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Ethan Klein
The official podcast of comedians Ethan & Hila Klein of h3h3productions.
James Charles IS GOING TO JAIL! says my mom - Families # 5
It's that time of the week again! On this episode of Families, we settle the debate once and for all: Is Gary a short king? We also dive into the latest debacle by James Charles, give some advice to our listeners, and take some spicy quizzes you don't want to miss.
Jul 21
1 hr 53 min
Logan Paul Is Committing Fraud & It’s Disgusting - Off The Rails # 5
On this episode of Off The Rails Ethan and YouTube super detective Coffeezilla discuss Logan's latest scam: Dink Doink Coin, a crypto coin he definitely doesn't have anything to do with (beside creating) that he thinks you should buy NOW!
Jul 14
1 hr 51 min
Hila's Final Episode - H3 After Dark # 44
There's No Such Thing As A Coincidence today on After Dark, when the man behind the meme calls in! We also discuss Twitch's crazy gambling problem, Wendy Williams going rogue, the growing chaos surrounding the Ace Family & of course.....Hila's final episode?!
Jul 9
2 hr 29 min
The Biggest Scam In YouTube History -  Off The Rails # 4
On this episode of the H3 Podcast OFF THE RAILS we're talking influencer crypto scams, we're talking Ringo Starr's birthday, we're talking CCR curses, and the bois face off in an epic compliment battle!!
Jul 8
1 hr 44 min
The Biggest Cancellation In YouTube History - Families # 3
On today's Families Donna & Ethan do a deep dive on the Creepshow Art drama, Gary responds to hate comments, & they do a haircut battle!
Jul 7
1 hr 38 min
James Charles Returns & Baby Update - H3 After Dark # 43
It's Friday baby, and we've got a LOT to talk about. We dig into the James Charles return, Tim Pool having a temper tantrum, a baby update, Zach's fear of a certain 3-word band, Triller's 1 star-quality app and much more! Let's just jump right into it. 
Jul 2
2 hr 36 min
Trisha’s Apology & Ace Family Scam - Off The Rails # 3
Today we discuss the long history of Austin McBroom scams (allegedly), a Britney Spears update, and respond to Trisha Paytas' latest apology video. 
Jul 1
1 hr 48 min
Trisha Paytas vs Gabbie Hanna Explained By My Mom - Families # 2
Donna is BACK on the pod and this time we're talking YouTube Drama, old actors, and the long awaited advice segment!
Jun 30
1 hr 43 min
Marc Rebillet, Reggie Watts, Flying Lotus LIVE!
A special musical episode of The H3 Podcast, featuring the improvisations of Reggie Watts, Marc Rebillet & Flying Lotus!
Jun 28
1 hr 43 min
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