#FSCK 'Em All!
#FSCK 'Em All!
T. Greg Doucette
Your weekly consistency check on America’s political and legal filesystems
We Live in the Dumbest Possible Timeline (Episode 104)
We’re back! Join us this week for cops doing casual corpse-fondling in California, beating a domestic violence victim for sport in Texas, repeatedly shooting an autistic 13-year-old in Utah, and a lot more! *THANK YOU* to this week’s Show Note Sponsors (Anon, Trey Benfield, Ian Booth, Brian Carruthers, Mary Jo Gustafson, JH, Colleen Mahaney, Neil Richmond, Michael Teal, Mr. Zaroc) and our #Law140 Lovers (Lindsey Bowser, Casey Carmody, Erica Phillips, Helen Poston, and Joe Sevits)! Show Notes: * The Police Brutality Mega-Thread (Twitter) * 9th Circuit: Qualified immunity given to social worker who sexually harassed child’s legal guardian and then retaliated against her when she reported the harassment (9th Circuit COA) * ARIZONA: Tempe PD cop Ronald Kerzaya holds black man at gunpoint responding to call about white suspect (KTVK 3) * CALIFORNIA: LAPD cop David Rojas criminally charged for being caught on bodycam fondling a dead woman (LA Times) * CALIFORNIA: Orange County deputy Steve Hortz arrested after being caught on video repeatedly burglarizing the home of a dead man (KCBS 2) * CALIFORNIA: 7 other Orange County deputies suspended for falsely collecting paid time off for non-existent military service (KTLA 5) * CONNECTICUT: Bridgeport PD chief Armando Perez resigns after being federally indicted for fraud (Connecticut Post) * FLORIDA: Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco thinks the movie “Minority Report” was a documentary (Tampa Bay Times) * GEORGIA: White deputies caught on camera beating the everlasting sh*t out of black man for not providing ID (WXIA 11) * GEORGIA: Henry County deputies conduct a no-knock SWAT raid on the wrong house, traumatize 79-year-old owner, get qualified immunity (WXIA 11) * LOUISIANA: Three Lafayette police officers caught on camera beating the sh*t out of two black teens for sport (NBC News) * LOUISIANA: New Orleans PD sergeant Robert Blanchard charged with pulling a gun on a motorist in road rage incident (New Orleans Advocate) * MICHIGAN: Macomb County elected District Attorney Eric Smith pleads guilty to federal charges after asking subordinates to lie to police investigating him for corruption (Macomb...
Sep 14
1 hr 17 min
3rd Rule of Fsck Remains Undefeated Too (Episode 103)
Join us this week for a lot of cops caught on video doing stupid sh*t, police using stay-at-home orders to keep black folks in the house while whites roam free, a truly excellent long-read dissection of qualified immunity, and other stories that make you wonder wtf is going on in this country.
May 12
1 hr 15 min
One Law for Me, Another for Thee (Episode 102)
Prisons continue to get swarmed by the coronavirus, more elected officials ignore the laws they demand we follow, and cops arrest kids for Facebook posts
Apr 27
47 min
1st Rule of Fsck Remains Undefeated (Episode 101)
Even in a pandemic, police somehow manage to screw up on camera repeatedly. Join us as we review Colorado police handcuffing a man who did nothing wrong, Pennsylvania police ripping a man off a bus, and a very Florida story out of Florida!
Apr 13
39 min
#Law140: Politicians’ Pandemic Powers (Episode 100)
What powers does the President have in a pandemic? How about the Governor? Can the state force you to stay at home, or block your church from holding services, or stop you from working? Listen in for the law on politicians' pandemic powers!
Apr 9
48 min
Coronavirus Chaos (Episode 99)
Join us this week as we go over some of the effects of the coronavirus on jail populations in several states, the Sixth Circuit granting qualified immunity to police who abused an innocent homeowner for sport, and two separate stories of Judges Gone Wild in Illinois and Indiana!
