Flippin' Orbs - An Old School MtG Podcast
Flippin' Orbs - An Old School MtG Podcast

Episode 25 - Into the Maze

1 hour 4 minutes Posted Sep 15, 2019 at 6:32 pm.
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Show notes

What have they done!? What on earth should we do now? Maze of it is unrestricted in EC rules and we talk about what, how and when you can do something about that in this LIVE* episode of Flippin Orbs.

Gordon, Eliot and Seb discuss some ways to play Maze of Ith now with the unrestriction of the card in EC rules. What are the best interactions with maze? How do we find out the best card to make use of maze? What decks will be better? Come join us in this live* episode of Flipping Orbs.

*= We actually streamed this episode live on Twitch and there is a good chance we will do it again so do follow us there on twitch.tv/wakwakmtg. That also means we have video of this so if you want you can look at our beautiful faces as well on YouTube for this episode hehe.