Gender Reveal
Gender Reveal
Tuck Woodstock
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essential for gender
i’ve been listening to this podcast for so long and it’s been so fun transitioning alongside tuck and mckenzee the advice episodes helped me come out publicly in 2019 and the duo are still at it delivering stellar and correct trans and queer advice
Christian BC
I’m so glad this podcast exists!
That’s all.
heath griff
Helped me understand my own gender as a cis woman
I started listening to Gender Reveal a little ways into the pandemic. Tuck had been reporting on the Portland protests and was featured on NPR where the podcast was mentioned. I started listening to Gender Reveal while I hiked up Mount Tabor or while I cleaned. As a purist, I started from the beginning, which I really don’t recommend. Things and opinions change over time. But I’m honestly so glad that I did listen to the evolution of opinion and discourse. It was the example of change and growth that I needed to ease my way into questioning what made ME a cis woman. I learned that I can be a masculine cis woman and not feel pressure to transition socially or anything. I learned that you can be an AFAB who’s nonbinary and still trans femme. Your identity is your own. Thank you for helping this once kinda terfy masculine lesbian learn more about the trans community. My trans-masc future husband also appreciates you for this.
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The best!!
10/10 Great host Great podcast Great guests Bravo!
Would give this podcast 10 stars if I could!
This is my favorite podcast to recommend to everyone!
Fun and very informative
Love this podcast! The interviews cover such a wide variety of people in different fields and with different relationships to gender. I laugh a lot and learn a lot!
Zine Scene Discovery! 😁
I went to a zine event in Portland recently and found a flier for this show in the zine bike they had there. Decided to scan the QR code and I’m so glad I did! This podcast is really fun. The hosts are funny and very relatable. Definitely one of my new favorites! 😊
I never miss an episode.
I laugh, I cry, I feel less alone and more informed, utterly validated and borderline hopeful. Thank you, Tuck, for all your incredible devotion to us. From Portland, with queer love.
Made me gayer - love this podcast! I started listening to get a more even footing in closeness and empathy with my trans family members and friends, and I feel like that succeeded and more! Great stuff!
Love it!
Love this show. Tuck is funny and I appreciate the shout outs to little-known trans and nonbinary groups.
Incredible interview format
Tuck is able to create an atmosphere of friendly informality while also keeping the conversation flowing. Absolutely love the podcast!
Love this Podcast.
Informative and also very cool and trans
It's great to hear a variety of perspectives and thoughts from trans and genderqueer guests. And Tuck has a lovely and charming laugh.
A Tome of Essential Interviews
It’s a common occurrence for me to pause this show and write down something. These discussions are so varied and brilliant; you’d be hard-pressed to find a more comprehensive, easily accessed collection of queer and trans stories and philosophies. No matter who you are, listening to Gender Reveal will expand your mind.
Cat Blackard
Love this podcast!
So insightful. Tuck has such an intuitive sense when it comes to asking great questions and allowing guests to talk freely
My favorite podcast
Gender scholars!!
This Podcast Gave Me Trans Community
I started listening to this podcast a few months into questioning my gender and have been listening to it for two years now! Who knows if I would be as comfortable and open about my gender ambiguity without it?! I love the variety of gender expressions and identities represented on this show; it is so comforting and inspiring as a person who doesn’t fit within the binary. My favorites though are the advice episodes with Mackenzie, which are just a ton of fun. An enormous thank you to Tuck and all the incredible guests on this show ♥️
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Amelia Balik
You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You’ll change your gender!
Do yourself a favor: LISTEN. TO. THIS. PODCAST!!!! Truly could not recommend this more, it’s my rock. I recommend it to all my friends, especially friends who could use some help understanding the Trans Experience ™️ Equal parts insightful, funny, and beautiful; Tuck and co consistently give us a beautiful, nuanced, full representation of the human experience. Oh! And the guests: some of the coolest, smartest, wildest people around. You’ll come away with some great music and books to dig in to.
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Screw around- sex changes for alll
Absolutely flawless podcast.
This may be the best podcast that exists…
…& I listen to (& like) a LOT of podcasts. This may or may not have made me trans, but it does make me very happy & occasionally confused in ways that eventually make me smarter and more compassionate. Who knows what it might do for you??
The most helpful, informative, and entertaining podcast there is
I started listening to gender reveal off of the recommendation of my librarian friend when I was first coming to terms with my transition. I promptly listened to every episode and then had my parents listen to a few to help them understand trans issues better. And if a couple of working class boomers and their raging anarchist child can love this podcast, I don’t know who couldn’t. Thank you Tuck for all that you do!
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Amazing podcast for pride month
I always recommend Gender Reveal when someone wants to know more about Queer life!
Matteo Tom
Love Tuck!
Tuck is a great (and funny). Love the guests.
Affirming and brain-stimulating!!!
