Happier with Gretchen Rubin
Happier with Gretchen Rubin
Gretchen Rubin / The Onward Project
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Love this show
Love this show. Quick, tactical, practical tips to improve happiness and habits. Always adds a boost to my day. Love the format and Gretchen and Liz’s sister & co-hosting relationship. Gold stars to this pod and the hosts! :)
Love this! My only complaint...
...is that I’m a completist and there are so many episodes that it’s been a long quest to catch up. I just listened to episode 240, so now I’m only a year and a half behind. 🤓 I quote Gretchen all the time too, like another recent reviewer.
Mt Gretna Melissa
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So enjoyable!
I've listened to every episode. Thank you for making hours of housework way more bearable. Your perfectionism segment was spot on. I use many of your hacks and frameworks daily. Thanks for all you do!
Bethie D
Highly Recommend
I quote these two women all of the time. My husband and coworkers are constantly hearing me say, “so on my happier podcast they said...” followed by some life lesson or tip that really helps in every day life situations and struggles! From identifying myself as an obliger with frequent episodes of obliger rebellion to learning how to make life more organized and less stressful, I am happier having listened to these two for the last year. My favorite quote thus far: “choose the bigger life.”
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Kacee-DPT Student
Great ideas for living your best life
I consider Gretchen and Liz to be my virtual friends. Great accompaniment to my walks!!
Kathie Darlene
Best. Ever.
I am so thankful this was recommended to me during a time in life I had a free moment to listen, and the rest is history. I quote something on a daily basis, like my future self. And I save them for walks and runs because it is pure enjoyment. Never stop ladies; my life wouldn’t be nearly as happy!
Awesome Podcast
LOVE this podcast!! Liz and Gretchen are so fun to listen to, their enthusiasm is contagious, I love their sisterly bond, and they have great guest stars. I look forward to the episodes each week. Their podcast and the ideas they share definitely have made me happier!
Christie Bud
My favorite podcast
I almost hate to catch up ! But then I just re-listen. There’s a takeaway for me almost every week. Plus I love their sister thing— they’re so different yet so close.
My favorite!
I love this podcast and it makes my week!
This is easily my favorite new find of 2021
I’m pretty sure Gretchen’s name popped up in a Facebook group I’m in about favorite podcasters. Now I’ve been listening to podcasts since the fall of 2019. But I love the style of Gretchen and Liz’s podcast. They are honest and real. Giving themselves demerits when needed as well as gold stars. I’ve already gotten a wealth of info from them. I even started listening to Liz‘s podcast Happier in Hollywood. I’ve been enjoying going back and listening to older episodes. Not in any particular order just whatever seems to strike my fancy.
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This podcast has changed my life!
Went back and binged from first episode... yes, apparently I’m a completer..
Oasis Day Spa
Such a happy podcast!
I started listening to this podcast when the pandemic started and I’ve continued listening to it on a regular basis. It’s become a wonderful companion on my walks during lunchtime. It’s so enlightening to hear Gretchen and her sister, Elizabeth, chat and share great tips and anecdotes about making our lives happier. Thank you both!
So much helpful info!
I learn something just about every show. Gretchen & Elizabeth are so approachable & full of good information. Really appreciate this show.
Frances Arleen
Adore this podcast
Gretchen and Liz are awesome. They give great suggestions and tips. It’s real life stuff.
Gretchen Says...
Love, love, love this podcast. Everyone who knows me hears me say “well Gretchen says you should do/try....” like you both are my closest friends. Your hacks are great, 4 tendencies is so helpful, and just enjoy your conversations. A must listen!
The Best!
Something for EVERYONE 🌟. Listen to them all - never dated - always great advice just in time whenever you listen. I am on the episode that tells you how to leave a review. These few minutes of my time are WELL DESERVED! Thanks to Gretchen and Liz for all the hours of great listening. 🌟🌟🌟
So relevant and thought-provoking
This podcast ALWAYS helps me think about important things in my own life. Small situations have big meaning, and it I am continuously reminded of that by these sisters.
Lori GH
A pandemic life-saver
This podcast boosts my mood so much that I save up episodes for really bad pandemic days.
