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Informative podcast
The team does a good job of explaining and weighing in on the world of political polling. Despite what some of the negative reviews say, the podcast is not overtly partisan.However, if you are someone who doesn’t believe in polls that don’t conform to your own biases, this is probably not the podcast for you.
Losing Touch
This has been my single favorite news/politics podcast because of the grounded data-driven methodology. Recently this show has pushed Perry Bacon Jr. as a primary voice. Perry Bacon Jr. is the worst. His hot take commentary is antithetical to what fivethirtyeight stands for, data driven journalism. Perry’s new found soapbox is extremely aggravating. Perry’s constant gasps for air make the show unbearable. Being back Clare Malone and limit the shift to full blown woke culture. The bulk of the country is moderate please stop catering to team equity-of-outcome. Update: 9/10/20 Balance is getting better but there is no stopping those awful gasps for air from Perry. Seriously, should we be worried about him?
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One of my favs
The Fivethirtyeight blog was recommended to me by my mathematician boyfriend. Started listening to the podcast during my long commute and although it gets a little too wonky for me at times, I totally fell in love with Claire and stuck with it. Now I’m hooked. Perry gives incredibly thoughtful insights to political strategy.
Unsubscribing, Again.
I’m unsubscribing, again ! Nate was unable to describe a weak spot in the “model”. The show’s episodes following the 2016 election dealt with that explanation, to little, to late. I suggest spending more time educating, less time promoting your credibility.
Data + Humor
Great data analysis and political commentary based on math. Occasionally devolves into hot takes, but at least the cast is self-aware and acknowledges when their takes are based on evidence and when they are based on common/ prevailing wisdom. I love the way that the cast interacts. Genuinely funny, especially Claire.
About as even handed as you can get in political talk shows
As someone who leans conservative, I find that this podcast is one of the few political shows I can listen to without wanting to pull my hair out. Even many conservative talk shows which just hype up all the talking points that the party leave a bad taste after a while. It seems pretty obvious that in their personal politics, most if not all of the commentators are left-leaning if not strongly aligned with the Democratic party, yet I've always found the commentary on the show to be as neutral as you can be in this day and age. They hold eachother accountable to backing up arguments with polling or other evidence, they phrase everything in terms of "Good for this candidate / bad for this candidate", and on the few occasions when they make value calls on something a candidate does or says, it's worth criticising. Overall it seems like this is one of the few political talk shows I've found that describes the state of the race in even-handed terms. Additionally, I've found that all commentators do a great job of keeping the show light, moving along, focused, and still able to laugh and kid around in the midst of serious topics. I can't recommend this podcast highly enough!
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You will cry again when you lie to yourself
Let me guess...Biden by 132. Numbers lose their meaning when emotions take over.
Freddie bag of donuts
Best Political Commentary
I’ve been listening to this podcast for years and still love it. I like political commentators who are genuinely interested in getting at the truth, not just providing more support for what their listeners already believe. I especially appreciate hearing from Nate, Clare, and Perry. It seems like Clare’s snarkiness is a point of conflict among reviewers. I like it. Keep it snarky, Clare!
Dana Elisa
I love Democrats!!
If the national polls are to believed and the battleground states are leaning Biden, then why is SloJoe campaigning in Minnesota, Michigan and Pennsylvania? Obviously their polls are seeing things yours are not.
Have enjoyed this show for years
Posting per Galen’s latest reminder
Great Analysis - all personalities have something unique
While I do miss the days of just Claire, Nate, and Micha, I do love the addition of Perry and occasional swapping with other FiveThirtyEight team members. I can see why some reviewers feel there has been a shift overall in tone at certain times, but for a politics podcast I am still impressed by the ability to focus on the numbers and the messaging. It’s nearly impossible today to not have some bias, and in morally ambiguous times I think it’s important to let it show sometimes and call out what needs to be called out. So don’t give too much weight to the negative reviews - my go-to show every week!
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Ty Wycoff
Comments on Senator Markey
I am an avid listener to this podcasts. I am an older progressive as Claire described Senator Markey. I realize there are many listeners who appreciate the “snarky comments” and I just overlook them for the substance of this podcast. However, today, when Perry Bacon used the term “old guy Markey” I found it demeaning to the Senator and to the office he holds. If he finds it necessary to classify Senator Markey by age - I think maybe he could learn from Claire by using a more respectful term - such as older progressive, older Senator….many options here. Not only does this type of comment insult older listeners but it is also one more “nick” at our institutions and the respect we should show them. We have quite a bit of that with the current occupant of the White House…don’t need to have reporters follow that example. Joan Beverstock
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Trump Broke Them
This used to be a good, neutral show. But they’ve now started gaslighting just as hard as the rest of the media. I don’t like having my intelligence insulted. Bye, liberal hacks
Jonesin 4 entertainment
Lefties down to a man/woman
Hear left wingers pretend (not so well) to be bipartisan. They love Biden!
