Intermittent Fasting Stories
Intermittent Fasting Stories
Gin Stephens
Are you ready to be inspired? Tune in each week to hear real-world stories from successful intermittent fasters, including their best tips to help you find success. Intermittent Fasting Stories is hosted by Gin Stephens, author of Delay, Don't Deny: Living an Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle and Feast Without Fear: Food and the Delay, Don't Deny Lifestyle.
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This podcast MOTIVATES and Teaches IF
I absolutely love this podcast!! I listen to the episodes over and over, and share with my friends.
Episode 115
Thank you for all that you do! I love listening to your podcasts. I must say though, I feel like you’re getting more and more away from interviewing people with true intermittent fasting stories. This episode in particular seemed like an advertisement for your books. It appeared you were being interviewed yourself and not the other way around. I appreciate when you bring on healthcare professionals and such. However, please consider getting back to your roots of interviewing people who have struggled with losing weight and such. Their stories are what motivate the general listeners. Thank you. PS I have been listening to this podcast since the very first episode.
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Joe Joe chris thang
So inspirational
I absolutely love this podcast & try to listen every day. You get a wealth of information along with inspiration. Gin really knows her stuff & her way if clean fasting really works!
Todd white
The episode is labeled Todd white but it’s the same episode from the previous week??
My favorite podcast!
Gin does a great job interviewing real people. The stories are inspiring!
Love, love, love!
I never leave reviews, but this podcast is just amazing! I am always inspired and learn something, as each person interviewed has walked their own path with fasting and has valuable experience to share. Thank you Gin for putting this together and for all you do.
Huge fan but getting smaller
There aren’t words for the appreciation I have for Gin Stephens! I’ve listened to every episode, read the books and am currently binge listening to another podcast Gin host. I’ve adopted this lifestyle and I clean fast. I’ve lost nearly 30lbs in 2 1/5 months but it’s not just about the weight loss, it’s about the amazing health benefits each and every episode bares testimony to. Thanks Gin! I’ve listened to many of the episodes multiple times and her fb group is a great help!
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Trucker Jeff
Found my forever lifestyle
I've tried low carb, carnivore even croissant diet . Lost weight but was it was creeping back. I'm so excited using clean daily intermittent fast (22:2 most days) I've lost 4# in a week and loving cooking again with foods I haven't eaten in 3 years.
This podcast motivated me!
I had never heard of IF until I found this podcast. It helped me lose the last 14 pounds of my weight loss journey and am now at a healthy weight and BMI. Thanks!!!!!!
Motivation Galore!
This is by far the best IF podcast! I followed IF for months before the Corona Virus and did great (lost 40 lbs.)! Because of staying home more during the quarantine, I started eating out of boredom and my honesty pants were not happy. I’m back on board and listening to the podcasts more. The hardest thing for me is that I work 7, 10 hour nights as a pharmacist and have 7 nights off. It’s my days off that I want to snack more, so I could use suggestions. My work days I sleep during the day and work at night, so the easiest plan for me that week is OMAD. My 92 year old mom lives with me so I find we order out more because I don’t always have time to cook. Help!
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One of the best If podcasts!
Only second to Gins other podcast with Melanie Avalon. The stories are so inspirational. IF is lIFe ;)
Sarah Heyer
Fasting is My Magic Pill
Great podcast. I love Gin Stephens! She explains everything in a plain and simple way with a southern twist. Fasting has changed my life. No more counting calories, buying diet pills, going to meetings, etc. This way of life can’t get any more simpler. Hearing the stories of people who have struggled with their weight and have overcome it with IF is so inspirational. It really keeps me on track everyday.
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Love the podcast, but not the episode 98
I normally love love love this podcast. This episode didn’t focus on a regular person’s fasting story, so this particular episode of this podcast wasn’t for me. Check out other fasting stories to hear from real people and their fasting journeys. This guest would have been much better suited to Gin’s other podcast with Melanie Avalon or on Melanie’s bio-hacking podcast.
IF 4 Life
I am so glad I found this podcast. These stories are helping me and have made such an impact on my life. Gin has walked the walk so can talk the talk.
