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Ethan Klein
The official podcast of comedians Ethan & Hila Klein of h3h3productions.
David Dobrik Blames Jeff Wittek In New Court Filing - H3TV #53
Today we discuss David Dobrik responding to Jeff Wittek's lawsuit, the great Howie Mandel kidnapping conspiracy of 2020, new developments in the Adam Levine drama, & much more!
Sep 26
2 hr 48 min
hila, if youre watching
Today, Ethan has a message for Hila. We also have a special call-in from the legendary C-Man, we go over our greatest clickbait titles, and much more!
Sep 23
2 hr 58 min
Hasan Got Called Out - Leftovers #25
Today we go over some newly uncovered information regarding the Trainwreck/XQC situation. We also discuss Ron DeSantis, MAGA rap taking over elections across the country, & much more!
Sep 22
1 hr 50 min
Twitch Bans Gambling Ft. Yung Gravy - Off The Rails #49
Today we wade into the absolute mess going on with Twitch right now. We are then joined by Yung Gravy! We chat about the Addison Rae/Monty situation, Ethan shows him some of his favorite videos, they share a passionate moment, dig into the Adam Levine situation, and much more!
Sep 21
3 hr 16 min
Ethan Becomes Alpha - H3TV #52
Today, Ethan proves to the audience once and for all that he is a TRUE ALPHA. We also discuss the new Twitch gambling drama, a doctor calls in to diagnose Jimmie Lee, Zach proves who the real Joker is, and much more!
Sep 19
3 hr 14 min
We messed up
We made a grave mistake that resulted in no guest today. We go over that along with a recap of Drake vs Fantano, a part 2 of our HR segment with beefs between Zach and Ethan/Hila, we talk Nick Cannon's growing family, a beef with Dad, and much more!
Sep 16
3 hr 14 min
Office Drama: We Had To Call HR, Austin McBroom KO’d, Durte Dom Called Me Out - Off The Rails #48
Today we take a few office beefs to the HR office for resolution. We also recap the brutal Austin McBroom fight, Durte Dom calling Ethan out, and much more!
Sep 14
3 hr 41 min
Spicy Food Competition - H3TV #51
Today we all try the hottest chip in the world for a spice contest! Whoever can go the longest without water or milk wins. We also chat about
Sep 12
3 hr 5 min
RIP Queen Elizabeth, Keffals vs Kiwi Farms, Harry Styles vs Chris Pine - After Dark #83
Today we mourn the unfortunate passing of her royal majesty Queen Elizabeth II. We also dig into the absolute chaos of the Harry Styles Chris Pine drama with a powerpoint from AB, SuperMega sends us a gift, we try to recreate the motions from the viral Reddit post about the ultimate lovemaking song, & much more!
Sep 9
3 hr 28 min
Diss Track Competition - H3TV #50
Today we host the Ryan Kavanaugh diss track competition! 100s of submissions, but only the cream of the crop will rise to the top.
Sep 7
3 hr 37 min
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