She Who Wins
She Who Wins
She Who Wins
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What a powerful podcast!
Love the guests Renee brings on! She is a powerhouse! I’ll be tuning in weekly!
Great podcast!
Renee has an awesome podcast and provides value packed episodes. Highly recommend!
The Holistic Ak Family
So much magic in this podcast!
I’ve listened to She Who Wins for some time now and Renee brings so much passion and sincerity to the podcast and the guests she has on. It’s motivated me to keep trudging forward in my entrepreneurial quest. Put this on your must-listen to list!
Incredibly motivating and authentic with A guests
Renee Bauer is an incredible podcast host, lawyer, speaker, and more. This podcast is so powerful. She does a great job pulling out valuable insights in a conversational manner that’s easy to listen too. She has amazing guests on her podcast regularly. You’ll want to binge this one. Check it out now!
I love every episode with Renee Bauer! She’s such a light -always bringing empowering, relevant conversations.
Sales Pro2
These podcast are packed with such empowerment every time ❤️
I love the honesty and realness that comes with each episode with Renee and her guests. There is a lot to take from these as anyone in a relationship to improve yourself as an individual and a woman. I leave each one ready to tackle new things…Thank you, Renee!
Amazing Podcast!
I LOVE this podcast and feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to speak with Renee about finding joy in the midst of chaos. Thank you, Renee - for everything that you do! You are an inspiration to everyone who knows you!
Jen Zawadzki
The Real Deal!
Renee is the real deal. Compassionate, smart, engaging and funny. You will love every episode. She brings out the best in everyone she meets.
SOOO GREAT Food for Mind & Soul
ISO many powerful takeaways. Renee speaks with such love knowledge and passion I’ll be a listener for Life!!!
Renee is the best
Renee is such an incredible host! She asks wonderful questions to her guests so that they can deliver a ton of value to her audience. She’s smart, funny, thoughtful, mission driven and incredibly kind. Love this podcast!
Renee wants to talk about things that matter
I’m thrilled that Renee wants to talk about the subjects that matter with divorce. Divorce is sticky, and emotional, and hard. She’s not afraid to delve in and talk about it. I’m always inspired by her content
Delco chick
Amazing Resource!
A great podcast and resource! Renee is a wonderful host!
Helpful Healing
The information gives me insight into getting myself though my divorce. Useful info and lessons from those who have survived. Helping me get to my happily ever after.
Happy even After
This is a awesome platform for Married, Umarried, or future Divorce proceedings it helps with questions that frustrate most and leads to the direction of professional Help as needed! Also Love the energy it put out in a positive prespective!! Thanks Again Rebecca M Covell
Quality advice
This is a stressful time in my life. Renee‘s professional and personal experience and active has helped given me the tools to make some hard decisions. Thank you!
Time for me!
Real life
The topics she discusses in Her podcast are relevant topics for everyone. I always have a useful takeaway after listening. She makes you reevaluate your situation and at the end have a positive spin on many issues.
She’s a gem
Renee is great at what she does and so much more. She’s been there, done that. She knows how to direct you and has empathy for all situations. She really knows what she’s talking about with great advice for everything, more than just divorce.
Needed Perspective
Even as a twice divorcée, listening to Renee and her guests gives me the perspective I need to hear, to truly look introspectively and do the work while being alone. I’m glad I found this podcast and look forward to future topics and guests.
Love her energy
I love Renee’s energy. This podcast covers so many topics to empower women, especially if they are going through a divorce. However it is so much more than a divorce podcast.
Great support!
This podcast is created by a supportive, intelligent, educated, powerful woman! And she aids other woman to educate themselves, be true to themselves and stand in their own power. The content provided is informative and very much needed! I’m thankful to have found it.
Thoughtful and informative
I really appreciate all of Renee’s advice and wisdom of the legal process and how to heal during and after a divorce. She is very generous and giving with no strings attached. She’s also created a safe community for others going through divorce as well which makes the experience much less isolating and frightening. Very grateful to her.
I wish there were a Renee in every state
This woman is nothing short of an amazing experienced soul sister who has lived through your hardships and easily navigates your path that’s best for you. She is not only legally sound, but emotionally supportive as well. She pulls in resources to help and I truly wish we had a Renee Bauer in Pa bc she would be both my attorney and also that friend we all need in our lives! I can relate to her on so many levels. She keeps it classy but REAL. We all need some hard truth sometimes! Thank you Renee!
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Entrepreneur Candy Podcast
I related ao much to the fear aspect. I do feel that I hid in my relationship. I am working on the healing, with lots of help! I know no matter the fault of my divorce, there are things to learn and this helped me. I feel that Renee brings great guests with so many dogferent perspectives! I recently joined the group dovorced over 40 from a differnt podcast!
Must Listen if you are thinking about or going through a divorce.
Here’s the deal - tons of people want to take your money to “help” you navigate a divorce. Renee offers so much VALUABLE and FREE advice and truly wants you to come out the other side stronger and more at home in yourself. She takes her genuine care of others along with her own experience and her legal expertise and offers listeners what they really need to hear and know to navigate their divorce and fully step into themselves. Can’t recommend enough!
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e - boymama
I love Renee!! She has been such an inspiration to me as I am coming out the other side of my divorce. She has totally changed the way that I look at myself and my divorce and has really helped me to move on from it!!!
Amazing resource!
