Green Beauty Conversations by Formula Botanica | Organic & Natural Skincare | Cosmetic Formulation | Indie Beauty Business
Green Beauty Conversations by Formula Botanica | Organic & Natural Skincare | Cosmetic Formulation | Indie Beauty Business
Formula Botanica
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I was interested to see what this podcast was all about and I have learned so so much! Please please please do a season 2!!
Thanks you Timi and Lorraine
I’m currently working on my DOSF course. I needed this. Your podcasts are great and keep me grounded, patient and knowledgeable. Stay Safe and have a wonderful day
happy cutomer1983
Awesome Podcast!!!!
Lorraine, host of the Green Beauty Conversations podcast, highlight all good aspects and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
Thoughtful and Balanced
What I love most about this podcast is the diversity of viewpoints. The result is an exploration of topics that is always thoughtful and always balanced. We hear authorities with different perspectives and Lorraine and Gemma put them in conversation with one another always with a mind to the practical take away for listeners.
Awesome Podcast!!
Gemma and Lorraine, hosts of the Green Beauty Conversations podcast, highlights all aspects of natural skincare, beauty and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Brooke Craven
Like the friend you'd go to for advise
The voice behind the podcast is practical, experienced, informative, open minded, understanding– basically everything you’d want from a good educator. The first episode introduces you to natural skin care as language, and the controversies that abound from the term natural alone. It catches you up to where everyone stands in a very fair and level headed way. And the next episodes just get better. I almost felt guilty listening to the third episode, I felt so lucky I was receiving something so educational for free. They’ve made a loyal listener.
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Another Hazel
Beauty Brand Owner
This is an amazing podcast with a wealth of information. I am new to the beauty industry and this is very helpful. Looking forward to additional episodes. Thank you again for creating this platform to educate people.
Chanel McCullough
Very Illustrative!
Very interesting to know about the four natural shades to label or use the term natural. Also, I think the same way: We have to focus on what is in it and not of what doesn’t have our formulations. If we focus on the benefits and properties of the ingredients that we use to create a product I think the people convince themselves to use it. Is about knowledege and credibility. And definitely we have to know about laws and regulations around the globe about skincare formulations. Thanks a lot for all that we can learn listening your podcasts!
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María Taí Handmade Soaps
Thank you! This was so helpful!
I am currently a FB student and I loved having the opportunity to listen to these podcasts! Honestly, these are topics that have been on my mind recently - my husband and I are in the process of building our Skincare brand and the compliance and regulations podcast was really informative and helpful! We really want to follow the EU compliance and regulations now since its the gold standard!! We want our products to be the safest and highest quality so that our customers are safe! Thank you FB team for everything you do - you are really helping formulators all over achieve their dream and making the natural organic skincare market a better and safer place for all! Can't wait for more episodes!
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This podcast is so educational! It was so incredibly helpful. I come from a family of herbalists from Colombia and this is the part I was missing! understanding more in depth the business part was truly an eyeopener! I hope I can ake this to the next level!!!
great info! As someone who is a founder of a green beauty startup it's awesome & empowering to hear some stuff (you already know -- but) that's relevant and you can take it to praxis with you in the industry. Looking forward to what comes next!!!
Great Information
The first three podcasts have been filled with great information. The topics were broken down in a way that makes sense and is easily understandable. Skin care can be a very overwhelming space with all of the information available. With this podcast, I look forward to continuing to grow my knowledge and taking away actionable points.
J.Lisane Review
chief cook and bottle washer
Very interesting conversations! I was able to gain some new knowledge from listening to the podcasts, but I am a kinesthetic and visual learner so I need hands on for info to stick. I wish podcast was video cast, personally. I think it would be great to listen to these podcasts while drivong on a long trip.
the faceNook
Great as expected!
I enjoyed all three informative podcasts especially the cosmetics regulation one. I look forward to listening to future ones:)
BNatural Beauty
Informative Green Beauty Pofcast
I am digging this podcast! It's unafraid to tackle controversial topics. Informative for anyone looking to better understand the natural beauty world or start their own skin care business. A recommended listen!
