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This podcast has amazing insight into the political environment we are dealing with today. Thank you folks so much for sharing your knowledge with a public that is so in need of real information. 👍
I miss Claire & Harry
Sorry, but the show is just not as lively or interesting without them. It’s better when Nate is on, but that seems to be less frequent. They need to find ways or hosts to make wonky topics more interesting.
baby brained
Imagine being stupid enough to treat Lindsey Graham’s abortion ban as if it is being offered in good faith. Well, you don’t have to imagine, you can just listen to this podcast from some of the dumbest people in U.S. politics. Just absolute pundit-brain schlock. These people just want to hear a very specific smug inflection in their own voices.
Needs an audio quality editor
As stated.
Liberal Austin Hawk
They Still haven’t recognized their bias
These guys are “polling experts” and are consistently wrong. Please, for the love of God, understand your own biases, as liberals, and figure out how to make polls better. It starts with understanding that none of you have ever voted for anything other than Dems, and adjusting accordingly.
Billy RLTW
There has to be a reason
The reviews stink, the show is crap unless Nate is talking, and Galen Druke is an overbearing impostor who seems to think he is there to embarrass his staff for the entertainment of his imagined audience. Why is this zombie show still on? I bet that if they cancel, it would release Nate from his contract - so they won’t.
One of the very best election podcasts out there!
Has gone downhill recently, Nate Silver attends infrequently.
If you like Nate Silver’s take on things, you won’t get it here most of the time now. His voice is sorely missed, as he has some very original thoughts. Some members of the current cast of the show frequently end up providing the same talking head opinions as other news sources.
I need more Nate
I need more Nate Silver and/or I'm going to need you to bring Clare and Harry back
At this point, it’s left wing propaganda
I have listened to nearly every episode of this show since it’s inception. I love FiveThirtyEight and Nate, but this show has become more and more leftist. In the most recent episode, they rationalize the student loan forgiveness with opinions that are not grounded in reality. Citing no sources, the panel shared opinions that are not consistent with nearly any economists or think tank who has chimed in on this matter. Nate is simply controlled opposition at this point. Almost every episode where Nate is present, we have to hear these libs laugh off his comments as if he’s a wacky Fox News panelist even though he’s clearly left of center. That is how far left this production has gone. The progressive New York elitist ideology is so deeply baked into these people’s brains that we can no longer describe this as a data centric podcast anymore. Perry, Harry, and Claire - who were all overtly left leaning - were excellent at their job and able to convey views and data that didn’t align with their world views. But now, that culture is gone. This is just woke emotional garbage. We’re past cherry picking data and at the point where they just ramble off progressive talking points. I’ve listened for years as this insanely good podcast which pioneered a genre ultimately fell into the depths of nonsense and emotionally driven propaganda. Nate - is the paycheck from Disney worth your integrity and legacy? I’m not asking for you to put forth any conservative narrative. I’m asking for you to return to data driven journalism.
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Great unmasks geisha
Nate Silver finally breaks bad
Given Nate’s recent conspiracy theories about the COVID vaccine, I will no longer be supporting 538 and encourage others to follow suit. The podcasts are meh, they really have nothing interesting to say outside of the last couple months leading up to an election. Insights otherwise range from explaining poll numbers with the obvious answers that anyone mildly politically aware could guess, to giving every possible explanation when the polls don’t like up with the obvious answer. It’s like punditry meets astrology and while it can be fun, it’s still wrong at least as often. You messed up in 2016 Nate, it’s ok. Just get hair plugs and move on already, don’t become a budget Elon Musk with this right wing nonsense.
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Bring Back Clare Malone
The podcast turned into a total snoozefest after Clare’s unceremonious departure.
nyc serenade
The FiveThirtyEight crew is slipping
The most recent episode, from March 14, 2022, is 49 minutes. The introduction chewed up the first 6.5 minutes because the crew was so busy bantering and entertaining each other. At 16:30, Nate started to tell a story about buying a slice of pizza in Vegas that dragged on for two minutes because of the interruptions, mockery, and laughter. When the discussion resumed, the group was analyzing oil prices and supplies, and I realized I could find better discussion of these issues elsewhere. For the first time, I gave up and didn’t finish a FiveThirtyEight episode. I don't expect a tight, strictly formatted show from FiveThirtyEight - it’s not the BBC - but the inside banter and jokes aren’t especially interesting or funny. The crew would improve the podcast by focusing more on issues and spending less time amusing each other. P.S. I’d like to echo what a few other reviewers have said: that the departures of Whiz Kid Harry Enten, Claire Malone (shame on ABC!), and Perry Bacon, Jr. have hurt the podcast.