Apr 9
48 min
Happy New Year! (Episode 98)
Pennsylvania judge slams cops who lied during trial, Alabama police shoot a woman while looking for man who was already in jail, and a surprise denial of qualified immunity!
Feb 24
1 hr 4 min
Vic Mignogna: Dismissed with Prejudice (Episode 97)
Join us this week for a case of actual RICO in Georgia, the number of euphemisms a Kentucky news outlet will use to avoid saying a police officer raped 5 women, and an outrageous story in Fort Worth Texas as police kill a woman in her own home while she&#8217;s playing video games with her nephew. Plus, a #Law140 overview of the appeals process! *THANK YOU* to this week&#8217;s Show Note Sponsors (Anon, Trey Benfield, Judi Kane, Colleen Mahaney, Benjamin Nagy, Rob Simmons, and Michael Teal) and our #Law140 Lovers (Lindsey Bowser, Andrew Murphy, Erica Phillips, Helen Poston, Joe Sevits, and Michael VanOrder)! Show Notes: * Thanks to Emmett Plant for this week&#8217;s cover art! Follow Emmett on Twitter here! * Vic Mignogna, his attorney Ty Beard, and his advisor Nick Rekieta got LOL&#8217;d out of court (Dallas Morning News) * CBP Officer illegally detains journalist until he admits to writing &#8220;propaganda&#8221; (Defense One) * ICE relocates 700 women detainees, refuses to notify attorneys of where they&#8217;re being held (HuffPost) * FLORIDA: West Palm Beach County Judge John Kastrenakes sentences 21-year-old black man to jail for oversleeping jury duty (BuzzFeed News) * GEORGIA: City of White police chief David Johnny King, city clerk Jane Lanette Richards and police officer Blake Douglas Scheff indicted for RICO, extortion (WMAZ 13) * ILLINOIS: DeKalb police on video choking the sh*t out of unarmed 25-year-old black man Elonte McDowell for minor weed possession (ABC News) * ILLINOIS: 9-year-old Kyle Alwood charged with first-degree murder for lethal trailer fire (Peoria Journal Star) * KENTUCKY: Louisville PD officer Pablo Cano sentenced to just 5 years for &#8220;unwanted sex&#8221; – rape – of five different women and possession of kiddie porn (WOWK 13) * MARYLAND: Baltimore DA identifies 25 more &#8220;discredited&#8221; police officers, asks court to vacate 800+ convictions (Baltimore Sun) * We talked about the GTTF in Fsck #25 * &#8230;and Fsck #27 * &#8230;and Fsck #32 * &#8230;and Fsck #38 * &#8230;and Fsck #39 * &#8230;and Fsck #41 * <a href="https://www.fsckemall.
