Gender Reveal
Gender Reveal
Tuck Woodstock
Welcome to Gender Reveal, a podcast that centers nonbinary and transgender folks. Join us as we interview trans artists and activists, answer listener questions, analyze current events, and get a little bit closer to understanding what the heck gender is.
BONUS: Election Day Check-In
In which Tuck whispers to you in their closet for what might be one four-minute run-on sentence.
Nov 3
4 min
BONUS: Grants, Mutual Aid, and Laverne Cox on LGBTQ&A
This week, Tuck belatedly announces our latest grant program and mutual aid fund. (Applications due by 10/31.) Then, we listen to Jeffrey Masters interview Laverne Cox on acclaimed queer interview podcast LGBTQ&A.
Oct 25
34 min
BONUS: Fire, Fanny Packs, and the TransLash Podcast
This week, Tuck chats a bit before sharing an episode of the TransLash Podcast, a new show that covers news, culture and politics from a trans perspective, hosted by Peabody and Emmy-award-winning journalist Imara Jones.
Sep 8
39 min
BONUS: "I'm Seeing My Liberation Right Now"
This week, Tuck shares an excerpt from Transcripts, a new trans activism podcast by the Tretter Transgender Oral History Project.
Aug 23
21 min
Episode 76: Hideo Higashibaba
In the Season 5 finale, we speak with audio producer, stand-up comic and drag queen Hideo Higashibaba (he/him). Topics include chosen family, transfemme men, and growing up in a cult. [CW: suicide (40-41:20)]
Aug 10
56 min
BONUS: A chaotic check-in from Tuck
In this bonus episode, Tuck says hi because they miss you and everything happens so much.
Jul 21
10 min
Episode 75: Addison Rose Vincent
This week, we speak with nonbinary advocate Addison Rose Vincent. Topics include rushing sororities, working at Disneyland, becoming a full-time trans advocate, and being a transfeminine person with a full beard.
Jun 29
46 min
BONUS: Protests, SCOTUS, and "thinking about the think pieces" with Queersplaining
Tuck rambles for 15 consecutive minutes (oops!), then shares their conversation with Callie Wright about media literacy, passive voice, “objectivity,” and whether you can trust media coverage of protests.
Jun 22
55 min
BONUS: Dominique, Riah, Layleen, and Alyssa Pariah
Tuck gives a quick overview of the many breaking trans news stories from the last few days. Then, we revisit our conversation with activist and labor organizer Alyssa Pariah (she/her).
Jun 15
45 min
Episode 74: Vidhya Aravind
This week, we speak with activist Vidhya Aravind. Topics include police abolition, activism as gender expression, and why nonprofits won't save trans people.
Jun 9
58 min
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