Happier with Gretchen Rubin
Happier with Gretchen Rubin
Gretchen Rubin / The Onward Project
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Happier is a Delight
The Happier podcast is truly such a delight to listen to. I have been listening for years and it brings me so much joy- from the hacks, interviews, and try this at home’s, to the wins and gold stars. Thank you, Gretchen and Liz, for being a bright spot in my day!
Love this podcast
It always brightens my day and I love the relationship between Elizabeth and Gretchen. The perfect pick-me-up as a break from all of my other work-related podcasts.
One of my favorite pods!
I love this podcast & always look forward to new episodes coming out! It’s always a mix of interesting, fun, and practical information.
Kay 529
My favorite listen, every week. This podcast is always structured, easy to listen to, and full of PRACTICAL, real life, I-could-actually-do-that suggestions for how to be happier. Thank you, Gretchen and Elizabeth!
Organized podcast
This is my first review - I love this podcast because it’s planned & organized. They don’t randomly talk like some other podcasts. Thank you Gretchen & Elizabeth for making listening to your podcast, a time of happiness for me 😀
A kindred spirit, meaningful yet structured
I've been a fan of Gretchen's since reading The Happiness Project in 2010, and discovering she was a kindred spirit who loves in-depth, meaningful connections yet takes a highly organized and structured approach to exploring those aspects. #Twinsies. Her podcast is no exception, she consistently delivers unique insight and vulnerability in her interviews, and has the most wonderful guests. I highly recommend Happier!
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Camille Virginia
Happier really does bring some happiness…..
Really enjoy this podcast. The banter between the sisters always makes me smile. A lot of podcasts talk “at you” but this one is like having a conversation with your friends.
This podcast is creative, insightful and inspiring! I am absolutely hooked !
5 stars
This podcast just brings me so much happiness.
My favorite podcast
This is my favorite podcast. I look forward to it every week. There is always something helpful to take away.
Just love it!
I just love the practical, research-based, whimsical and wise ideas and advise these women offer. So simple and brilliant all at the same time. And they really pack in a lot of great content - in each and every episode.
A steady happy force in my life
Love this podcast - it offers so many helpful tips that you can easily build into your life to make positive changes. Also love to see a positive adult sibling relationship between Gretchen and Elizabeth. Thanks ladies for putting these episodes our week after week, it’s kept me sane during the pandemic.
Love show, makes me happier
I wanted to reduce stress and anxiety in my life and be happier. Instead of listening to news podcasts, I listen to this, it’s helped.
Robear in PDX
Such an uplifting, wholesome podcast. Love this show & these sisters so much!
Actual simple advice for being happier
I love listening to these sisters and the advice is so good. My nails are painted my signature color, I have so many hooks on the walls, I don’t finish books I don’t like, I try to identify myself vs my fantasy self, I try to design my seasons, I get in nature when I can… listen and this will make sense! Thank you!
The Best Podcast!
This podcast has been life changing!! I have listened to every episode to date (which has taken about 3 years). It has allowed me to learn more about myself and work on building a happier and healthier life. I have also read all of Gretchen’s books (all of which are wonderful). I can absolutely say that I am happier because of this podcast!
Fantastic podcast✨✨
I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for creating such an impactful podcast! I believe that we all have a voice that deserves to be heard. Thank you for putting this into the world! BE UNBROKEN! @MichaelUnbroken
Let it go already
Wow, people will turn anything political and negative. Gretchen & Liz share about their whole lives: friends, family, jobs, childhoods — It makes zero sense that their opinions and values won’t peek through. Isn’t it enough that they are trying to be good people and help others; do they really have to tiptoe around someone’s sad feelings about an election? I sure didn’t see that happening the other way around 4 years ago. So if hearing someone express an opinion other than your own is offensive to you, this may not be the place for you. Other than that, the MANY ads and MANY plugs are pretty annoying (especially if I’m listening on a long walk). But I usually appreciate the insights and musings of these sisters. It’s pretty light and frothy, but I think they’re fairly up front about their purpose.
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A Treasure Trove
This podcast is so applicable & relatable - hosted by 2 amazing and experienced women. Scroll through any of their collection of podcasts over the years and pick one that jumps out at you. Start anywhere, anytime and you are sure to walk away with any number of insights, tips or just a few great thoughts - to brighten, lighten & enhance your day and days to come.
Max McGue
Always something interesting
A recent listener (three months), I’m shank full a friend recommended it. There’s always something interesting, positive and new to hear about, and appreciate the input Gretchen and Elizabeth have. Usually disappointed when an episode ends.
Life-changing podcast!
I have learned SO much from this podcast! Thank you for all the tips! Sadie Campbell Upholder
Good place a listen
I almost always get a good idea when listening. I also like the sisters’ rapport with each other. They are both very different from me— and from each other— but seem friendly and approachable. It’s nice “checking in” with them each week.
A SuperPlus
I’ve found this podcast to have helpful tips and ‘homework’ to do in order to make one’s life happier. Some good interviews too. Keep up the good work. :)
My podcast companions!
Listening to Gretchen and Elizabeth has carried me through many ups and downs over the years. I’m so grateful for their weekly insights, accountability, and laughs!
Thank you
I love your honest , smart , funny podcast.
