How I Built It
How I Built It
Joe Casabona
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A decent show with too many ads
I get that podcasters need to support themselves, and one or two ads is fine. But this is excessive. Otherwise this is a decent podcast with solid audio quality and reasonably engaging interviews.
Casual and informative
Joe’s the best. He brings so much breadth of knowledge - not just about tech but serving business needs in general. His style is super chill and relatable.
Digging this podcast!
Really well done show, with good solid advice, and Joe is a very helpful guy!
rock phenom
Great podcast for product builders
Wish I had listened to this show earlier. Very actionable advice. Thanx
Fantastic show !
Love this show! Definitely a must listen for anyone bringing products to market
Great Product Podcast
This is a great podcast for anyone and everyone interested in product.
Composer 1853
Idea to Execution - covers it all!
Joe's passion brings out the passion of each of his guests as they talk about product & business development. Learn how they create via authentic conversations. Listen and learn!
Terri in Fairhope
Great Show!
Nothing more awesome than a show with a great host and great guests. Generous people who are willing to share what they know to help others. How I Built It is one of the best shows out there.
Must Listen
Joe is an incredibly knowledgeable host. He couples that with great guests! You should definitely subscribe!
tommye w-c
Refreshingly Unexpected Conversations
The greatest thing about Joe's approach to podcasting is that he dances in the moment with each guest. He has some standard questions that he asks each guest, but he isn't afraid to follow the conversation to see where it goes. Highly recommend for anyone starting or thinking of starting an online business.
A different perspective
I hear a lot of guests appearing on the same podcasts - you hear their story once, and, well... Joe interviews some of the same folks on this show, but it's a totally different perspective than the typical "tell me your story" interview. Thanks for bringing the inside track, Joe!
Super dee duper
Very well produced and always featuring excellent guests, Joe's style and content are consistently informative and entertaining. This show raises the bar for tech talk shows, especially in WordPress.
Awesome show, highly recommend!
Joe and his guests provide some incredibly actionable and compelling content on how to go from idea to implementation. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to How I Built It if you want the knowledge and mindsets to build the company of your dreams (and reach your overall goals as a result)!
J. Barshop
Great Podcast
Joe does a great job of asking the right questions and getting valuable information out of some of the top minds in the WordPress community.
Focused, Direct + Wonderfully Friendly
Joe's style is geared to welcome and entertain. His approach to interviewing is friendly, warm and welcoming, both to his guests and to his listeners. The conversations are focused, direct and get right to the heart of the matter: how did the guest create something of value? A valuable listen, especially as a regular subscriber.
Liam Dempsey
Highly recommend!
I love hearing the real stories of people building products. So much insight, actionable advice, and lessons learned in this show. Highly recommend!
Joe Casabona Offers a Down To Earth Podcast
Joe's interviews with WordPress professionals offers a straight forward, down to earth view into the workings of product development. The format is casual and informative. And I love the intro music :)
Design TLC
So looking forward to this podcast.
Joe has the heart of a teacher - so getting to listen to him chat with amazing guests on how they built things with code, is something you won't want to miss.
Jackie D'Elia