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Ethan Klein
The official podcast of comedians Ethan & Hila Klein of h3h3productions.
Ethan Guesses Who’s High - Off The Rails #15
On this episode of OFF THE RAILS some of the crew gets stoned and Ethan does his best to guess who's the square and who's cool. Also a video of Trisha mocking Ethan goes viral, and Triller finally admits IN COURT that THEIR APP IS FLIPPED!!!!
Oct 21
2 hr 8 min
Jordan Peterson, Kanye West, Island Boys - H3TV #12
It's Monday y'all, so it's time to add a little pep in your step with the latest H3TV! We're talkin' Ye (the artist formerly known as Kanye West), the Island Boys phenomenon, Jordan Peterson's heartfelt plea to start loving men more, & much much more! TAP IN
Oct 18
2 hr 41 min
We DESTROY Ben Shapiro With FACTS & LOGIC - Leftovers #4
On this episode of Leftovers we're in Ben's walls- and he isn't happy about it. Also Ethan and Hasan continue their back and forth over what a socialist future might look like, and take a look at FlagTok- and examine the Civil War the hogs seem to be itching for.
Oct 17
2 hr 9 min
Shane's Husband Confirms The Cat Story? - After Dark #54
It's Friday baby, & we've got a lot to talk about...we respond to some past comments from YouTuber Jamari, Bezos sent Captain Kirk to space, we put Ethan's marshmellow-catching skills to the test, &...Ryland Adams confirms the cat story?
Oct 15
3 hr 8 min
Content Court: The NELK Boys
Hear ye, hear ye, court is back in SESSION. Put on your jury hats y'all because the Honorable Judge Klein is HERE for those rascal NELK Boys
Oct 14
1 hr 54 min
Kim K Confronted Me In NY This Weekend - H3TV #11
Today we dig into wild chiropractor stories, testing Zach's ability to determine if a noise is a fart based purely on the waveform, and...Kim Kardashian confronted Ethan?!
Oct 12
2 hr 44 min
Ben Shaprio Endorses Mass Murder - Leftovers #3
On this episode of Leftovers Ethan and Hasan get into the weeds of what seperates their outlook on how economics should work, The Quartering is big mad so Ethan introduces Hasan to "I just peed in my basement", and we examine the question "are there not enough Jews in hollywood?"
Oct 10
2 hr 4 min
Shame Dawson IS BACK - H3 After Dark #53
It's Friday baybee! Today on After Dark we talk about the baby name controversy, YouTube's decision to end YouTube Rewind (AGHH *Will Smith voice*), and the return of SHAME DAWSON.
Oct 8
2 hr 5 min
Squid Game IN REAL LIFE - Off The Rails #14
We dig into the best self-defense techniques, Demi Lovato's alien adventures, and the Squid Game phenomenon. Let's just j u m p r i g h t i n t o i t
Oct 7
1 hr 25 min
Keemstar's Channel Is Dying & Couch Guy Controversy - H3TV #10
On this episode of H3TV the gang discuss if pizza is pie, the TikTok "Couch Guy" controversy, if someone can tell when you're high, and a whole lot more!
Oct 4
2 hr 49 min
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