I love Renee through and through- be it her work as a lawyer, the programs she offers or her informative podcast episodes, I know Renee is at the front lines of helping create a positive divorce culture in America. From one advocate to another, I’m truly appreciative of happy even after and the exposure she’s bringing to the resources and community available!
deb lauren coaching
Quintessential divorce resource
If you’re going through a divorce this podcast offers light, hope & healing. Renee constantly reminds you that divorce doesn’t have to define you.
Great Content
Great content, Renee! Keep it coming.
Important work!
What an important podcast. Renee is great!!
Great podcasts!
These podcasts have been so helpful!!!
The advice you need...
I wish I had found a podcast like this one when I was going through my divorce. I am 9 years out from my divorce but I still enjoy and benefit from the information provided. Renee asks the best questions. I love her interviewing style. She really has a way of getting the most out of the people she interviews. Highly recommend.
Husband In Law
My favorite podcasts!
I’ve listened to most of Renee’s podcasts and I find all of them informative and inspiring. Thank you for helping out so many people with your insights and sage advice.
zippy pigeon
Awesome Podcast!
Great podcast with alway changing guests and topics! Keep up the great work!
Best episode for me is the Narcissist one !
This one hit right home !!! I was married to one and i felt this spoke right to me . I feel like every episode on here is my world . I follow this and Renee’s Other groups and pages . This is the real life of divorce and how to cope with during and afterwards . I can listen to episodes over and over again just to get through every pain, cry, laugh , and so forth . It’s so full of energy and not just a podcast about a boring topic . Come on people this is divorced life and finding your happily ever after !!!! I’m so grateful for these ! Thank you Renee ! ❤️
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I loved hearing from Malvika! Thanks for the podcast Renee!
I could totally relate to her and she was inspirational. I’m so glad I listened to this podcast. What a boost!
PUP student
Renee Bauer knows her stuff !
Attorney Renee Bauer is an excellent resource for divorced and separated families she truly has the experience and heart to support people during a difficult time take a listen this is fantastic podcast I was thrilled to be a part of it!
Kaci Fabish LPC
Renne, host of Happy Even After podcast, highlights all aspects of relationships, divorce, and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens! It’s like she is reading my mind and helping to breakdown these topics into useful advice. I can’t wait to hear what else is coming up!
On Target!
I am in love with this podcast! They are short and on target every time. Every episode has been relatable, even when my circumstances have differed from some topics. Highly recommended for anyone who has had a failed relationship, not just divorce survivors.
A Must Listen!
A Great Podcast talking about a subject that is relatively neglected by society as a sensitive matter. On top of that, smooth narration, good editing, and solid sound production make, Happy Even After Podcast easy to listen to. The host is a good interviewer too and has landed some excellent guests. My podcast list is already a mile long, but this one has earned a spot. If you’re wondering how to deal with life challenges, I suggest you give this a listen. You won’t regret it. All the best, Renee!
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Great Guests!
Listened to the episode, “Let the Quiet Guide Us with Denise Zavitson.” Great podcast, short & sweet, and to the point! Denise talks with a lot of positivity. Loved how she thinks everything as a new learning curve. Renee has always been a great host and invited guests with a wealth of information, and I’m so excited about how she rises to the top. Looking forward to future episodes in this journey. Great job!
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Advice that will change your life!
Listened to the episode, “The Positive Divorce Movement with Gabrielle Hartley.” Gabrielle seems super knowledgeable about what she is doing. The episode was packed with great advice. Thank you for continuously spreading awareness to listeners that divorce doesn’t need to be shameful. We depend so much on thinking about what others will think about us, which I clearly see as a bad habit. I would also agree that an experienced mediator over Google would do wonders. Favorite quote “You don’t want a stranger in a black robe to decide your life.” Opened my eyes to think of divorce from a new perspective. On the other hand, Renee, the host, knows what she is doing too. Amazing content and interview style. Brings so much value in each and every episode. Recommend this podcast to anyone who ever felt the need to understand divorce more positively.
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This podcast is awesome!! So real and honest and doesn’t hold back! The guests are always great and definitely keep you engaged. If you haven’t listened yet, definitely do it!
Keeping it Real
Renee has great guests and gives us “real” advice on a topic that can be very painful. Thanks for your honesty and wisdom!
Real stories from real people! Love it!
Listened to the episode “Healing Starts with Self-Love”. Love the intro music and announcer! Super clean and professional. Great enthusiasm and energy! You have such an engaging voice. This episode on self-love really hit home for me. Going through a divorce as well I’ve had to learn how to love myself again. It’s true we cannot give what we do not have. Aubree’s story is so powerful. Favorite quote from the episode was “it’s okay for ‘just fine’ to be not enough.” Thank you for publishing this content and sharing these inspiring stories. This has been a very affirming message. People need to hear this especially during this time. Recommend this to anyone who has ever dealt with divorce or has struggled with recovering after a relationship.
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Jerome Shaw 🤲🏾
Great find
A friend told me to check this out when I was going thru my divorce. So glad I did. I don’t feel like I’m going crazy anymore and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Renee knows her stuff and gets great stories from her guests! What an engaging and informative podcast!!
A MUST listen podcast!!
Great insight and value brought in each episode!
Great content to take steps forward!
What great content for both women (and men) in overcoming the pain of divorce. There is a happy ending!
This podcast is so informative, thought provoking, and smart! The guests are on point. This is really a great listen!
Great listen!
Renee’s podcast is relatable, inspiring, and always helpful. Whether you’re divorced or not it’s definitely worth the listen!
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