How I Built It
How I Built It
Joe Casabona
On How I Built It, you’ll get insight from tech savvy small business owners and developers on how they built their products, from idea to execution. You'll get actionable advice to leverage tech and help your business grow.
Live Coaching: Launching a Course & Growing a Podcast
Today's Episode is a little bit different. See, my friend Alastair McDermott has a couple of problems he'd like to solve: launching and promoting an online course, and growing his podcast. I believe these 2 things go hand-in-hand. A podcast is a great way to establish trust and expertise, which in-turn helps you sell more courses. So instead of Alastair dropping knowledge on us (which he does anyway...) we flip the script in this live coaching call, and he asks me a bunch of questions! This is one of my favorite episodes of the year - and highly educational for both of us!  Top Takeaways Beta testing your course is a great, lower-risk way to get your information out there and get real feedback. A podcast is a fantastic way to grow your audience, estabilish trust and expertise, and sell your courses. One way to grow your own podcasting audience is to guest on other people's podcasts! Show Notes Alastair McDermottAlastair on TwitterThe Recognized Authority PodcastBuilding and Evolving Profitable Project Plan with Jennifer BournHow to Hire a VA That Actually Helps You with Matthew YahesAuthority by Nathan BerryPricing Creativity by Blair EnnsWant to participate in a live coaching episode? Leave a Message Here.
Aug 30
1 hr 26 min
The Incredible Journey from Agency to Solo Business Owner with Paul Lacey
All too often, we hear only the success story. The Olympian who won the goal. The successful millionaire who launched a business from her dorm room. It's easy to assume these stories are without struggles. But what we don't see is the sacrifices the olympian made. We don't see the dozen other ideas and years of work the successful millionaire put in. Today we get to hear it all. Paul Lacey is as generous with his time as he is with his story. See, Paul has gone a long way in his travels as a web developer, from the pre-dot-com burst to crashing an agency and bouncing back. And he's learned a ton along the way that he generously shares with us in today's episode. So I just tried to get out of the way and tell his story. I think you'll love it. Show Notes: Paul LaceyPaul Lacey on TwitterWP BuildsFourth DoctorHow Giving Back saved my some gigRon Gijsel EpisodeCompany of OneBuild Something Club
Aug 22
54 min
How to Improve Site Speed (and your Google Page Rank!) with Andy Schaff
Google has recently rolled out a new set of metrics to help website owners create better websites. They're called Core Web Vitals and understanding how they work will be important for building your website, and getting it ranked better. Luckily we have Andy Schaff. He's the Development Architect and Portent and we have a fantastic chat about how to make your website more performant, from the ground up. We get pretty technical - but don't worry because I rain down analogies like it's my job. Andy drops a ton of knowledge about backend performance and gives both developers and small business owners starting points for making websites faster - and why your Google PageRank depends on it. Plus, in Build Something More, we talk about what it's like going through an acquisition from the employee's POV. Show Notes: Andy SchaffAndy on TwitterWebPageTestPage Speed InsightsGoogle's LighthousePingdomThe Page Speed Optimzation HierarchyBuild Something Club
Aug 15
54 min
The Framework You Need to Take Back Your Time
If you're anything like me, you feel like there's not enough time in the day. Maybe you're take on too much, or maybe you're doing things you don't need to do. Either way, you (and I!) both need a change - and that's where Reinart Bacalso comes in. He specializes in helping business owners reclaim their time by automating what they can, and putting the right processes in place. And today he's going to give us his framework. Plus, in Build Something More, we talk all about his toolkit. … The Framework You Need to Take Back Your TimeRead More »
Aug 8
47 min
What You Need to Know About Contributing to Open Source with AmyJune Hineline
AmyJune Hineline has lots of perspectives. Not only does she have a background in nursing that she's brought to the open-source world, but she also actively works with both WordPress and Drupal. That sort of experience is exactly what helps communities grow. AmyJune has dedicated her time to helping people get involved in open source, and she offers great advice here for people who want to contribute, as well as mentors in the space. Plus in Build Something More, we talk about what Drupal and WordPress can learn from each other.  … What You Need to Know About Contributing to Open Source with AmyJune HinelineRead More »
Aug 1
44 min
How Your Content Strategy can Grow Your Business with Jean Perpillant
Let me tell you something: I'm not great at social media. I KNOW...totally shocking. But you know who is? My friend Jean. In fact, we had a SUPER long chat all about content strategy and social media. It was super helpful and we covered a lot of ground, from growing your audience to TikTok. Plus there's a Build Something More pre- AND post-show. We talk about parenting in the pre-show and accents, culture, and repurposing in the post-show. … How Your Content Strategy can Grow Your Business with Jean PerpillantRead More »
Jul 25
1 hr 2 min
Creating and Growing Your Community with Authenticity with Michelle Frechette
Michelle Frechette knows a thing or two about building a community. Not only does she do it for multiple WordPress businesses, but she's cultivated quite the community on Twitter! As someone who's trying to grow my own community, I had lots of questions for Michelle and she generously answered them all. Learn all about what it takes to grow a community today. Plus in Build Something More, how to help those underrepresented in your community. … Creating and Growing Your Community with Authenticity with Michelle FrechetteRead More »
Jul 18
48 min
Welcome to How I Built It [2021]
New to the show? Start here. … Welcome to How I Built It [2021]Read More »
Jun 27
2 min
6 months in, how are memberships going?
In January, I rolled out the Build Something Club, a membership that allows people to support the show directly in exchange for more, ad-free content. 6 months in, how do I think it’s going? Find out about this behind-the-scenes episode. And in Build Something More, we’ll talk about exact numbers, metrics, and what I’m measuring.  … 6 months in, how are memberships going?Read More »
Jun 20
36 min
How to Write Email Copy that SELLS with Matthew DeFeo
You've heard multiple guests on this show talk about the importance of building your email list...but what do you do with that list once you have it? Well, copywriter Matt DeFeo tells us: we need to tell stories. Matt gives lots of actionable advice for how we can improve our email copy and start selling more without annoying our subscribers. Plus, in Build Something More, he tells us how he went from law enforcement to copywriting and the story is incredible. … How to Write Email Copy that SELLS with Matthew DeFeoRead More »
Jun 13
50 min
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