Sooo Good
I just listened to episode 89 with Emiko Prigmore. It was so good. This is the kind of attitude I want to have in my life. I am so grateful for this podcast and this is one if the best guests. I am going to listen to it again right now to let it sink in. This is a great podcast to remind you we are all different and how our bodies change is different, but there is someone out there that has gone through what you are going through. Keep listening.
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The Intermittent Fasting Podcast
Melanie and Gin are incredible. These ladies have helped to finally begin to lose weight in years, very difficult for a woman 65 years young! Melanie and Gin give excellent information and in valuable suggestions to help stay focused. Bless you ladies i greatly appreciate your time and efforts.
The RayZ
Love this podcast. Gin and Melanie are full of great information and tips of how to make this lifestyle work for you. I love the reader questions because they address problems that real people are experiencing!
Awesome podcast
I love IF and this podcast is a must as you go through the journey and learn this new way of life. Gin is wonderful and she has changed my life. Each person she interviews gives me other tips for IF and their stories are so relatable. These are real every day people making themselves the best they can be!
So motivating
I love this podcast. Been listening since the beginning. Hearing everyone’s story brings me so much motivation. I love that Gin also shares her stories with the guests. On days that I’m struggling, I know I can listen to these IF “friends” and get right back on track. All of the diversity in these stories shows that IF can really work for everyone in one way or another. I am constantly having ah-hah moments listening and want all my family and friends to listen too! Keep up the great stories. I hope one day to share my story too!
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Love the podcast!
I enjoy listening each week and relating to the guests. Great info!
Gin what app do you recommend? Love your podcasts. Thanks Kelly
The Best Podcast Ever
Love this show its great. I have listened to every episode and have a hard time waiting for new ones every week. I really like the format in which questions are asked and answered. I love that the host have independent opinions that they are not afraid to share and disagree on. Real life situations are explored which make every episode different, interesting and informative. This show is what keeps me going week on my own journey.
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Shana H
I love Gin’s podcast! I implement IF strategies in my practice as a registered dietitian with a lot of success. I’ve had to unlearn everything I was taught about weight loss. Gins podcast and books have helped me to better understand fasting and I recommend them to my patients all the time!
Shana RDN
Thank you for interviewing Chantel. Her approach is helping me deal with binging during eating window. Glad she became a convert to clean fast!
Love the podcast. Didn’t like the show with Chantel. It felt like she fighting with gin. I don’t want to listen to her podcast.
Good idea, poor execution.
I love the idea of this podcast, but the host is not the greatest podcast host. She admits she doesn’t listen to podcasts, but it might be a good idea for her to listen to some so she would learn that constantly interrupting her guests and fake nervous laughter every 30 seconds is not the most fun for a listener’s ears.
The prof 468
The interrupting drives me crazy
I think Gin is knowledgeable and appreciate her communicating the science in an easy to read book. I can’t stand to listen to her talk over the guests constantly! She consistently interrupts them to say what she wants to. I would also appreciate the guests talking more about the struggle instead of “it’s so easy!” I’m sure it does get easier over time but I struggle - even when I clean fast. Would love to hear more of what they do when they struggle.
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rock swordsman
Chantel was great!
This is my favorite IF podcast!! Wonderful and inspiring testimonies of health regained with a side of body fat reduction. I found Chantel very informative and appreciated the info on root canals and what that can affect in our bodies. The saddest words I read on the podcast are “you’re all caught up”. I look forward to each and every testimony Thursday! Thank you for all of the work you put in to get these stories to us, Gin❤️
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Not a fan of this episode, but a fan of all others
First episode that I didn’t enjoy and didn’t complete. Did not seem like an intermittent fasting story at all. Usually there is an aspect of the story that I can relate or that gives me inspiration, unfortunately not this one. I do love other stories and I look forward to a better story next week more in line with previous stories.
A SMART blonde.
This podcast keeps me so motivated! I love it and all that Gin has done!
music lover 12
So thankful!
I really appreciate hearing personal stories of success with Intermittent fasting! It took me 5 months to get started with IF and I didn’t buy Gin’s book until 8 months after I found IF and these podcasts. If I would have had these tools earlier it would have certainly increased my confidence. I share it with anyone who is just getting started.