Tuck is an excellent interviewer with a great sense of humor, sensitivity/compassion, and curiosity. Great exposure to interesting guests and different ways of deconstructing gender. I listen regularly for a combo of lolz, intellectual engagement, and resonance for my own queer identities and gender journeys.
Ré B
Gender Oracles
I so appreciate Tuck and guests for their regular drops of wisdom, info, and discourse around all things gender. I never review podcasts, but this show is worthy of breaking my silence! I love recommending this show to others and having them come back to me to say thanks. Tuck gets more listeners and I get to look smart! Thanks to the makers of this show and keep on keepin on!
Tuck Woodstock is my favorite paradoxical relationship
I’ve been listening since 2018 and went through the back catalog once I started. I love this host and these guests. They have introduced me to countless books I now love, musical artists, visual artists, and other generally cool people. Listen to it. Now (?)
Tuck should teach “how to interview” classes to other podcast hosts
I discovered this podcast after hearing Tuck guest on You’re Wrong About and have been binging episodes of GR since. I love the space and time that Tuck gives their guests to answer questions. It’s amazing to get to hear guests speak without a host talking over them or making “mmhmm” sounds every 30 seconds.
One of my top first listens
Can't get enough of Tuck — so brilliant, funny, and a great interviewer — the folks interviewed on gender reveal always make me laugh and think!
Ask yourself…
Who is promoting this? Why is it being pushed? Wake up western man
love this podcast!!
so so good. loved to see tuck on you’re wrong about! i hope it brings lots of new listeners :)
Always lifts my spirits
Even when talking about important and heavy subjects, this podcast always makes me laugh and lifts my spirits. I’m a mom to a bi-identified offspring and we enjoy this podcast together on the ride to school in the mornings. I highly recommend it!
Hard to beat
Been scouring the web for podcasts on gender and found this to be by far the most engaging and useful. I look forward to Monday’s when it drops!
Nevada Bob from Reno
Today was the day I revealed to the world of my transness and I feel so relieved and always with joyful welling in my eyes through the day. Listening to the interviews was affirmation I am leading with love and authenticity. Much solidarity 🏳️‍⚧️
a gal with a brain cell
Great show
I love the interviews and think it is a great way to explore gender and learn the perspective of many different people.
Wonderful interviews
Jennie MM
Just started listening!
I’m always on the hunt for new podcasts to get me through the work day and I’m glad I found this one via It’s Been A Minute. Love listening to and supporting queer content. I’ll continue bouncing around through past episodes after having binged several recent ones.
Best feast on the web.
Also the gayest. 5 Stars.
Damnwell Betterbe
My Favorite Pod
The literal best.
Consistently great
I’ve been listening to this podcast since the very beginning and I love it! My only complaint is that (if I’m not mistaken) we haven’t heard from a single trans man yet, this season. I would love to hear from other gay trans guys and trans seniors of all genders
Masen Everson S.
the greatest detective show
Tuck and Ozzie are the best gender detective duo since Sherlock and Watson. 🧚🏻‍♂️Tuck’s commitment to discovery of what gender has led to a podcast with more love, anger, and absolute joy for 10 seasons. Every week the show makes you think about your personal gender journey. In my ideal future gender would look like: to borrow from Lucifer “I mean if all the apples are bad-maybe it is the tree.” I would love it if people realized current ways of seeing gender and sex are the bad apples and we need to cut down the tree. I hear Eve liked pomegranites anyway. Let’s start there.
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Wi KellyG-acolyte😊
This podcast made me trans. Thanks Tuck!
Fantastic podcast!
I’m a melodramatic person, but I’m NOT being melodramatic when I say that this podcast has changed my life, and the way I see the world. Thank you Tuck!
podcast of the highest calibre
This show is amazing; I can't recommend it enough. I've been listening for a few months but was moved to write this review by the recent episode with Jules Gill-Peterson, who was just freaking incredible. I was, at various points, slack-jawed with awe, kind of crying, cracking up. A tour de force. Thank you to Tuck and everyone involved in this show for your interviews, your advocacy both tacit and explicit, and for connecting listeners to all these rad people we need to know about.
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great interviews
always a delight 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️
Very nice
Just spamming lgbtq pods with love! 💖💖💖
I listened to all of the episodes of this podcast from the first episode to the latest, starting as a cis woman with she/they pronouns. Tuck is so respectful of the guests while still asking hard questions, which even make the listener really think. The different guests provide representation from many different genders and experiences, so the podcast never gets boring and there’s always something new to connect to. Gender Reveal is a safe-space for gender exploration and provides a sense of community for those of us who might not otherwise have access to it. I’m sure that I am not the first person to have my egg cracked by this podcast, but somewhere along the 115 current episodes, I realized that I am a non-binary trans person with they/them pronouns. I’m so thankful for Tuck, Julia, and all of the awesome guests they have.
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In depth authentic exploration
I am immediately drawn into each episode. I love you podcast. Thank you for the important work you are doing to change the binary world.
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