Oct 14, 2019
1 hr 20 min
Season 3 Reboot (Episode 96)
We announced Season 3 a little early so we&#8217;re trying again! Join us this week as we talk about a Florida corrections officer raping a woman on house arrest, a North Carolina sex crimes detective committing sex crimes, the Fifth Circuit denying qualified immunity to a Texas cop who arrested a photographer for sport, and much more! *THANK YOU* to this week&#8217;s Show Note Sponsors (Anon, Trey Benfield, Judi Kane, Colleen Mahaney, Benjamin Nagy, Rob Simmons, and Michael Teal) and our #Law140 Lovers (Lindsey Bowser, Andrew Murphy, Erica Phillips, Helen Poston, Joe Sevits, and Michael VanOrder)! Show Notes: * Threadnought Day 100 Roundtable with the Violet Wanderers podcast! * Fifth Circuit: No qualified immunity for Dallas police officer who arrested freelance photographer for taking pictures (Reason) * The Fifth Circuit&#8217;s opinion in Adelman v. Branch (Reason) * CALIFORNIA: LAPD killer cop Salvador Sanchez will not be charged in the extrajudicial summary execution of schizophrenic Kenneth French (LA Times) * CALIFORNIA: Uber driver files First Amendment lawsuit after San Diego police officer Jason Langley arrests him and has his car impounded for recording on his phone (San Diego Union-Tribune) * FLORIDA: Miami-Dade corrections officer Yulian Gonzalez arrested for raping woman on house arrest (Miami Herald) * FLORIDA: Orlando PD School Resource Officer Dennis Turner, fired for arresting two 6-year-old black kids, had a history of child abuse! (BuzzFeed News) * FLORIDA: Tamarac Commissioner Mike Gelin confronts Broward Sheriff&#8217;s Office deputy Joshua Gallardo during awards ceremony about false arrest (WSVN 7) * FLORIDA: Tarpon Springs PD officer Steve Bergren resigns before he can be fired for threatening a mass shooting (Tampa Bay Times) * GEORGIA: Georgia State Patrol officer Brian Sanchez fired, arrested for aggravated child molestation (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) * GEORGIA: Gwinnett County Superior Court Judge Kathryn Schrader for computer trespass after investigating to see if DA&#8217;s Office was spying on her (Gwinnett Daily Post) * GEORGIA: Hampton PD officers summarily execute naked 24-year-old Fernando Rodriquez as 3 officers tase him at the same time (WSB 2) * IDAHO: <a href="https://www.
Sep 30, 2019
1 hr 1 min
Perpetual Dumpster Fires (Episode 95)
Join us this week for commentary on the Supreme Court&#8217;s criminal justice cases ending the term, a single Florida deputy who&#8217;s personally framed more than 100+ motorists for drug offenses, an Illinois man arrested for walking outside, and a bombshell election in New York City! *THANK YOU* to this week&#8217;s Show Note Sponsors (Anon, Trey Benfield, Judi Kane, Colleen Mahaney, and Michael Teal) and our #Law140 Lovers (Andrew Murphy, Erica Phillips, Helen Poston, Joe Sevits, and Michael VanOrder)! Show Notes: * Episode 93 is a patron-only special on Congressional oversight powers! (Patreon) * SCOTUS: 7.25-1.75, no §1983 lawsuit for retaliatory arrest if there&#8217;s probable cause to arrest on any charge at all (CaseText) * SCOTUS: 7-2, separate sovereigns exception to double jeopardy remains alive and well (CaseText) * SCOTUS: 6-3, limitations period for §1983 wrongful prosecution lawsuits don&#8217;t start until acquittal (CaseText) * SCOTUS: 5-4, portion of the Hobbs Act is unconstitutionally vague (CaseText) * CALIFORNIA: Sacramento County releases disciplinary file on deputy who lied about traffic stop, tased driver (Sacramento Bee) * CALIFORNIA: San Fransisco police raid home of journalist over leaked report into dead public defender Jeff Adachi (San Francisco Chronicle) * The Police Chief is now &#8220;sorry&#8221; for the raid (San Francisco Chronicle) * CALIFORNIA: Auditor finds taxpayers pay excessive overtime for the Sheriff&#8217;s Office due to paper timesheets (KTVU 2) * FLORIDA: Jackson County Sheriff&#8217;s Deputy Zachary Wester planted drugs in at least 118 vehicles! (The Appeal) * Our episode on Deputy Wester&#8217;s termination (Fsck #86) * This also happens in Chicago (Fsck #51) * And in Los Angeles (Fsck #37) * And in Baltimore (Fsck #24) * And in Baltimore (Fsck #20) * And in Baltimore (Fsck #17) * HAWAII: Former prosecutor Katherine Kealoha jailed after being found guilty of conspiracy (AP News) * We talked about this case when the officers involved were indicted for fabricating evidence (Fsck #57) * ILLINOIS: The state is mass-expunging marijuana convictions (CNN) * ILLINOIS: <a href="https://www.journalstandard.
Jul 2, 2019
59 min
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