My all time favorite podcast - HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Listening to this podcast for the last (5 or 6?) years has truly changed my outlook on both small and large parts of my life. I have listened since the very first episode and I feel like I personally know, and connect with, Gretchen and Liz. I love the upbeat but realistic tone of the show, and I always leave feeling excited and inspired. Thank you to Gretchen and Liz for your dedication and hard work. The effort does not go unnoticed, nor under appreciated. As an upholder, I can now cross off “write a review” of my to-do (tah-dah!) list! True satisfaction and a gold star ;)
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Love the hosts and program, sad to see commercial creep
I used to adore this program and looked forward to it each week. Over time, I’ve found myself drifting away from it and choosing other podcasts, and I think it’s because the inconvenience/irritation of the many ads that have crept in over time. I understand that it’s not free to make a podcast, so I understand why the hosts choose to put the ads there, but I’ve found that I just no longer really want to listen much anymore.
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💥Yay💥just discovered your podcast!!!💥!!!
Just Ok
This is a re-review for me. This used to be my absolutely favorite show, but it’s not quite what it used to be. At first it was the ads that were a turnoff, but then the entire show just seems to be one big promo.
My happier moment of the week !
Love the show can’t wait for each Wednesday episode, always good advices and good examples! Listening to Gretchen and Liz definitely part of my routine now and always a great moment
Too much idle chatter. No time for this.
I’m always looking for inspiration and curiosity in a podcast. This is more silly than serious. Do not like.
Amazing podcast
This is one podcast that I depend on each week to give me a boost and to inspire me.
Happiness seeker
Last night I had dinner with one of my friend groups. It had been over a year since we were together. Zoom calls helped but face to face was fabulous. I told them about your podcast and more specifically the episode on the importance of strengthening our bonds with friends. I enjoy your podcast and decided to let you know!
happines seeker
5 Gold Stars!
When I tell others about this podcast, I feel as if I am telling them about my two sisters’ podcast. I drive a lot for work and feel as if I will never drive alone because they ride along with me on my commute. Thankful for their lighthearted hacks to life.
It’s been fun, and I bid you farewell.
Dear Gretchen, my biggest takeaway from this podcast was reading “the four tendencies” and “outer, inner calm”. I’ve been sharing my experiences about the tendencies with friends and have applied “out order” to tidying my place. I feel that I have grown from listening to this podcast for over four years, and I believe it’s time for me to move on, and I want to say thank you. If I continue to listen, I’ll feel that I’m just doing it out of habit with no loner an intention. I’m an upholder and a compleatist, but I want my completist tendency to have intention, and I think moving on to other podcast will help me grow. If you want to learn more about me, you can go to raulisavoiceactor.com. Thanks so much!
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Doctor Songwriter Who!
Great listen!
So many fun and useful ideas! Love all of the book reviews and suggestions. My 2021 book list is growing daily. Thank you!
Roberta H.
Love Love LOVE this podcast.
I am a total Happierhead. Keep it up! And gold star for talking about fighting systemic racism. 🏆
Never miss an episode
I’ve listened since they started this 6 years ago and am still excited for the new episodes each week! I’ve picked up so many good habits and ideas from this, it truly is a boost to my happiness each week :)
Sisters 💖💖
This podcast is SO uplifting, informative and entertaining with the perfect dash of whimsy! It sparks new suggestions and ideas to add happiness and good habits to your life. I love that Gretchen and Elizabeth are sisters and interact like only sisters can...thank you for always making me smile. Ps the little unedited button at the end of the podcast is hilarious! Sisters rock! 💖💖
Weekly motivation
I’ve been following Gretchen Rubin for years and this podcast always lifts my spirit! There is a positive spirit and always a new nugget to learn. Also love her emailed interviews and book lists. She is a fellow reader and thinker with great insights about human behavior. I also love her sister, Elizabeth Craft and their relationship. Just a great podcast to keep my motivation up each week!
