In Loco Parent(i)s
In Loco Parent(i)s
Karen and Steve Vladeck
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So relatable
I love this podcast. I find it very relatable and interesting. I just wish Steve would interrupt and talk over people less—I say this as someone whose mind also runs a mile a minute and who is also eager to express themselves. Podcasting is just not the ideal format for outbursts of enthusiastic comments because the audio of less enthusiastic, but equally interesting speakers gets trampled. And not that I think Steve is mansplaining but...I would love to hear him make more room for the other stars of the show.
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Fantastic for young parents and/or lawyers
Wonderful podcast that shows what parenting young kids is like on a day-to-day basis, plus a lot of interesting talk about the legal profession (among other tangents!). Highly recommend.
So relatable
As a lawyer parent to a 4.5 year old and a 2 year old, this is basically my life. Love it!
Law student who thinks about having a family in the future. This show is a wonderful real look into what parenting as a lawyer might be like.
Great new podcast!
Just listened to the first episode and as a married young attorney and dad of two young kids myself this podcast is pretty much the definition of “in my wheelhouse”. Love it, great job by two working professionals and parents telling it like it is! Finally, for the record, as a fellow nerd (whose wife also has little to no interest in sci-fi entertainment) I very much appreciated Steve’s openminded position on the Star Wars vs Star Trek issue. Looking forward to more episodes!
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I am just writing something for the metrics.
So far so good!
The introductory episode is good. Light hearted. Fun. Real. I can relate to a lot of what’s said.