I Still Have a Keycard
I Still Have a Keycard
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Tucker B
What’s going on with Tucker and Fox5? Is he still employed,there?I’ve seen Claire Anderson lately,not him.
That voice
I like the concept of this podcast, but Sara Frazier’s voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard. Not a fan of hers….but I like the guests’ stories.
Holly, thanks for sharing your story. You’ve encouraged my heart. I love your energy. You are great on Fox5 and I’m so glad to see how God has blessed you. You’re living the dream!!
Mz Nik
Worst podcast ever made. Should shut down the station if they allow this trash to be produced
NO Fox 5
Love it!
Fun, witty, insightful. Plus got me through hours of marathon training!
Great Podcast
Fox 5 for me is the only local news network and it's down to all of the great people who work there. Would be wrong to single out any one of them (but it's Maureen Umeh).
Fox five family 😍
I love getting to know more about the fox five family 😍
Podcast so good that I want a keycard
I don't think I could enjoy this podcast more. Not only do I now covet Sarah Fraser's keycard I have converted to being a Fox 5 DC daily viewer - how could you not with such a dynamic staff? A+ overall...Sarah Fraser is enthusiastic, relatable, and fun.
Dani MA/VA
Sue Palka
Sue you are truly amazing and such an inspiration to all of us women out there in the work world! Loved hearing more Of your story and have watched you since the beginning!
This is what makes news achors more personable
These PODcasts are great. Gives you so much more insight on all the anchors on Fox5. Sarah Fraser gets all the T and listening to each PODcasts helps you get to know the FOX5 crew even more. Keep it up Fras!!!! You are serving up "PODcast Juicy Fox 5 Gossip realness"! Love it!!!! I hope this keeps going!
Fox 5...must be a good time.
I LOVED this series! I had never watched Fox 5 but now I do and I follow most of those interviewed. This is by far some of Sarah's best work. Great Job Sarah...
…for this amazing interview. As a Fox 5 alum who knows all the players, but had left right before all this unfolded, it was very revealing and insightful to fill in the blanks. Most importantly, I applaud the courage and candor and character of such a talented, amazing, joyous person as Holly Morris. She brightens the lives of anyone who watches her on television, who works with her in the newsroom, and thank you for providing a forum for her to connect to her friends and fans on a deeper level. Look forward to listening to more podcasts to keep in touch with my Fox 5 family!
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Can't stop listening!
Once I started listening, I went through every one in 2 days. I love how honest all the talent have been. I learned so much about Wisdom, Annie, Allison etc. Everyone has gown up with such different background and their upbringing makes them who they are. I love the diversity of Channel 5. Races don't always interact on a daily basis. But I feel we can learn so much from each other. The news and now the podcast allow us to get to know the TV personalities on another level and that's all good!
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Love this podcast!
Soooo. I watch Good Day erryday- not for any real news - but for the entertainment .. And I just love them all. Especially u, Holly.. Ur outlook on life is one everyone should be able to take. Also, if you see Chip ur camera guy- tell him he was right- and I do love you guys.. & Debbie from 2amys is leaving for Mexico soon and I lost his email! All the best- Sarah , I hope you continue to do this - very cool podcast!
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Loving I Still Have a Keycard
These are the very first podcast I have ever listen to and I'm loving them. I listen during lunch; while on the treadmill and while I'm working. Being a DMVer, born and breed I've seen these folks forever, but hearing all the "behind the keycard" info is amazing. To Holly, I want to say, what I have learned in life and what i say to my family and friends is that "you are where you are supposed to be." I believe that in good and bad times. Keep the podcast coming; don't loose that keycard.
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Open Book
I love hearing from my favorite morning team in their true sense. Holly I knew bits and pieces of your story, but had I known it was that bad, I would have been your "crazy friend" to shut them down! Kuddo's to you for handling that a lot better than I could have. Alison, you're my sister in my head that I can listen to for a voice a reason. I've watched you through all of your pregnacies and feel like I have 3 adorable nieces out there! Just a beautiful spirit.
