-worthy
These women are fire!! Their transparency on really tough issues is breaking down walls when it comes to normalizing the discussion around mental health. I appreciate the safe environment y’all are creating. Thanks for sharing your courage and hard work!
Like a book you can’t put down
This is one of those podcasts that has you sitting in your car for an extra half an hour, just zoned out in your driveway. Each episode starts like a convo you wish you were a part of, and then transcends into a discussion you didn’t even anticipate. Even if the topic is completely unrelatable to you, personally, you find yourself completely invested.
Always the best vibes
Mental Health
Have loved listening to these girls discuss mental health topics. I feel like I’m getting a little therapy session each time.
Timely, inspiring, necessary
Thank you ladies for being vulnerable. Can’t wait for the next episode!
Easy Listening
On hard to talk about topics. Their voices are so soothing as they do a deep dive into difficult to discuss topics. They are so honest and raw. I’ve known Ryan for a long time now and I am SO proud of her for using this platform to be honest, brave, and vulnerable. This goes to the two other gorgeous gems. The podcast we didn’t know we needed. And I think they are going to help a lot of people. Plus I’m in love with the title.
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Lil Bucatini
The Realest
Taylor, Ryan, and Christy give it to you on the level. There is nothing held back and it makes you feel like you’re sat listening to your besties. The things that are usually made to feel taboo are talked about openly and honestly. There’s no BS. They call themselves and each other out, and it makes you feel like you’re not alone. They are not there to enable you. They will make you feel like you can and should pull yourself up by your boot straps because we’re all in this together. Looking forward to the next episode!!
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Love it!
Quickly becoming a weekly ritual.
Seriously so good! Love the perspective and openness of the conversation.
Thank you for sharing babes!!
I feel like we are friends
These gals are stylish, funny, and raw. Thank you letting us know you, warts and all, and for the good laugh!
Just hit play and thank me later
I’m not a “podcast person” but I couldn’t stop listening to this one. These girls do such a great job of opening the dialog on mental health and I truly believe anyone can benefit from their honest conversations.
The first step…
is to start talking about it. These 3 ladies are laying it all out so that maybe, just maybe, you won’t feel so alone with you problems while you’re in isolation. These dense topics don’t have to be intimidating to talk about and their authenticity and approachability are all the reason you need.
My Seat at the Table
As someone who struggles with chronic anxiety and depression, I find it’s easy to feel alone. This trio of dynamite ladies make me feel like I’m sitting at their table, having late night coffee with my group of gals.. talking through my issues. It’s raw, it’s real and it’s addressing some major stigmas in the mental health community. After every episode, I feel a little lighter. I usually struggle to finish an entire podcast because I find them dull but Jagged Little Feels has me waiting up at night for their new episodes. 10/10 recommend! 🔥
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Ear candy
I can listen to Ryan talk all day if I could
Love these three ladies and their view points. They’re so relatable and I am so honored they are sharing with us! ❤️
Soothing and saucy!
I love the dichotomy between the hosts and how they allowed the conversation to organically flow between them! They all have something to offer and compliment one another extremely well.
All the feels
Love this podcast! Hosted by sincere and super successful women, this is a podcast for everyone who cares about growing deeper in your relationship with yourself and those around you, along with lots of laughs. Can’t wait for more!!
Something REAL to listen to. Something that doesn’t make you feel like you’re failing at everything and something that you don’t have to compare yourself to. Ah man that was refreshing! These ladies are so real and so honest and open about where they’re at. Loves it. Great work girls!
After being locked in our home for over a week, this is exactly what I needed! It feels like I’m sitting, talking openly, with friends. Educational, honest, sometimes funny, and super relatable. Thanks for sharing your vulnerability with us and allowing feelings to be socially acceptable again. ♥️
Thumbs up!!
I started listening just to check it out, not having any expectations. Somehow I’m walking away from this episode learning a little more about myself. It was a really easy listen and I thoroughly enjoyed these 56 mins. Thank you!
Chelsie Southerland
Great Casual Conversation on Mental Health Issues
They may not be licences professionals, but the candid disclosures and confessional discussions of relevent mental health issues and this podcasts's educational nature are enjoyable and make you feel not so alone in this world! Not to mention the hosts are beautiful! 😍 Take a listen!
Love it!
These girls crush it! Excited to hear more of what is to come. Fantastic and fresh insight on all things mental health especially during these trying times! Give them a subscribe and listen!
An easy to listen to, refreshing and raw conversation about daily struggles we don’t want to talk about. It feels like you are just sitting around talking to your girlfriends that you trust. Thank you for making uncomfortable topics feel comfortable!
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