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Smart and funny!
I've listened to these guys for years now, and their work hasn't gone unnoticed. This podcast is really well done, smart, clever, and funny. I hope my review helps to promote their podcast and brings in new listeners. Mat Somers Ponte Vedra Beach Florida, USA
so good
absolutely fantastic and enrapturing to a compsci major like me who’s trying to get into hardware hacking. everything is just enough over my head to reach up and grab it—aka perfect.
I have been searching for a tech related podcast and I have finally found it. This show is perfect. The hosts have great chemistry and the topic discussions are in-depth and interesting. Somehow how these guys can speak intelligently without sounding arrogant and they joke around without sounding cheesy. I’m looking forward to many episodes to come so I can learn more about the electronics side of making (I come from the woodworking side). Keep up the solid work. - Dan (HammerTree)
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Not a hack
Could've been done with a 555