Mixed feelings
Interesting content, but sometimes feels disorganized . And these are honestly the people with the most annoying voices ever.. that MSU be petty, but it is an audio program, do I think it’s
8/31 show
Enjoyable as always. But must Ms. Malone use the word “like” multiple times in each declarative sentence? The word is a tweenish placeholder and unbefitting a mature journalist. It’s also bad podcasting at any age.
DNC/RNC coverage was garbage
Congrats on staying up late but the convention coverage was pretty infuriating. Stick to numbers and analysis instead of false-equivalency and taking obvious lies at face value. I’m going to try to get back into it during a Model Talk episode or something, but that may have killed my love of the show. Definitely not as good as it was in 2016...
The Offive Podcast
Love the analysis
I love how patient Nate is with stats. Other members of the show are more willing to use common narratives to extrapolate from the poles, but Nate is patient and waits for the data. Good on ya!
The Best Political Podcast
I look forward to this podcast every week. It’s such good analysis and discussion about current issues. Definitely recommend
Eliz Ortiz
White & Black people protesting
I’m kind of liking this podcast. It’s pretty neutral for the most part. I like to listen to an array of podcasts so that I can make my own decisions, especially about the upcoming election. Only thing, could be a bit more clear about certain details of info. For instance on Monday, 08-31, the BLM protests were consistently referred to as “Black people protesting”. Could this be an issue for democrats? I mean, I guess especially if you keep referring to BLM protests happening in Caucasian dominated areas as “Black people protesting”. You’re apart of the media problem that was discussed during the podcast... go figure...because unfortunately humans.
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Missing Perry Bacon
Perry is clearly the best (most knowledgable and analytical) political commentator on the podcast (perhaps in the country) and for some reason he’s missing with no explanation. I’m not listening until I hear word that he has returned.
Concerned Listener AB
Love the Podcast—Nice to Have Micah Back!
Always enjoy the podcast. Good to have Micah Cohen back. I hope he’s back to stay.
Good, nuanced analysis
Overall I think this podcast does a great job at interpreting political news and contextualizing American political life with (although imperfect) public opinion poll data. Some might argue that their data oriented approach is overly cold/unemotional towards deeply emotional things — like putting numbers surrounding the pandemic immediately into electoral considerations (eg how does today’s COVID death toll affect Trump’s election chances/strategy). This doesn’t bother me, but I do think there are a lot of people who might find that distasteful, and thus might prefer a podcast that emphasizes the humanity of modern political issues like NYT’s The Daily or Pod Save America. I appreciate the openness of their data driven approach as it helps them cast themselves as more apolitical than most political journalists (although I’d be willing to bet that most people on the FiveThirtyEight team lean left). Overall, I think the appreciation for this podcast will vary from person to person due to the variance in preference on two fronts: 1) how to minimize journalistic bias during a time where political opinions run hot and a lot of people want more “calls to urgency”, and 2) how much we should incorporate cold data into our political stories at the expense of imbuing news with human emotion. If you don’t mind their less emotional and more numerical analysis of US politics, you might really enjoy this podcast!
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Field defender
More Nate and Clare
Less everyone else 😬
Team Micah🙌
Love the podcast! I miss Micah Cohen seems Perry Bacon Jr has replaced him who I also really like. I’ve read some of the other reviews and I want to say that I totally disagree with the negative comments on Perry! He really adds balance to the show, it seems he’s the only one who’s not recording from NYC..and in a southern red state too! Also, to the Clare haters...she’s probably my favorite and I’m less likely to listen if she’s not on an episode! She’s insightful and also ruthlessly reality checks everyone especially Nate who, I mean I appreciate his analysis but needs it most I think..just saying..
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"I'm glad that these conventions were revelatory about the empty form that is the American political convention." CM is my hero.
Claire is my fave
Great show in general, but I love Claire. She could have her own show. Sometimes the others try to hide their (liberal) bias too much and it gets whataboutism-y. Claire always has logical analysis, but she’s not afraid to point out logic usually is on the liberals’ side. Yet she’s not as #democratic fan club as Pod Save America. A balance that’s rarely executed well in the modern era.
Personal profile
Your Bias is Showing
Strong left bias masquerading as facts. You can make statistics say what you want and that’s exactly what they are doing. Used to be great.
Don’t like how Sarah positioned some statements.
I really had a problem on the podcast after Day 3 RNC with two things. 1)Sarah positioning stuff Biden said as a “gaffe”. She said that his commitment to picking a woman VP was “A gaffe”. This adds to perception of dementia that is being pushed by Republicans. You can say that you disagree with his making such a statement but it was in no way a gaffe. And 2)saying this is the year for Republican women... well that is entirely off base imho.
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NPR-esque Millennial Liberals
This podcast used to have great analysis, but it’s now just a bunch of randos echoing liberal opinions as though they represent the country.
The recap of night two of the RNC was terrible. The idea that it’s good politics to lie about the status of a vaccine during a pandemic is absurd.
Give me confirmation
Pretty good podcast, right? The analysis is tempered by nuanced critical thinking, right? I appreciate how Nate and the team educates listeners on how to evaluate polling methodology and accuracy, right? Right? Right.