A great listen
“Like most good things, you must give this podcast time to have its effect on you. The cumulative effect of such interesting ideas, concepts, and truisms is life-changing.” The above comment, while spot-on, just appeared when I clicked “Write a Review”, so not sure how they read my mind? I certainly need to give someone else credit so as to avoid plagiarism, but nonetheless, Happier is a great listen. Five stars!
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Favorite moments!
I have been listening to this podcast since it’s inception and have gained so much happiness and knowledge along the way. I wanted to share my favorite hack that has exponentially increased my happiness is creating the really nice filling box with hanging folders for grades K - 12 for my son! I never worry anymore about where to keep all the special items from his school that come home! My favorite memory was learning about the one coin rule early on in the podcast. This rule helped me stop drinking Diet Coke and I haven’t had one since hearing that story. Thank you to Gretchen and Elizabeth for such a wonderful podcast!!
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Jen Grinnell
Great podcast
I’m writing this review mostly in response to the negative reviews regarding ads and Gretchen selling her products. Podcasts take an enormous amount of work and yet they are totally free for us to enjoy. How entitled do you have to be to complain about advertising on a free platform? Yes, there are a lot of ads. I skip them! Podcasters have every right to monetize their podcasts. I’ve been a fan of Gretchen’s for over 10 years. Her content is amazing and the fact that it’s mostly free is pretty unbelievable.
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A fun listen!
I love this podcast for errand running or chores around the house. It's an easy cheerful listen with some great tactics and life hacks that i can implement immediately!
Love! Have listened for years.
Very practical and entertaining. Read the books and this is a nice supplement. I have learned some life changing hacks
Former expat
Good for your head
My business coach suggested this podcast two years ago, and I’m a fan! Positive and upbeat, with concrete ideas on improving hour life snd interactions resulting in a happier YOU!
Marvey Mezzo
Hoping for Happiness
I started listening to this podcast from the beginning about a year ago and listen to several episodes a week and am still not caught up but am already thinking I want to start all over again after I finish. Many of the tips sound common sense but it is always good to have daily reminders and helpful information all geared to making or keeping habits that you may struggle with. I don’t know if the podcast has made me happier but I definitely feel more hopeful when I listen.
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I’m Hooked
Even if you already consider yourself to be a happy person, there is a lot to be gained from this podcast. It is full of practical tips presented in an engaging manner. Gretchen and Elizabeth are fun and relatable, each in their own unique ways. I thoroughly enjoy this podcast. I’ve gone back through the years and am listening to them all. I recommend this podcast to family members and friends.
Fun dystopian podcast. Especially creepy after the cult leader sister achieves full buy in from the funny sister.
Emery Rouette
Friends in My Head
I start my day with Gretchen and Elizabeth. They are my daily investment in my mental health. I recommend them to all who will listen to me.
Thank you!!
Thank you two for such a positive, insightful podcast! It’s one I look forward to each and every week and I have taken so many great tips and tricks from the shows!
Used to be great
Old podcasts were great and go me through COVD. New episodes just push you to spend money on her products. I hope I never have to hear the word "whimsy" again. They both talk so fast, as to make room for all the commercials. Too bad, because I used to really enjoy them both.
Learning from the Sisters
Listening to Gretchen and Liz is a fun and relaxing way to get some great info about other ways of looking at life. I sometime snigger at the things they struggle with (Liz and the thousands of unread emails...), but adore the transparency with which they share it! I often have aha moments where I realize I have been making something unnecessarily difficult, and am all about adopting the better way offered by Gretchen and Liz. If you enjoy low pressure visits with really smart, funny women who have interesting friends, this is the podcast for you. Gold star, Liz and Gretchen!
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Engaging and encouraging
Just what I needed to start a new year! As we all are, I’m exhausted by 2020. Ready to be optimistic and tackle 2021- ‘and be Better than Before’!!
'ol tippecanoe
Life changing
“The girls,” to whom I affectionately refer, literally changed my life. So uplifting, inspirational, and motivating.
Couldn’t be happier!
I absolutely love listening to these tips and tricks on how to be happier in our everyday, busy lives! I will be a lifelong listener! Thank you Gretchen and Liz!
Megan Hutchings
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