Green Beauty Conversations by Formula Botanica | Organic & Natural Skincare | Cosmetic Formulation | Indie Beauty Business
Green Beauty Conversations by Formula Botanica | Organic & Natural Skincare | Cosmetic Formulation | Indie Beauty Business
Formula Botanica
Welcome to Green Beauty Conversations, the podcast that challenges you to think about how you buy, use, make and sell your natural beauty formulations. Our host Lorraine Dallmeier tackles topics that will make you think and encourage debate about green beauty with your friends, followers or customers. Formula Botanica is the accredited online organic cosmetic science school, hosting thousands of students in 150+ countries who have enrolled for their award-winning online formulation courses. The school has long been a hub for artisan skincare entrepreneurs, who form part of their large, engaged global online community. The global green beauty community looks to Formula Botanica for guidance on major events in the industry, such as new ingredient releases, innovative formulation techniques and indie business guidance. Formula Botanica is at the forefront of the global green beauty industry and is committed to bringing you the best and most up-to-date information from the green beauty world. Listen to the Green Beauty Conversations podcast and become part of the global green beauty movement.
EP57. Do Natural Deodorants Work?
Do natural deodorants work? If you have tried natural deodorants and been disappointed by their performance in combating sweat and body odor, then this episode of Green Beauty Conversations will be a real eye opener. Today's taboos and societal conditioning have put paid to us broaching the subject of sweat in a reasoned way. To unpack the discourse on sweat, shame & body image, we speak to Ada Juristovski, co-Founder and CMO of Nala Care, a natural, personalised deodorant brand based in Vancouver, Canada.
Nov 17
23 min
EP56. Are indie beauty brands falling behind on sustainability?
Do small, indie beauty brands have the capabilities to build sustainability into their businesses and make a profit? While big beauty companies may have the cash to splash on reports and in publicising their sustainability credentials, there are plenty of opportunities for indie beauty to make a difference. In this episode of Green Beauty Conversations, we discuss why the beauty industry is perhaps tackling sustainability from the wrong perspective and where indie beauty brands can have an edge.
Oct 28
20 min
EP54. What is Blue Beauty?
You've heard of green beauty, you've heard of clean beauty, but have you ever heard of blue beauty? In the last 12 months, the beauty industry has started to talk more about environmental sustainability and one of the new terms that has emerged is Blue Beauty. Formula Botanica interviews Jennie Jarnot, founder of Beauty Heroes which has set up its 'Project Blue Beauty'. In this episode, we bring you the low-down on blue beauty, how it differs from green beauty and what it means for brands and consumers.
Aug 25
26 min
EP53. Why Safe Beauty is the Latest Industry Buzzword You Should Ignore
Do you think that safe beauty is a credible term or are some industry players simply trying to play on people’s fears? Would you buy a formulation labelled as ‘safe’ or do we as consumers simply expect all beauty products to be safe? And do you agree with us that safe beauty is the latest industry buzzword we should all resolutely ignore and move on from? In this podcast the Formula Botanica team delve in to the issues surrounding the latest industry buzz word.
Jul 30
18 min
EP52. When Does Indie Beauty Become Mainstream?
Indie beauty brands are taking over the beauty sector. With tens of thousands of small brands globally, there is simply no doubt that they are swallowing up a percentage of the global beauty sector which traditionally might have gone to the mainstream giants. Shoppers are increasingly looking to support small, local businesses and often place a greater degree of trust in a founder-led brand.
Jun 25
18 min
EP51. Is the Beauty Industry Disability Friendly? A Panel Discussion
Is the cosmetics industry ready for disability friendly beauty? We've been pondering this question for a while and decided to convene an expert panel to discuss the topic of disability friendly beauty in our latest Green Beauty Conversations podcast episode.
May 19
51 min
EP50. Can a Beauty Brand ever be Carbon Neutral?
In today’s In Conversation with Formula Botanica podcast episode, we are talking carbon neutral beauty and the environmental impacts of the beauty industry. This is a big topic, but with the rise of conscious consumerism it’s also a topic that we need to be talking about. We ask: Can a Beauty Brand ever be Carbon Neutral?
Apr 17
26 min
EP49. The Three Step Process of a Cosmetic Formulator
Have you ever wondered how a cosmetic formulator innovates and creates new formulations? What is it like to formulate? How does the creative process work? In this episode of The Green Beauty Conversations we delve in to the mind of a cosmetic formulator and explore the processes involved in creating new and innovative products. We speak to Timi Racz, Formula Botanica's Head of Research and Development about the formulation process.
Mar 17
26 min
EP48. Do you know your Beauty Miles?
You've probably heard of food miles, but have you ever heard of beauty miles? The Formula Botanica team discuss the topic of beauty miles and answer questions put to them by their community.
Feb 18
27 min
EP47. Should Vegan Beauty Brands be run by Vegans?
Interest in veganism has increased seven-fold in the last five years according to Google trends. And as part of that rise, cosmetics represents the fastest growing sector in brands gaining the vegan trademark, where the indie beauty sector sees a great opportunity to appeal to the ever-growing vegan community. But should beauty brand founders be vegan in order to make and sell vegan cosmetics? If you’re making and selling cosmetics, should you walk the walk as well as talking the talk?
Jan 7
39 min
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