Flippin' Orbs - An Old School MtG Podcast
Flippin' Orbs - An Old School MtG Podcast
Interviews, Deck Techs, Trivia, Card Discussions, Collecting and more about Old School Magic the Gathering. Hosted by Gordon Andersson, Seb Celia and Eliot Davidoff. More info on www.Wak-Wak.se
Episode 29 - The Green Mean Typhoon Machine
The sun has at last come to the north and the grass is green. So why not do a green episode? We talk about creatuires and spells. Underplayed cards and cards that as Eliot says “sees the correct amount of play”. Do you agree with our picks and thoughts?
Jun 18, 2020
1 hr 13 min
Episode 28 - Brewing with the Plague
At last it's time for a new episode! This time it was recorded live and streamed on Twitch. Watch the replay on our site or Youtube. This time we talked about The Dark and the card Pestilence because reasons hehe. Hope you like it!
May 13, 2020
Episode 27 - Shuffle, Cut & Ante
Hey there! What's that? Who's there? Well it is Markus Lundqvist (or is it actually Richard Stebbing?) Dragged from ye old Britannia and representing the Brothers of Fires crew he had a chat with us about this and that and one very special topic for him. This episode is for all of you itching to play more cards from the whole of 93/94 card pool and are crazy enough for some big stakes. Yes, we sat down with him in a pub to talk about the thing that is Ante 40k.
Feb 8, 2020
1 hr 46 min
Episode 26 - Booster Time!
We open a Scryings booster with a bunch of spoilers.
Dec 20, 2019
1 hr 6 min
Episode XX - Not a Flippin' Orbs episode
You have probably heard of Scryings and that it is spoiler season! We at Wak-Wak got a spoiler to write about, but we had an opportunity to hear what a lot of people thought about the spoiler so we instead did an audio recording. Hope you don’t mind and without further ado, here it is!
Dec 10, 2019
40 min
Episode 25 - Into the Maze
What have they done!? What on earth should we do now? Maze of it is unrestricted in EC rules and we talk about what, how and when you can do something about that in this LIVE* episode of Flippin Orbs.
Sep 15, 2019
1 hr 4 min
Episode 24 - Do not disturb my Circles!
Gordon, Eliot and Seb each brought to table one card to build a deck around. Some of the ideas may be viable, some may not. We also talk a bit about which is the coolest vanilla creature and of course the elephant in the room, how do we address all the drama that some pesky circles have done to our dear community?
Aug 31, 2019
2 hr 10 min
Episode 23 - Eternal Flame
This episode is part two of Episode 18 but it has been delayed so don't trust Gordon when he says it is episode 20. In this episode we talk about how to keep the interest and the format fun even though it doesn't change much. Also we talk about different ways and formats you can play to use your old school cardpool.
Aug 2, 2019
2 hr 3 min
Episode 22.5 - The Annual B&R Episode with Mg
Yes, it is that time of the year again. N00bcon has come and gone and a month has passed. That means it is time for Magnus “Mg” De Laval to update the B&R, if any changes are needed that is. If you want to know if something happened, listen to the episode.
May 14, 2019
46 min
Episode 22(?) - n00bcon retrospective aka a Shiver of Guests
Feeling a bit like you missed out? Oh, do we have an episode for you! In this episode we let 6 guests talk about their n00bcon experience and we may also have a 7th person as a surprise ;)
Apr 28, 2019
3 hr 12 min
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