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Thanks History Hack and Band of Brothers Cast members
Thanks so much for the reprise. It never never ever gets old. Decided to also rewatch the series after listening today. Extraordinary.
Great podcast shame about the audio
I really enjoy History Hack, it’s the informality that makes it so unique! It’s like eavesdropping on a group of friends in the pub, except it’s informative. I just have a quibble with the audio. I listen the majority of the time in the car and find myself cranking up the volume and still struggling to hear. Maybe the interviewers and interviewees could remedy this by doing the podcast from under a duvet or in a small closet!!!
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Only two popes not Italian?
Listening to today’s podcast regarding Princes in the Renaissance. The guest lecturer stated that there were only 2 non-Italian popes. All credibility was lost at that point. What about the Borgias? Obviously there are more. Even if Wikipedia is 3/4 wrong, there are still more than 2 non-Italian popes. I want so much to like this podcast... between the audio problems, the often crass commentary, and now this... makes it difficult to take this podcast seriously. I will say that I enjoy walking down memory lane with the Sharp cast, as that is one of my all times series. But more often than not I am left really disappointed after listening.
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History Novice -- MJ
So many Historical Topics
Really enjoyable history podcast that covers so many different topics. Always a good listen. The Down the Pub shows add some good fun to the mix. Also haven’t had any big issues with audio quality. I work in a loud shop and with earbuds in haven’t had an issue Keep up the great work!!!
Good Listen - Something for Everyone
I really enjoy this podcast. Keep listening and you could hear about almost every conceivable issue/time/whatever in history. They get knowledgeable people. They have fun. (Sometimes a little smutty.) I always learn something. It’s always entertaining. Pick and choose if you like, but some of the episodes where I thought, hmmmm, that doesn’t sound interesting, were the most fascinating. Give a listen and learn something. And laugh. Thanks Alex and Alina!
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Poor audio
It’s not the content of this podcast that gets my two stars, it’s the audio quality. As much as I’d like to listen to it, it’s is too difficult to understand, even using ear buds. I gave up.
Sometimes interesting
Production quality is often atrocious. Their defense of Churchill loses any subtlety, their prescription for understanding their hero, when they spend an inordinate amount of time proving that Churchill was not as bad a Hitler and Stalin. Mind you, they are defending him against charges from a New Zealand twitter user. 😅
Top 10
One of the best. Wide range of topics and interviews with experts. Hosts are great. I enjoy it very much.
Max Edison
Great stuff
Really wonderful program. Great hosts, top notch guests and good fun.
President Taft's Bathtub
BoB Fan now a History Hack Fan
Just found your podcast and immediately gravitated to the Band of Brothers episodes. Listened to and loved the Historians episode and cannot wait to move through the others. Thanks from Arizona, U.S.A.