Aloha from Hawaii
Love the podcast. I gain knowledge as well as inspiration to bring my line to a new level
Wonderful series on natural skincare business
Thank you to Formula Botanica for launching this very high quality educational series on natural cosmetic formulation. I am new to the organic & natural skincare business, and I am literally soaking up the very insightful content you have published in various media channels. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I look forward to future podcasts, as I am hooked!
Excellent information!
I'm so glad Formula Botanica started these podcasts. The information provided in these podcasts has been very helpful to me.
Amazing knowledge
There is wealth of information here and it’s amazing that it’s all free! Green beauty and manufacturing is intimidating, but Formula Botânica helps navigate us through the unknown with in depth information.
Beauty Must Listen!
Absolutely love the podcasts! It’s my goal to launch my own skincare line one day and finding Formula Botanica was a dream come true! Can’t wait for more podcasts to come!
Demystifying Skincare formulation!
Review by Candice Bruns Loved listening to these podcasts. Learning about common terms used in the industry like “natural” and “chemical free” really puts things in perspective. I feel more confident in creating skincare after listening to this! One step at a time. Thank you!
Enaging and Informative
Excited to hear on current topics in the green beauty world! Loved the episode on what is really chemical free. Breaks it down in an engaging and concise way. I liked how it isnt one sided and that you guys try to cover all perspectives in the natural beauty world. Looking foward to more episodes.
As i listened and reflected on the wealth of knowledge available in each podcast it has given me an in depth focal view towards the amount of research and preliminary work that is involved in establishing a “green”beauty brand. With my recent entry into motherhood i have become more aware of what actually goes into the products i use. Formulation has also now become an avenue that i wish to significantly explore in detail. Thank You Formula Botanica.
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Denique O'Meally
Fabulous Podcast!
In these three podcasts I was able to learn, in an organized and logical manner, what took me years to learn on my own! I really enjoyed how Lorraine broke down the 4 levels of natural in the first episode. Episode 2 discussed my pet peeve, the chemical-free claim. It’s true that in the US there is an emphasis on what is not in a product because drug claims have to be avoided. Episode 3 gave me insight into the steps required for compliance in the EU. Looking forward to future podcasts!
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Maggie Mahboubian
Very useful information!
I’m currently a student of Formula Botanica and really like the idea of a Podcast for natural skincare. I really hope school will cover it in more details. I like Lorraine’s style of teaching – she can make confusing and complicated topics very simple and clear. Looking forward to new episodes!
This was a very interesting to watch!
I found the whole podcast very enjoyable and entertaining to watch. I am very intrigued and can’t wait to learn more! Super excited!
All three podcasts
Amazing! As a co-owner of a 100% organic, vegan and gluten-free small skinscare business these podcasts have been invaluable. I already started to share the information with other people. The topics are all extremely relevant, thoughtful and through. Thank you! Looking forward to the 4th episode. Anca Ivan Bailey
Anca Ivan
Thank You - very informative and useful
Thank you for the 3 highly informative and useful podcasts on natural and chemical free cosmetics terminology and global cosmetics regulation. The information is useful for both formulators and customers to understand about the cosmetics that are being provided or used. FB has always been a go to source for clarification about green cosmetics. I look forward for many more informative podcast on green beauty!
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LakshmiDevi Ethirajan
Crystal Spahn-croft
I'v been following Formula Botanica fro quite some time now and my expectation is always exceeded. I'm from the US and I prefer to listen to them. They always bring forward the best information. I can't say enough good kudos about them and their work. I truely enjoy learning evertyhting I possibly can from them. Thank you for taking the time to put out these podcasts for people around the wolrd to have the opportunity to be able to benfit from your vase array of knowledge It's so much apprecatied. Blesing and Grattiude now and always.
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Devin Croft
Thank you.
I have truly grown to appreciate Formula Botanica and what they have to offer. These podcasts are an amazing example of who they are and what they have to offer! I was a little hesitant to enroll in the "Diploma in Organic Skincare" course. I was so cautious about being scammed that the Director, Lorraine Dallmeier, called to reassure me that they are who they say. I am so grateful to you all! I trust, believe and support Formula Botanica and what they stand for. I will one day create my own skincare products that promote self-love! I am so grateful and look forward to what this podcast will present to us next! Thank you! Warmly, Tamarra Robinson 🌸
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Tamarra Robinson
Great for Green Beauty enthusiasts
I love Lorraine and FB for putting this together. Finally a good source of green beauty information in podcast form!
