Jagged Little Feels
Jagged Little Feels
Taylor Nicks and Christy Ray
Jagged Little Feels mission is to normalize the conversation surrounding mental health issues and ultimately, to promote the optimization of self. Hosted by Taylor Nicks & Christy Ray
40. This is 40 + Not a Goodbye, But a 'See You Later!'
Christy & Tay wrap up "Season 1" of Jagged Little Feels with a heartfelt episode full of LOL's. They discuss the valuable difference between quitting and resignation, & the importance of being honest with yourself and others about how you're feeling. It's crucial to keep your cup full, Jagged Little Feelers! This is not a goodbye, but a 'see you later'! We are so grateful for every listener, and the incredible love and support we've received throughout this journey. We will see you soon! xoxo
May 6
28 min
39. Pscilocybin + Wholesome Weekends
It really is all mental health, y'all! Sometimes you need a solo pscilocybin trip and sometimes you need a wholesome weekend with your family. Where do you fit in?! 
Apr 2
42 min
38. Mental Health Check-In #3
You love 'em, we love 'em-- it's another mental health check in with ya girls Christy and Tay! Tune in as we get candid about where exactly we stand today in our mental health journey.
Mar 11
50 min
37. Q+A with Christy & Tay
This week the girls answer a few questions submitted by listeners. Covered are topics surrounding growing out of a relationship during your self-actualization journey, finding fulfillment in life, keeping up with societal expectations in the music industry, and manifesting abundance!
Mar 4
39 min
36. Boundaries + What are those?? 🤪
Boundaries + What are those?? 🤪
Feb 26
43 min
35. JLF + Kimberly Perry!
Christy & Tay interview musician Kimberly Perry on music, her own mental health journey, and what's on the horizon for 2021.
Feb 11
53 min
34. Intuitive Eating + You
Christy and Tay talk about healing their relationships with food, disordered eating, and learning to listen/love their bodies. 
Feb 4
42 min
33. Changing of the guards + Holding down the fort
This week, Christy and Tay bring you a relaxed fit, minisode to get listeners back up to speed with what's been going on this month. Ryan has decided to part ways with the podcast and the girls wish her nothing but the best in her future endeavors.. They explain in this episode, where they've been and what their plans are going forward as a duo. Long live JLF! xo
Jan 29
21 min
32. New Years + Knocking on Wood
Happy New Year! The girls are back from a short holiday break and are recapping their roses and thorns of 2020. They discuss their personal resolutions for the new year, and somehow there's always time to address Tay's dating life. No stone left unturned this week for the first episode of 2021! xo
Jan 7
57 min
Transitioning + Ellory Lien
This week's BONUS Christmas episode is a 'Ryan Takeover' with her good friend, coworker and recently-public-as-a-Trans woman, baby girl Ellory Lien! They recount Ellory's journey from the beginning, starting with her confusing childhood, all the way to her recent empowerment. Ellory explains her thought processes, mental tribulations, fears, body changes through hormone therapy, surgery-aftermath, dating currently, and how to continuously deal with the stigma while living in a conservative state.
Dec 24, 2020
43 min
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