History Hack
History Hack
A daily history podcast attempting to entertain you through the Covid19 pandemic.
#343 History Hack: SS Massacres in Italy
Christian Jennings joins us to talk all about his new book, which looks at the horrors of attacks on civilians in Italy by the SS in the Second World War.
Jan 25
38 min
#342 History Hack: Faking Moon Landings
Award-winning director Sam Pilling joins Matt to talk all about recreating the moon landings.
Jan 23
52 min
#341 History Hack: Down the Pub
The regulars meet in the Mary Rose as the White House changes hands, to debate the worst President in US history. With no mention of the T word allowed, there is also an investigation into what makes a corn dog, which president is a monkey puppet, and all the men in the room name their genitalia in honour of Warren Harding.
Jan 22
2 hr 49 min
#340 History Hack: Eels: A Medieval Obsession
John White Greenlee joins us to talk all about medieval people and their fixation with eels.
Jan 22
34 min
#339 History Hack: WW1 A Tale From the Midlands
Great War Group Director Bethany Moore joins us to beat her drum for the Midlands; with the story of a division of territorial volunteers and their opening months on the Western Front.
Jan 21
39 min
#338 History Hack: Pole Position
Darius von Guttner joins Alina in the first part of a look into the Past dynasty in Poland.
Jan 21
58 min
#337 History Hack: Melancholy and Renaissance Mental Health
Mary Ann Lund joins us for a riveting discussion on mental health in the renaissance period - more specifically, "melancholy."
Jan 20
30 min
#336 History Hack: The Archaeology of Death
Howard Williams joins us to talk all about his archaeological speciality - which is the archaeology surrounding death.
Jan 19
43 min
#335 History Hack: Nazi Collaborators in the USA
Claire Aubin joins us to talk all about perpetrators of the Holocaust and how they got to the United States in the aftermath of the Second World War.
Jan 18
55 min
#334 History Hack: Down the Pub
The regulars convene in front of guest judge Simon London to debate the worst historical film ever made. Braveheart, Titanic, Shakespeare in Love, Pride and Prejudice (2005), Friday Night Lights, Alexander, Caligula, Night of the Templar, United Passions, Gods and Generals, Birth of a Nation, Pearl Harbour, The Other Boleyn Girl and Bridgerton are in in line for a beating, but which one will be crowned as the very worst?
Jan 15
3 hr 44 min
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