These podcast are a great tool especially for someone who is exploring skincare products. The information given is useful I’m in the US and I learned of a system the U.K uses for labeling that flipped a switch and motivated me to dive deep and explore more. It these podcast are encouraging and listening to them was time very well spent!
Learning the shades of natural
Very informative podcast over what natural means. We live in a world with so much information that it is hard to find the correct one. This podcast spelled it out in a simple and precise way. Helped me understand better the bases of how to formule.
Amazing Content
I’m enthralled! Such clear information for both me and my customers. Can’t wait for more. Thank you!
Loving this podcast, is very informative and educational.
Really informative and great for all levels
I literally just love this school in general and am excited to listen to the podcasts. Skincare and makeup is a deep passion of mine so I’m always looking for more information. I also like to stay as organic as I can and this wraps all of that together. Can’t wait for the next one!
Elizabeth Z
Super podcast all about natural organic cosmetics!
Formula Botanica is world class and this podcast just shows how much information they have and how kind they are to share it with all of us. They are extremely knowledgeable and their classes/diplomas are excellent as well! I’m so glad that this podcast is now out and it’s so easy to download and listen anywhere in the world. Highly recommend and I can’t wait for more episodes.
Balancing Nature & Science Like A Boss!
I am in love with the info that Formula Botanica provides that blends together the worlds of nature and science. Finding a balance between the two is challenging, but even more challenging to convey to others. I have my degree in Biology so I adore science, research, and learning; but I’m super passionate about creating natural “potions” for fun and for my business. This is the exact info I’ve ben looking for, and I can’t wait for future podcasts so I can make even better potions, but more importantly to keep my friends and customers informed!! <3
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Cold Mountain Mandee
Love learning about Green Beauty! The information given is very applicable and appreciated!
a.cua beauty
I am student of the Formula Botanica School and am just absolutely taken away by the depth of knoweldge and their passion for the green beauty sector. This podcast is a much needed extra layer of nuanced conversations that address the 'grey' area in the green beauty. Keep pushing the boundaries and delivering to a fantastic knowledge knoweldge base!
Extremely Valuable!
I’ve always dream about becoming a skincare formulator, but there is no industry here in Puerto Rico nor any program available. Now, Formula Botanical had made it possible for people like me to make this dream come true. These podcast are fill with so much knowledge, and understanding on what is green beauty, and its concepts, what its need to creat a business and how, even the hardest steps of compliance, these podcast made them easy to follow.
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Great podcast
I’ve been formulating my own skincare products for about a year . I’ve been pondering starting my own business but it has seemed too overwhelming at times . I found these podcast very informative and helpful. I’m looking forward to more podcasts . Thank you !
Very good podcasts!!
All three podcasts were informative and interesting to me as a newbie in the green skincare business. I learned a lot and want to hear more from such knowledgeable speakers!
I joined formula Botanica in 2017 and since then they truly amaze and encourage with their support in many ways like online groups, weekly discussions, study groups and now the podcast.I really appreciate your hard work and positive attitude to share the knowledge with us.The topics are interesting and very informative.The more you learn, the more motivation you get. Thank you Formula Botanica Team.
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Madhurika G
Love it!
I’ve recently discovered the world of podcasts and I’m loving it! So far I’ve enjoyed the green beauty conversations. Very thoughtful, succinct and informative. An easy way up study😊 thank you formula formula botanica for doing such a great job!!!
Love this Company
Formula Botanica is my goto resource for green formulations. Love that they started this new initiative
Finally, a green beauty podcast!
As an aspiring skincare entrepreneur and green beauty blogger, this podcast is incredibly helpful! I love the educational aspect and it's deepened my knowledge about key issues in the green beauty world. Thank you for creating and can't wait for more episodes!
great resource
Love to make my own skin care products. Formula Botanica is a great resource with reliable information hard to find in so many websites and you tube videos. Thank you for these podcasts. Look forward for the next one.
My new favorite podcast!! It’s so informative and entertaining.
Ana Ori
These podcasts are intelligent, thoughtful, and adresse some of the most pressing issues for formulators today.
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