I Still Have a Keycard
I Still Have a Keycard
DC podcast host and FOX 5 DC contributor Sarah Fraser shows you a different side of the reporters and anchors you know from TV in 'I Still Have a Keycard.' Give it a listen!
I Still Have a Keycard: Katie Barlow
Katie Barlow is Chief Legal Correspondent for FOX 5 DC. Katie discusses growing up in Georgia, her love for theater, running and meeting her husband. Katie’s husband is also a lawyer so how do they find a work/life balance?  Plus, Katie talks about achieving the goals she’s set for herself from becoming a lawyer to being on TV, and her new show on FOX 5.
Apr 27
30 min
I Still Have a Keycard: Jacqueline Matter
Jacqueline has an incredible story. She joins the "I Still Have a Keycard" podcast, opening up about how bullying as a child led her to compete in pageants at the highest level. Plus, she details her scary experience with her stepfather’s PTSD which peaked when he threatened to hurt Jacqueline and her family. Jacqueline shares how she bet on herself and took an opportunity at FOX 5, and the story of being unable to reach her dad on 9/11 in the Pentagon for 3 days.
Apr 13
48 min
I Still Have a Keycard: Angie Goff
Angie is one of a kind. A long-time DC-area resident and Fox 5 journalist, Angie shares it all. From growing up in a mixed-race household to asking her husband out while he was on a date with another woman. What is Angie’s biggest weakness? What’s been the biggest challenge of working at Fox 5, and how does Angie deal with the haters?
Apr 6
1 hr 1 min
I Still Have a Keycard: Shirin Rajaee
Shirin Rajaee is an Anchor and Reporter. Shirin shares her story of being born in Iran and immigrating to the United States. How her parents built a life in Los Angeles for Shirin and her brother, how she got into UCLA, and how her TV career took off from there. Shirin talks about her unbelievable engagement story, biggest mom fail, and invites her daughter Selma to join the interview!
Mar 30
58 min
I Still Have a Keycard: Lindsay Watts
Lindsay Watts talks about growing up with a preacher as a dad, did she rebel? Being a bad intern at Fox 5 DC, and making the decision to have just one child. Plus, Lindsay talks about how being a mom changed her perspective of reporting news, and how her husband proposed to her. Plus, where Lindsay is going next with her career?
Mar 25
55 min
I Still Have a Keycard: Jennifer Delgado
Fox 5 Meteorologist Jennifer Delgado is on the ‘Keycard’ podcast. Jen shares what her first year at Fox 5 has been like. From too many camera tickets to her favorite things about the DC area, learn more about Jen Delgado than you expected. Plus, Jen is a STEM girl so how did she become interested in the weather? Her life as a doggie mom, her cancer battle, and growing up in St. Louis.
Mar 25
37 min
I Still Have a Keycard: Perris Jones
Perris Jones is a man of many talents including being a Fox 5 journalist. One of the newer members to the Fox 5 family, Perris shares details on his love for a good long island iced tea, his passion for rapping and writing songs, and how he overcame some financial challenges to excel at his career and life.
Mar 25
46 min
I Still Have a Keycard: Jeannette Reyes
Hear Fox 5 DC Anchor Jeannette Reyes like never before. Jeannette opens up about what she doesn’t share on her popular Tiktok, her marriage, and how she overcame imposter syndrome. Plus, what was it like coming into Fox 5 mornings following some legendary personalities, her hair journey, and what’s next for the media personality.
Feb 23
55 min
I Still Have a Keycard: Melanie Alnwick
Emmy award winning journalist and Fox 5 DC anchor, Melanie Alnwick, opens up about her personal life, balancing being a mom, journalist, and her biggest fear on the job. Plus, Melanie discusses what it’s like aging on TV and how she’s embracing it. And, reveals that her husband doesn’t own a flooring company despite what people think.
Feb 23
57 min
I Still Have a Keycard: Gwen Tolbart
FOX 5 DC Meteorologist Gwen Tolbart joins the podcast today and talks about her incredible career, growing up in Canada, and the challenge of not being able to see her mom for over a year during the pandemic. Gwen reveals how she chose the field of Meteorology, what it was like being honored by President Obama for her philanthropic work, and her famous family members.
Feb 16
30 min
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