Fav podcast
Love, love, love this podcast. It’s my all time favorite. I haven’t missed a single episode. I’ve read all of Gretchen’s books and even had the pleasure of seeing her in person for a couple book signing/readings. The dynamic between sisters Gretchen and Elizabeth is so great…even with them being so different you can tell how much they love and respect each other. Both are very likeable and relateable people. While both being amazing in their own unique ways. Finally, I’m so impressed by Gretchen's development of the Four Tendency framework. It comes up often in the podcast which I really like…because knowing that I’m Questioner has really been a know myself better that’s made a difference in my everyday life. I appreciate the consistency of the podcast while at the same time the material remains fresh. Big thank you to Elizabeth and Gretchen for continuing to give us the pleasure of your podcast!
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5 Stars
Have been a repeat listener because the podcast is entertaining while it informs. I can apply their hacks and try things at home. Love the 4 tendencies work that helps me understand personality traits.
Too commercial
Way too many ads
Elizabeth and Gretchen truly make me happier
This podcast is not only informative but also lighthearted. It gives me useful tips and tricks and makes me smile from ear to ear. Gretchen and Elizabeth make my life happier!!!
Really Interesting and Helpful!
Super helpful as an 18 year old entering college and adulthood!
Fresh to stale
I really enjoyed this podcast at first with their energizing ideas and tidbits - but they just don’t have enough to say anymore. They are predictable in their weekly gold stars and demerits( can we just forget hosting a dinner party? You don’t want to. Just don’t). They have very grating podcast voices. Fine at first, but just singes the ear now.
Happiness with Gretchen Rubin
I love the practical, wise, fun tips and hacks on this podcast. Little things indeed can make a significant difference in the quality of our daily lives. Gretchen and Liz are smart, creative, funny, and kind!
A grounded pick-me-up
I absolutely adore Gretchen and her happiness-oriented wisdom that is grounded in real life and real facts. The podcast manages to be fun without ever being stupid, and every episode has a useable idea. Love this podcast, as well as her newsletter and books. A real treasure!
My life changed after I have started to listen to this podcast
I love this podcast so much, I have started to listen from episode 1 and there is a lot of catching up to do. I rigorously take notes on any aspect I feel I need to learn and remember. It has completely changed my life, I feel a lot more in control of my life, a lot more happier and I have inculcated and I am still inculcating so many healthy habits, all thanks to this podcast. Love you Gretchen and love you Elizabeth… u rock !!
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Aloka M
My favorite podcast for years
The Happier podcast has been my go-to podcast as long as I can remember. Gretchen and Liz are insightful and engaging. They bring practical tips every week. After listening for some time you see the world through a new lens, a happier one.
Love this podcast but new podcast format in Apple is wounding
I’ve been listening since the start but this new Apple podcast format is challenging. Anyway you can get the podcasts to appear with the most recent first instead of starting at 2015? I saw other podcasts were able to make this change where the most recent is appearing first but not this one. So annoying to scroll through all the years when I receive the alert new podcast is out.
Longtime Listener
Gretchen and Elizabeth make my travels for work a little happier! I especially love their hacks and try this at home tips. After many years of hearing “write a review” I am happy to finally check it off my list!
Mary in Tennesee
Love the concept!!
So happy to see a podcast discussing such helpful & important topics :)
Delia Folk
Too many ads in middle of show.
Good but too many ads interrupting content.
The Modern Traveler
Love this podcast!
Finally caught up to current episodes-full of fun and easy ways to stay positive in this crazy life!
Uplifting and relevant
This podcast is such a bright spot in my week! I look forward to the big themes and always find something useful in the little nuggets of information or tips! Thanks to Gretchen and Elizabeth for this amazing effort!
Favorite Pod !!
I’ve been binge listening to Happier for over a year now. I’m almost current. Fave pod !!
Erik Terrell
My favorite podcast!
I’ve been listening to this podcast for years and I have listened to every episode. Love these ladies! I don’t know why it took me so long to write this review because I have loved this podcast for many years. Always valuable advice and insights.
Great show!
All around a great show- lots of valuable takeaways and insights, with the dynamic atmosphere created by the hosts to make for a very pleasant listening experience.
Gretchen and Elizabeth make every week happier!
Although I read Gretchen’s book, The Happiness Project, years ago, I just learned of this podcast when the pandemic began last year. I’m a walker and these two have accompanied me on so many walks. They’ve cheered me up when I was down and have given me so much great advice. I’m reading 21 in 2021 because of them. I can’t tell you how often I mention a happiness hack or some other interesting tidbit I learned from them in my daily conversations. They’ve kept me going! Please don’t ever stop. We need you! Thank you so much!!!
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Delicate sleep genius
Love this show
Love this show. Quick, tactical, practical tips to improve happiness and habits. Always adds a boost to my day. Love the format and Gretchen and Liz’s sister & co-hosting relationship. Gold stars to this pod and the hosts! :)
Love this! My only complaint...
...is that I’m a completist and there are so many episodes that it’s been a long quest to catch up. I just listened to episode 240, so now I’m only a year and a half behind. 🤓 I quote Gretchen all the time too, like another recent reviewer.
Mt Gretna Melissa
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So enjoyable!
I've listened to every episode. Thank you for making hours of housework way more bearable. Your perfectionism segment was spot on. I use many of your hacks and frameworks daily. Thanks for all you do!
Bethie D
Highly Recommend
I quote these two women all of the time. My husband and coworkers are constantly hearing me say, “so on my happier podcast they said...” followed by some life lesson or tip that really helps in every day life situations and struggles! From identifying myself as an obliger with frequent episodes of obliger rebellion to learning how to make life more organized and less stressful, I am happier having listened to these two for the last year. My favorite quote thus far: “choose the bigger life.”
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Kacee-DPT Student
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