In Loco Parent(i)s
In Loco Parent(i)s
Karen and Steve Vladeck
A podcast about parenting and lawyering — in that order — hosted by Karen and Steve Vladeck.
Episode 23: Six Flags Over ... Torts (with Bill Childs)
In the Season 1 finale, Karen and Steve reflect on their own summer experiences growing up, including the pros and cons of sleepaway camp in (different parts of) New Hampshire, before a fascinating and wide-ranging interview with legal polymath Bill Childs, who's currently in house at 3M but whose career has spanned big firms, smaller firms, and the academy (all while hosting a regular radio show about "indie music for indie kids" on the side).  Suffice it to say, Bill's wide-ranging experiences provide a fascinating point of comparison for those wondering how to life their lives as lawyers.
Jun 2
1 hr
Episode 22: Love in a Time of Qui Tam (with Caprice Roberts and Andy Wright)
In their latest episode, Karen and Steve talk about some of the unforeseen difficulties of things returning to "normal," at least out in the world, and the challenges for those with kids who may be months away from vaccinations. They then welcome their dear friends, Caprice Roberts and Andy Wright, to talk about a whole lot of things, from moving with small kids to chasing your dreams (across the country) to starting a new law school to moving in and out of Congress and the Executive Branch.
May 19
1 hr 15 min
Episode 21: "Mommy, That's *Your* Problem" (with Heather Souder Choi)
In their latest episode, Karen and Steve are joined by Heather Souder Choi, a partner at Baker Botts in Washington, DC, to discuss everything from having a child while up for partner to staying at the same firm from your 1L summer onwards to the difficulties that large firms have retaining and promoting women of color, and what firms, clients, and law schools can and should be thinking about to try to ameliorate them. Before that, Karen and Steve walk through some of their parenting "hacks" (i.e., concessions made out of desperation), along with those that others have shared on Twitter.
May 12
1 hr 8 min
Episode 20: The Committee on Committees (with Julie Klaff)
With Mother's Day and Karen's birthday right around the corner, Karen and Steve talk about some of the (very different) things they do to relax/decompress, including their very different approaches to watching TV. They're then joined by Karen's long-time friend Julie Klaff, now a partner at Origami Capital Partners in Chicago, to discuss her fascinating transition from big law to in-house on the finance side; some of the unique issues faced by large families; and her advice for those thinking about careers on the transactional side of the law.
May 5
1 hr 3 min
Episode 19: "Yes, Netflix: I *Am* Still Watching" (with Liz Vladeck)
Karen and Steve are back to talk about the importance of networking in the legal universe, and different attitudes and approaches they have taken both in their own careers and in trying to facilitate connections with friends, colleagues, students, and even strangers. They're then joined by Liz Vladeck (who's quite a lot more than Steve's older sister) to discuss her cutting-edge work on municipal labor and employment law in New York and some of the challenges of being both a parent and a stepparent, and of being a single mom in an era of COVID.
Apr 28
1 hr 12 min
Episode 18: You Guys Are Such Dads!! (with David Lat)
Karen and Steve are back (this time, with better sound quality) to chat about some of the things that surprised them the most about parenting (and also to feature some of the responses they received from listeners). Then, they're joined by David Lat, founder of Above the Law, to chat about everything from the transition from DOJ to ATL to gestational surrogacy to the scariness of being hospitalized last March with COVID to David's new venture, "Original Jurisdiction."
Apr 21
1 hr 13 min
Episode 17: Chicago is a Beach Town (with Will Baude and Judith Miller)
After a one-week work-caused hiatus, Karen and Steve are back to talk about the parenting ... challenges when it comes to little kids and organized sports, and how they may have turned a parenting fail into a parenting win (to be determined). They're then joined by University of Chicago law professors Will Baude and Judith Miller, who share their own experiences dividing labor with two kids; Judith's difficult jury duty experience as a new mother; and why Chicago is ... a beach town?!?
Apr 14
1 hr 7 min
Episode 16: Parenting Isn't Usually Eloquent (with Tiffany Jeffers)
Karen and Steve are joined by superstar Georgetown law professor Tiffany Jeffers, who, among other things, recounts the experience of having her older child diagnosed with dyslexia and how that has (and hasn't) influenced her approach to parenting. Before chatting with Tiffany, Karen and Steve discuss their own (differing) approaches to pediatric "milestones," and striking the balance between trusting your eyes and ears and listening to the experts (i.e., not us).
Mar 31
1 hr 5 min
Episode 15: The Law School Years (with Adrienne Kirk)
After a one-week hiatus for Spring Break, Karen and Steve return with a law school-oriented episode, starting with some of their own recollections on their individual experiences deciding when to go to law school (and while there) before pivoting to a wide-ranging interview with Adrienne Kirk, currently a 3L at the University of Alabama School of Law, about the experiences of being both pregnant and having a kid while going through law school.
Mar 24
1 hr 5 min
Episode 14: Too Old for TikTok (with Danielle and JJ Citron)
To mark the one-year anniversary of COVID disruptions, Karen and Steve spend the first part of the episode flagging some of the *positives* to come out of the discombobulating circumstances of the past 12 months, along with contributions from folks on Twitter. They're then joined by their first *pair* of interview guests (and their first mother/daughter interviewees), Danielle and JJ Citron, to chat about parenting (and childing) in an internet age; Danielle's pathbreaking work on cyber-stalking and internet privacy; and how a focus on race and the law led JJ to UVa for law school (which just happens to be where her mom teaches).
Mar 10
1 hr 16 min
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