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Ethan Klein
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Why would you even think for yourself bro?
Best podcast ever!
I cant enjoy my day without listening to this podcast!
This fatty literally can’t go a single episode without chewing like a cow into the mic. It’s embarrassing.
Eating on audio
Does no one have a problem with Ethan or any of them eating on the podcast? I like the podcast but once they start eating I have to turn it off.
Absolutely stunning
I used to only listen to views but since starting h3 podcast this is pretty much the only podcast I’ve listened too since and it’s one of the most funny awesome shows ever highly recommend!
Frenemies was good but thats about it
Ethan is an extremely problematic man child with an entire crew of yes men. They are basically the vlog squad for adults, but I would argue more sexist. He trains his fanbase to attack people every week and plays victim more than Gabby Hanna.
What happened?
I use to really enjoy this show but it seems like it just turned into a show where they talk smack about other shows. They try to have these gotcha moments and it’s super cringe. I wish they would just talk to each other and be chill because that would be more enjoyable then this embarrassing gossip show
Used to listen to H3 in the past. Has turned into a beta dumpster fire of a show. If your a vegan eating SJW, you’ll love it.
Donnarchy Lives Forever
Donna will truly be missed. I’m just more sad Fr******s had more episodes than Families.
You can really tell who is here because of Trisha… 😂 Ethan and Donna you guys are amazing.
Funny and feel good show!!!
I love the h3 team!! They do such a great job at trying to make your day a little better! They have everything: laughter, silliness and yes, actual knowledge of what’s going on in the world. Lol 😂 I always walk away saying “I can’t wait for the next show :-) “. great job h3 team sending love from Orlando 💕always
Content Sucker
All he does is make content on keemstar and trisha and whatever that stupid name he says a million times a episode, used to be cool but now is just an annoying hypocrite. All his yes mans around him probably hate him but just work for him because he pays for their expenses. Go get better content!
landon leonard
yea nvm
This podcast is nothing without Trisha
Peace and love
So happy I found this podcast last year.
Amazing, hilarious, crying tears of laughter
Ive watched Ethan and Hila for a long time now, their podcasts have always made me laugh no matter who they have on! 20/20 on this!
Love the show
Every week I look forward to families, your mom is so awesome. She reminds me a little of my mom. Thank you for the escape each week.
i miss frenimes
my friend introduced me to frenimes a few months ago and ever since then i’ve been hooked. sad to see it end
Clever, hilarious, thoughtful, and creative
This is the best and most inventive podcast going right now. 11/10
Best Podcasts
I used to watch H3 back in the OG YouTube days (think Vape Nation) but stopped watching for a few years. When Frenemies began, I started watching their videos/podcasts again. Their podcasts are super entertaining and I love that they replaced Frenemies with Families. I love watching the shows every week. I hope they never end!
My Favorite Podcast
I listen to multiple podcasts, but the H3 crew and format are above and beyond the rest. Peace and Love!
Show went downhill FAST after frenemies; ethans family is annoying, hes rude and dismissive, talks with authority on things he knows nothing about. this show stresses me out to listen to 👎
Karen Darren
Hit or miss
Sometimes it’s partly good. Most times it’s a boys club that think it’s funny to annoy others with bad jokes. Constant clickbait to sensitive topics with no delivery of anything interesting. Sometimes Ethan has funny responses and hila is just pleasant. I think the only crew member that’s made me laugh is Ian. There’s a lot of beating a dead horse and dragging on that is so unnecessary
This channel has evolved into just a channel of hate, intolerance and controversy and all about picking people apart. It has evolved into a toxic mess and Ethan is trying so hard to be Howard Stern it’s embarrassing. No meaningful interviews, just riffing while making fun of other people and having sounds play in the background. It has become pure garbage.
700 Pages
Extremely annoying
Since when did this podcast become the new Facebook? He is bringing all his family and it’s really bad. I’m sure they are nice people but with peace and love remove them ASAP.
More than entertaining
I started listening to this podcast in December and I’m so glad I did. I was afraid I wouldn’t find a good podcast to listen to for work because a lot of them are either boring or short. After searching and coming across H3 I can confidently say this is the most entertaining podcast I’ve listened to. Not only are they so committed in putting out several episodes monthly, every episode they do put out is full of interesting and hilarious content! I recommend this to anyone that just needs something to pass the time or simply just wants a good laugh:)
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Tryna think but nothin happens !
Freakin nerds. Love them all.
Sound bytes
“He takes that 5%” “SISTER” “YEAAAHHH YAAA YAHHHHHH” “DEATH, TO ALL OF THEM” “Peace and love, peace and love” “Doobrick?” I love it all. Thanks for making me laugh every day. Team Skeet.
Top of the charts in my book
this channel is what really got me into watching and listening to podcasts. when it comes to live podcasts, they’re dominating the space. Keep it up. Big fans.
Love it, always a laugh with the H3 Crew
Not what I was hoping for
Most of the episodes feature overly political commentary, and I’m just tryna hear some poop jokes or somethin man
Boring, Annoying, ill-informed, don’t know what they’re talking about.
Thank you
I love you guys thanks for making me happy and brightening my day
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This is legit
Probably the funniest and most chill podcast out there! I love when they have people call in, especially Biden. Funny afffff
Sound clips
Way too many sound clips playing and ruins the quality of the conversation. Sometimes there is too much reliance on watching a video that you obviously can’t watch in a podcast format.
Pretty Poggers
Came for Trisha
Stayed for advice segment
Donna :)
I love Donna and her podcast. Her cohost is kinda weird tho.
I don’t like “Families”
It’s really boring. After dark is better.. or regular h3.. anything but the mom pls
Easiest layup in history
Crowder exposed this coward. Pathetic person, terrible podcast.
Darry Welker
Ignorance abounds
It’s deleterious to one’s mental faculties to entertain this propagandist podcast for more than a minute or two. I wish I could say I’m surprised this kind of “content” exists, but I cannot.
I lost all respect for you dude. Bringing someone else on to debate for you, really dude. Coward millennial.
N. Mik
Annihilated crowder
That is all
R2-d2 better-8
From a Crowder bro to a H3H3 Stan
Grew up pretty conservative and used to watch crowder religiously. This last weeks embarrassment has fully converted me to H3H3. Never have I ever seen such cowardice. Thank you for highlighting it Ethan
The best
Love them
Favorite podcast
All the people complaining about how Crowder got got on the show are 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
Spineless garbage. Would give 0 stars if I could
Ethan is a legend 💪🏼
One of my favorite podcasts!
I love H3 and all their podcasts!
Don’t even have to think about it bro
I do not support cowardly podcasts or hosts that pull manipulative bait and switch tactics. Ethan is lame, not funny or talented, and worst of all yellowhearted.
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