Benjamin Mahan
Lazy journalism. Massively disappointed
I started listening again after I took a break awhile ago, and now I remember why. After listening to the DNC/RNC coverage, I honestly cannot understand why this podcast actually has listeners. I do like Clare’s commentary, which is insightful although cynical. However, no one seems to bother to provide any kind of context or any actual information that is even remotely useful or helpful for listeners. The episode on RNC night 2 was a waste of time. Someone actually said “do we even have data on whether misinformation is effective?” ARE YOU KIDDING ME. And when discussing Trump’s pardon, they fail to mention the obvious pro-police messaging behind it. Instead, they just gloss over it. There’s so much more wrong with this episode that I want to say, but I’ll leave it at that. Truly astounding that Galen and Nate Silver are still paid to do this. Please consider waiting a day to like, THINK before you speak into a microphone and then share it with the world.
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I love the discussions, especially Nate’s honest and refreshing perspectives. I do think that you all could be more conclusive in your thoughts. It’s okay to be wrong on a podcast.
john cenas eldery elbow
Cancel culture
The discussion of cancel culture in your last podcast was off the mark. Cancel culture and political correctness are similar but not the same. Political correctness substituted new terms for others that are now considered offensive, like black (or Black) for Negro or colored, Native American for Indian or the just-announced decision to change the name of Squaw Valley. Cancel culture aims to erase recognition of what are considered objectionable aspects of the past, such as statutes of Confederate generals or the name of the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton.
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Great analysis of politics based on statistics and verifiable data, not just hunches and buzz.
Silver is the only one with any interesting thoughts
The podcast is almost unlistenable now. No real analysis other than by Silver. The rest of the crew approach politics as theater critics.
Clare is really the only reason to listen
Let’s be honest - she’s the only smart, funny and listenable person on the podcast and I suppose it’s good that Nate is there as a contrast but really I’m only listening for Clare. So deducting one star because it’s not her show alone.
RNC night one
Agree with Clare re cancel culture. Have a late forties white male friend. Very religious. Doesn’t like trump but is a republican still. Doesn’t watch much tv. No twitter or Facebook. Watches a smattering of cnn, network news, and fox. Has expressed serious concerns to me about cancel culture (using that term) for months now. Dating back to 2019. Don’t be naive as to how much of a concern it is to conservatives
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Recent changes not polling that well with me
The program is gunshy and veers into speculation (especially from Perry who is not a good addition, and who almost never bases a speculation in facts or figures) far too often lately. Nate’s best when he sticks to facts and doesn’t read tea leaves or make assumptions. Not a big fan of how Perry doesn’t let Clare speak or finish her thoughts that often. It’s a bad energy. Especially when she’s often on the money.
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Interesting and informed Podcast contributors
Definitely has a different vibe than before the cast changes. Still listening but not enjoying it as much. Nate and Clare are my favorites.
538 is the very definition of milquetoast
Instead of providing any meaningful analysis, 538 serves up only wimpy mugwumpery, that satisfies NO ONE and annoys EVERYONE! With only limited time available for listening to podcasts, inquisitive minds are far better tuning into ANY other podcast!
Totally unimpressed !
Clare’s parents
Colbert occasionally has a segment w an employee’s mom!
Ginagina Smith
Not as good as it could be
Sometimes the show is fine, but most times it is far too professorial about a topic that requires emotional connection (politics). I don’t doubt the predicting prowess of this group but I am not impressed with their anodyne attempts at forecasting how the electorate will react.
Clare is inappropriately snarky
Objectivity and clear-eyed analysis are good. But please Clare keep your jaded cynicism in check. The implication that Joe Biden exploited his family tragedies for a”softening” political gain is abhorrent. Sorry that you find grief distasteful, Clare.
So snarky
Man, you guys were so nasty about the democratic convention: every person, every speech, every attempt, you all were just mean and cruel as fifth graders about every second of every night. it was a total downer to listen to you.
Not enjoying the changes
This used to be my favorite political podcast and I’d set aside uninterrupted time to listen to your thoughtful analysis and data-driven insights. I also enjoyed the banter and interaction between the hosts, it sounded like you knew and liked each other. Sadly, the mix of voices and personalities just doesn’t work anymore. At least not for me. Not sure if it’s Micah’s absence (I was delighted to hear his voice on night 3 of the convention) or the uneasy dynamic between Perry and Clare (I love Clare), but the show is no longer a fun listen. I’ll hang on through the election because I trust your insights and analysis, but this podcast is definitely falling off my ‘must listen’ list.
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Smart, Well-informed takes on politics
Long time listener - love the pod. So happy Perry has joined as a regular contributor, he has some of the smartest takes of anyone in political podcasting. Also huge shout out to Claire for bringing such great perspective from her conversations with voters. So happy to have this podcast to get me through the 2020 election
Ugly podcast. No show prep. Total reliance on geek era.
Just listened to the wretched August 18 DNC “analysis”. No show prep. No depth. Moderately amusing commentary. The question of whether or not a handful of self important millennials can improvise political commentary is decisively answered here. Terrible show.
These guys are very knowledgeable and entertaining at the same time. Love the analytics and opinions. Vote blue!
Voiceover Guy
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