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Interplanetary Podcast
Matthew Russell
Putting The Ace Back Into Space. Host Matthew Russell's critically acclaimed fun and factual show about all things SPACE. New episode every week with a deep dive into the latest hot space topics. With regular Interviews and discussions with the worlds top space experts. From how rockets fly to how blackholes work and everything in-between.
#306 - Dr. Eiman Jahangir - New Shepard
Matt chats with Dr. Eiman Jahangir who was recently selected by Web 3 group MoonDAO as there 2nd astronaut to fly on a future Blue Origin New Shepard flight. A crazy story of trying and trying to then win a lottery. Hosts: Matt Russell Music: Matt Russell / Iam7 Twitter @interplanetypod
Jun 17
51 min
#305 - Adam Higginbotham - Challenger
Matt sits down with acclaimed author and journalist Adam Higginbotham to discuss his latest book, "Challenger: A True Story of Heroism and Disaster on the Edge of Space." This definitive account of the tragic space shuttle Challenger disaster takes us on a journey from the Apollo program through the investigation that followed the catastrophe. Adam shares the meticulous research to reveal the untold story of what really happened and why. We delve into the internal discussions between NASA and Morton Thiokol executives, the heroic efforts of whistleblowers, and the profound impact this disaster had on space exploration and public perception. Adam's masterful storytelling brings to life the human drama, fascinating science, and shocking political infighting that defined this pivotal moment in history. Whether you're a space enthusiast, a history buff, or simply curious about the Challenger disaster, this episode promises to be both enlightening and unforgettable. Hosts: Matt Russell Music: Matt Russell / Iam7 Twitter @interplanetypod
May 23
1 hr 15 min
#304 - David Barnhart - Arkisys
Matt speaks with The CEO and co-founder of Arkisys, David Barnhart. Arkisys is a company developing future space expansion by engineering 'The Port', a primary center for technology hosting, satellite integration, assembly, and resupply.
Apr 30
48 min
#303 - Dr Harry Cliff - Space Oddities
Episode 303: Space Oddities with Dr. Harry Cliff - Anomalies and New Frontiers in Physics Matt delves into the mysteries of the cosmos with Dr. Harry Cliff, particle physicist, science communicator, and author of the new book, "Space Oddities." We explore the fascinating anomalies challenging the very foundations of physics, Dr. Cliff shares insights from his work at CERN's Large Hadron Collider and his deep dive into the latest scientific enigmas. #SpaceOddities #ParticlePhysics #Cosmology #ScienceAnomalies #InterplanetaryPodcast
Mar 23
1 hr 11 min
#302 - Chris Lintott - Our Accidental Universe
Matt is Joined by Chris Lintott to talk about Our Accidental Universe his new book out this month and some of the ideas contained within. Chris Lintott is a Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Oxford, where his research ranges from understanding how galaxies form and evolve, to predicting the properties of visiting interstellar asteroids. He is Principal Investigator of the Zooniverse citizen science platform. Lintott is best known as presenter of the BBC ‘Sky at Night’ program. In 2023, he was appointed the 39th Gresham Professor of Astronomy
Mar 1
51 min
#301 - Bernie Taylor - Biological Time
Matt is Joined by cultural astronomer and Paleolithic researcher Bernie Taylor In this unusual and captivating episode, join us on a remarkable journey as we delve into the intricacies of ancient timekeeping and its deep connection to the natural world. Taylor takes us back to early 2001, recounting his research with Oregon Fish and Wildlife on salmon migration patterns. He unravels a fascinating story linking lunar cycles to salmon behavior, a knowledge long held by Native Americans but overlooked by modern science. This episode is not just about the biology of salmon; it's a profound exploration of how ancient peoples, from Native Americans to cave artists, synchronized their lives with the rhythms of the sun and moon. Discover the lost art of reading nature's clock and how our disconnection from the night sky since the Industrial Revolution has impacted our understanding of time. Bernie's insights offer a unique perspective on the intricate dance between celestial bodies and life on Earth, reminding us of the wisdom held by our ancestors and the importance of reconnecting with the natural world
Jan 30
56 min
#300 - Eric Berger -2023
In this landmark 300th episode of the Interplanetary Podcast, Matt is thrilled to welcome renowned space journalist Eric Berger from Ars Technica. Join us for an enlightening journey through the major space exploration milestones of 2023, as we delve into the year's most groundbreaking events and achievements. Eric, with his in-depth expertise, shares insights on the pivotal developments from global space agencies and private companies alike. We cover the stunning progress of SpaceX, including their ambitious Starship tests, and discuss the latest missions that continue to push the boundaries of our cosmic understanding. Not to be missed are the international feats from ESA, JAXA, and other key players, marking 2023 as a year of unparalleled advancements.
Dec 29, 2023
59 min
#299 - Henrik Lampa - Sustainability
Sustainable Horizons: SSC's Eco-Friendly Space Adventures Ever wondered about the environmental impact of shooting for the moon? This week's episode Matt is joined by Henrik Lampa, SSC's Head of Sustainability. Henrik's on a mission to turn space exploration green! We'll dive into how the Swedish Space Corporation is shaking things up in the cosmos by encouraging more eco-friendly rockets and sustainable space missions. Grab your space helmets and join us for our discussion about making the galaxy greener. This episode is for anyone who loves space, cares about the planet. Blast off with us into a more sustainable space future! 🚀🌍💫
Nov 21, 2023
50 min
#298 - The Planets - Andrew Cohen
In this episode of the Interplanetary Podcast, we venture beyond the earthly realm with Andrew Cohen, one of the creative maestros behind the hit BBC series 'The Planets'. Our conversation orbits around the release of The Folio Society edition of the companion book to the series, delving into the awe-inspiring narratives and stunning visual storytelling that brings the celestial ballet to life. Cohen shares a glimpse into the collaborative odyssey of translating cosmic wonders to the screen, the intertwining dance of science and art, and the quest for unveiling the mysteries of our vast cosmic neighborhood. The Folio Society edition of The Planets by Professor Brian Cox and Andrew Cohen, introduced by David A. Rothery, is exclusively available from
Oct 22, 2023
40 min
#297 - Living On The Moon
Join hosts Jamie and Matt as they delve deep into the cosmos, exploring the latest advancements and discoveries in space exploration.Episode 297, where we delve into the mesmerizing world of Lunar exploration and colonization! In this episode, we navigate through the Moon’s untapped potential, its allure for the human race, and the future prospects it holds for interplanetary living.
Sep 30, 2023
55 min
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