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Broski nation
Found you guys because of Britany’s interview but staying because you guys are hilarious!! Love it!
i ❤️ frenemies
trisha can murder an entire family and i wouldnt gaf
I cannot believe people are still on board with this pod. You guys have NOTHING to talk about and put out way too many/week because you’re money hungry and the content is actual garbage (Keem accent) now. Ethan acts so bored and like he never wants to be there and literally says “ok what now” like it’s pulling teeth doing the podcast. There are way too many staff and I don’t even know what their job is because they sure aren’t entertaining and nobody feels like they can even talk to Ethan. The only good one is Ian and I feel like he actually hates Ethan. I get the impression he’s awful to work for but it pays well.
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New to the Family
I’ve been listening/watching for six months. Best podcast, tiny hands down. As good as Stern at his best…90’s Stern. Best YouTube channel, Hassan (spelled wrong on purpose) a solid second.
I missed y’all 😭
This is the only show that is entertaining interesting and funny all at the same time. Every time you guys take a break makes me sad whether it’s Ethan getting y’all canceled or just a normal break.
Noname 03
Good good good
Really good he brings good people on the show the best pod cast in the world!!
fkfkfkdnsnanaba. z xbxxncn
Dear Ethan,
Teddy Fresh? More like Willy Rotten type a deal…🕯 When you say “yo” over and over I’d like to intimidate you with the use of my eyes alone. I continue to dislike you at an accelerated rate. Enjoy 23’—maybe think about a shower and a quick freshen up for the new year, dill weed. 🕯🦃 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
#1 Podcast in the World
Here for the goofs, the gaffs, the chew zone, and DPI. My comfort podcast, shoutout to your family. Papa Bless ☮️💟
Ethan should not eat during the pod
love this podcast but every time I hear ethan smack his food I have to stop listening
I don’t understand how anyone can think he is entertaining or funny or anything
Here for the lip smacks 🫡
Not Flocka
Pretty Funny
Pretty good! A bit more descriptions on what is being watched to audio-only listeners would be helpful. I had to get on YouTube to see what the big deal with Howie was. One-on-one interviews are fine, but whenever props/videos are involved, a description of what props are being used or what is being played in the videos would be ideal. What are we going to do about it? Favorite episodes so far are the ones with Martin 💧 and Avi 🪐!
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1 hour 45 mins
👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋Yo family somethings wrong with your upload you only upload an hour 45 minutes of the Britney Broski episode please fix this for the people that listen to it I hope this doesn’t get thrown in the bin with peace and love thank you thank you
Scum acab
The math works out to just under 650000
Comfort pod
I love you all. Family family family
Number 1 podcast in the world!
- Howie Mandel
Delete it fat
Delete it fat
definitely not ethan or hila
Just move the mic
If you like an insane amount of lip smacks and coughing directly into the mic
It’s sentimental
You literally live each week day full of Ethan and the crew. FIVE days with “See You next Tuesday” no other podcast can do that for you. Don’t forget the hunkie Hasan Piker on Thursday’s for “LEFTOVERS.” I recommend this podcast for sure.
My favorite podcast
Love this podcast and all the shows they offer throughout the week. Ethan and his crew are funny and loveable cast, the shows are topical, they have great and interesting guests, and you can count on Ethan to ask all the questions you are wondering. My favorite sun show, leftovers, will keep you on the loop on all the political news you need, laughing (or crying in frustration) along the way. 10/10 would recommend.
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woo pig sooie
WAS a good podcast
I really liked it back in the day now I only play it once a month and can’t even finish it
i mean, it’s okay.
Uhhh what am I s
it’s sometimes awesome
this is because ethan cant shut up and is cancelled for about a week every month
Chord the faucet
All peace, all love, but one request
I love the show all the hard work you put into it I feel bad asking; but I want to enjoy as much as I can.. when there’s potentially triggering content (like the recent amouranth segment) while extremely important to speak up on, for some individuals who have been affected by similar circumstances, it would be so appreciated if there were time stamps in description when those segments are over. Much love and no worries ashthepainter
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Family Family Family Family Family Family Family Family Family Family Family Family Family Family Family Family Family Family Family Family Family Family Family Family Family Family Family Family Family Family Family Family
Always w/ the goofs & gaffes!
Wow, Ethan, Hila, Crew. Great moves. Keep it up. Proud of you. Love this podcast! Fun community & amazing crew that adds such a fun dynamic! I found H3 during the pandemic and it really kept me together through tough times. Having something goofy and light to look forward to multiple times a week is just the best! I’ve watched every podcast episode that’s come out since I found them, lots of content available, and great for listening to on long work days!
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Thank you. For all you all do. Please never stop. You always have me as a viewer. Love y’all.
The number one podcast for antisemites and racists. Check it out if that’s you.
Bob Shower
#1 podcast
I listen to this podcast everyday and love every second!
My emotional wellbeing has been held hostage.
5 star review
No behind
For the love of god catching Covid was enough of a wild ride this week so I’m here to help stop Ethan from resorting to posting his nudes on twitter. 👏🏻 peace and love
I’m writing this so I don’t have to see Ethan’s gape thanks
Iruna boo
never used Apple podcast before but this is the best podcast IN THE WORLD!
trying to help prevent Ethan's nudes from being released. nobody wants to see a 50 year old man naked. but genuinely, this is my favorite show. this show is such a big part of my days off work. I've watched since h3h3 productions days and have watched every episode. thank you to ethan and the crew for so much fun for so many years ❤️
Thank you the gifted!
Love the podcast and everyone that’s part of the podcast. Great people and so funny!
Cristina H.C.
Oh god please no.
Please don’t do this to my family. I’m not ready for that hog to come out of the pen.
The #1 podcast in the world - Howie Mandel And me
Been a loyal fan for 7 years, great work, keep it up, proud of you
Vape nash
420 blaze it
Only podcast I consistently keep up with. Love that when my partner and I listen, it just feels like we’re hanging out with our friends.
H3 H3 Humor
This show is not for the faint of heart in the podcasting world. Ethan Klein (Host of the H3 Podcast) diligently seeks to end his career with each passing episode. Dan (head producer) Keanu Reeves his way through the show adamant to be a cog in the capitalistic machine churning out slop. This same slop of content is eagerly consumed by the pigsty of a community which builds the horde larger and larger each passing day. Also, this podcast is ranked 12 on the Edison Research list of podcasts. Watch this beautiful piece of comedic art or keep living your miserable existence; I truly don’t care either way.
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H3 podcast for Lifeeee
Love you Dan ethan hila olivia Ian sam Zach Lena AB Love and Cameron
#1 podcast in the world
Howie Mandel was right. This is the #1 podcast in the world.
Fun stuff!
The cast is amazing! Ethan has the hairline of a king, Hila is a fashion queen, Wan is Mr keep the show running producer man, Lou is the sound goat, Olivia is NOT the queen of barf, AB is strong boy master of burritos, Ian is the standup lord who knows all things Kanye, Love is Love; Love is Life, Cam is the edit-man of shoop, Sam Miss redhead the Jeep lady, and Lena is the goddess of all things challenging. No one beats her.
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Has it all
Podcast perfection!
Richard D 47
Nothing better
Please ethan don’t show us your privates
Jackie Schuster
Truly a great podcast I’ve learned so much, do you know about the Howie Mandel TikTok??? Well that’s going to happen if you don’t watch
Love it!
I watch it every week!
#1 podcast in the world
Love Ethan Hila and the Crew, FAMILY FAMILY FAMILY
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