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AS if i didn't LOVE you guys already...
I absolutely LOVE LOVE this podcast as well as my FOX 5 DC crew.
Loved it!
When you watch or listen to ppl everyday day you become somewhat invested and curious about their lives esp more now with social media. I loved Holly's story
Loving the podcast
It's awesome getting to know the members of the fox 5 DC team a little better. All the ones I've listened to have been great. Can't wait for more. Wanna hear from Tony Perkins and Sarah Simmons. As well as Shawn Yancy
CD Punk4223
Maureen and Allison
Oh my it's so adorable when they curse love it I try not to stalk these lovely ladies but this shows that what you say and do on the show isn't for TV the happy times and angry continue to speak your mind ladies love you and love when things slip out your mouths they are usually hilarious or true statements
Holly Morris
I've listened to all of the podcasts so far, everyone was amazing, however listening to Holly Morris story was truly inspirational. I sooo needed to hear how she over came adversity. I was at my desk in tears. I wish she would write a memoir, her story would help so many people get through tough times in their lives. Kudos to you, Holly!
I have been an avid Fox 5 viewer since I was a teenager and let's just say that's a whole lot of years! Lol. I love Holly and always wanted to reach out to her during her "tough" times. Now I feel a whole sense of relief knowing that she's in a great space. Thank YOU Holly for being so transparent! I also want to add this, my cousin and I took a trip to that "lawn spot" in VA and we were going to laugh in that ex's face! Lol. I'm #TeamHolly forever. Best wishes to you and thank you again! This podcast was GREAT! Now let me move on to the others...
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Not only do I love Sarah but I love how and unscripted and me up this show is. Keep it up.
OMG you guys .....
I just finished listing to Holly... GOD BLESS you and continued blessing. You are a strong woman! We have the same thought pattern Karma is a bit--! It is so nice to hear all of the podcasts of the fox 5 crew!! Wonderful personalities and you guys are as real as it gets!!! Keep them coming !!! Forever a watcher of Fox 5 since early 90s...
Golly Holly
just listened to Holly Morris Podcast...... never knew the the Pixie got her 1st husband! Funny I love weathermen but I don't remember him---- Karma-- How did I miss all that? Holly made me cry at the end
Great Day!
I've been a long time watcher of fox5! I loved the podcasts my favorite being Holly & Allison!
Eye err ear opening
I watched Good Day DC every morning and enjoy everyone on it! I just finished the first episode and I'm hooked! I appreciate everyone's take on tv but I love hearing the honest unedited opinions here. Now I have something to listen to when Good Day goes off. Way to go guys! When does Kevin get interviewed?!
Great podcast
I love this podcast. It's great to listen the anchors/reporters tell their story. You see these people every day, great to get the backstory and parts of their lives. Funny and entertaining!
I love the work ethic
I just love how the fox5 crew completely opened up on the podcast. Sarah always has that golden personality and you hear it when she speaks. You make my night shift job so much fun.
Love the Podcast
I love ❤️❤️the podcast, very candid 👍🏾👍🏾and real!!👍🏾👍🏾👌🏾👌🏾 However, seems to be missing... Holly, Steve, and Tucker.... What's up SF?? 😱😱🤓🤓😬😁
Refreshing and entertaining
Love this podcast!! Sarah is so fun to listen to and her research and legwork prior to air makes for some awesome interviews and wonderfully awkward Q&A. This is the best example of the REAL story behind a news team. The group at FOX5 isn't "playing" get-to-know-you, the content is real, racy and honestly addicting. Well done!!
Top Shelf!
I absolutely love this podcast! It's the best thing since pancakes🍽😜😜
Getting To Know The Fox 5 Team
I like this podcast. It's a great way to get to know the talent at Fox 5. It's funny how we see the team everyday and think we know them when in reality we don't. Well this podcast gives a glimpse at the human side of Fox 5 anchors/reporters/ personalities. All episodes have been great, with my favorites being the interviews with Bob Barnard and Allison Seymour. I hope more episodes are coming!
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