So inspiring!!
I have done IF for 5 months and lost 2 pant sizes and 15 lbs! These podcasts sustained me those first few week when I was trying to understand how it all worked. I share this podcast with everyone and Gin's book!
Lizzy Loves Health
Real people intermittent fasting
These podcasts have taught me so much! So many questions answered by people telling their stories of adopting IF as a lifestyle. Thank you! Rachel Teske
Wanted a podcast with true information- when she interviews she will not let them truly say what is working for them- she has to turn it to what she does.
Gin you are amazing!
I just have to say, after reading many of these reviews.. I am so glad you do what you do despite all the negative opinions out there. Your book was amazing to listen to on audible, and your podcasts are the favorite part of my day now. I absolutely love hearing these wonderful stories, I love how you stick to the same general questions for each guest but somehow it unravels into its own unique story, I love how genuine the conversations are and I must say... my favorite part is how there is a random funny story that seems to come so naturally out of each episode that usually makes me laugh out loud no matter what I’m doing. (Like the time you cried eating fish, or my FAVORITE.. the time you got the poinsettia!) These podcasts are encouraging and uplifting! I look forward to hearing them all!
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Fasting story was good but would appreciate less preaching.
JJ I loved your interview so much and just all of them ! Jin I listen every single day and you are helping me change my life and beat my food addiction and forever pain of battling my weight since 7th grade! I am 31 and I’m finally figuring out something I can do and that works . You are all my hero’s!
Need to pause before speaking
I like this podcast for the most part, but the host needs to pause and let the guests speak instead of constantly interjecting and speaking over them. Part of it may be editing, but it’s distracting and takes away from the show.
Early Window
I just started listening to your podcast. I’m retired and am a very early riser. Like 4:30. We eat supper no later than 5 most evening. Do any of your contributors talk about early window eating?
Good not great
I love that Gin provides a platform for IF success stories! I’m super grateful that she does this podcast as it’s very motivating for fellow IFers. However, I wish she would interrupt less and let her guests talk more. Overall, good podcast for the IF family.
Incredibly helpful!
So inspiring and helpful listening to real people and how IF worked for them!
Interesting and informative if you can stand her voice
I’ve learned so much about intermittent fasting just from listening to this podcast however Gins voice is grating and sounds forced not
****User Friendly****
Real people speaking to author and Intermittent Fasting (leader/guru) Gin Stephens. For anyone who wants more info/true life experience about intermittent fasting or time-restricted eating. This is not a sexy podcast - rather heartfelt and authentic! Take it in and start your IF journey.
Love it - Wish they were labeled according to issues
It’s so inspiring to hear so many success stories. I just wish the title or description would identify some of the issues or successes that the people have had so that it would be easier to find people with whom we can identify.
Too much nervous laughter
Gin laughs when she’s trying to speak. It sounds like a nervous laugh. It drives me crazy. She also interrupts and tells the stories for people sometimes. Not every episode, but there are definitely some where she does it.
Love love love
I just can’t stop listening to this podcast. It’s informative and inspirational. Gin creates an informal, relaxed atmosphere and she gets people to open up with their stories. The best thing I’ve learned is that IF is different for everyone and that I can customize it to fit my life. I also like the question asked at the end of each interview: “What’s the one thing you’d like to tell others about IF”? I’ve learned a great deal from those answers.
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Amy’s story
Yes undiagnosed hashimotos caused huge metabolic syndrome for me. Was given a hysterectomy I most probably did not need that only caused more issues. Love the prod cast!
Longtime listener
I really enjoy hearing the stories although I find that the host tends to spend a big portion of each episode sharing her own story rather than drawing out the guest’s story completely. I am already very familiar with her journey and wish there was more emphasis on the guest.
new faster
Start of a new way of life
Delay don’t deny definitely was the one that has set my life on a new path. Thank you so much- life changing!!
Constant Learning
I really love hearing the stories. I have read most of the books Gin has recommended and have been living this lifestyle for a year. Helping me maintain my weight loss which is a first. I learn something in each podcast and like that Gin’s process in the interview is much the same so know what I am going to hear.
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