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Fivethirtyeight fan
Inflation Reduction Act Podcast Review
I normally love this show, and it’s always a 5 star podcast to me… up until I listened to the latest Inflation Reduction Act podcast and heard the young lady at the end REPEATEDLY refer to pregnant women as “pregnant people” and “pregnant persons”. That is so disrespectful to her fellow women that she can’t even be bothered to say the word “woman”! If they correct that in a future episode I’ll give a 5-star review. But that was just embarrassing.
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Coastal Bias is a little too strong
This podcast is edging closer and closer to Young Turk territory, which, really isn’t necessary for something that should be more about analytics. Still, Nate is a national treasure, and his work is a real benefit. And, stop with the ‘Hey Y’all’. It’s the epitome of coastal condescension disguised as culture.
Your Kansas analysis was sophomoric
You all talked about high democratic turnout in the abortion vote noting that 56% of Dems came out to what you eventually noted was 53% for the GOP. What you failed to mention was that there are 852K registered Republicans and only 496K registered Dems. There are 70% more republicans then Dems in the state. 534K people voted NO. And the NO vote carried all of congressional districts. So it isn’t that 100% of Dems voted NO because the rural districts are much more republican. Plus not all of the democrats voted. This means a very large percentage, most likely a slim majority of the republicans had to have voted yes. You folks are supposed to be good at math. Your analysis was terrible because you didn’t really walk through the numbers at any level of detail to inform your thinking. 1 star.
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NYtimes home
I love your website but I can’t stand to listen to podcasts! Is it possible you could provide a written transcript? Steve Steinkamp
Don’t Be Drunk When You’re Working
I just finished listening to the 8/1/22 podcast and the host initially asked if Nate Silver was drunk, which Nate denied. I hope Nate was drunk because he was just throwing out one crazy theory after another, most of them preposterous. I have other things to do than listen to a drunk Nate Silver ponder the world on my time. Get rid of him!
Not aging well
Started listening many election cycles ago. Enjoy the horse race coverage. But discussions have veered more to punditry, and consists of hot takes and lazy analysis. Perhaps I’ve just outgrown it or Nate Silver has forgotten his lane, or maybe their corporate overlords have fired the more insightful contributors. Now it just is Lazy Nate and his credulous followers.
Still asleep
Soo both sides/ out of touch now
Calling climate change “a big democratic liberal priority” in the context that Nate and others did in this most recent episode frames climate change as purely a political football rather than the acute crisis that it is. Like yes, we all know that, for some god forsaken reason, half of the country (namely the conservative half) is perfectly fine to do nothing while the planet burns, but when you speak about it so flippantly and without the context of scientific consensus, alarm and urgency, you give legitimacy to the conservative side that has chosen to simply bury their heads in the sand on climate. I get that this show is about polling and data but when you all start every other sentence with the phrase “I think..”, you can also provide this much needed context to your listeners rather than sounding completely dead inside about the reality of climate change. Do better!
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Doing good coverage
Its unprecedented to have someone under investigation by the Department of Justice running for president? Uh, Hillary Clinton and her emails in 2016 ring a bell?? Lol Otherwise good coverage on this Aug 1 episode. I skip the Jan 6 discussions because it doesn't interest me. A couple of notes: I miss Clare so much please bring her back :(. Also have Nate on more!! Galen is a spectacular host and I might have a crush on him but I live in Texas so for now I am just a regular listener. (Also I am very glad Micah and Perry Bacon aren't on anymore, they were very annoying and opinionated without the credentials to make their opinions worth something to me. Nate on the other hand has the credentials for his opinions to be valuable and I appreciate that he clarifies usually when he's saying his opinion or how he's approaching a question.)
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Just Your Average Ben
Political Junkie’s Dream Pod
If the topic interests me, and most do, few podcasts offer the depth, research and thoughtful political commentary found here. If you’re not a political junkie, probably not for you. Ignore the negative “ oh, another political liberal show” comments. First, it’s a political show, so shockingly, they do cover politics. Nate can be a bit self important at times, and I miss Perry Bacon, but these are smart folks who excel in their respective fields.
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intros are way too long
Please get to the topic a little earlier in each episode
Sexual Tension on Model Talk
The sexual tension between Nate and Galen is too cringey to listen.
Nate Silver..right? Right? Right? It’s good when Nate is on I think.
You complete me
My inner nerd finds so much not in every conversation and you are the only political podcast I need in my life
Pro Trump MAGA cultists
These QAnon grifters should be banned from spreading their insurrectionist lies! They are a threat to democracy!
Separate elections and punditry
This podcast really fell off a cliff. Election discussions are still good. All the others are not. Low level, left biased punditry is not necessary. I wish a separate feed for 538 model talk were offered.
Galen Slow Down
I would have given it 5 stars but Galen speaks so quickly, he is often incomprehensible—so much so that I have to change playback speed. It’s annoying. Anyway, I really DO love the podcast. But please, Galen, s l o w down
I have stuck with you a long time. I do not trust ANY media anymore, including you who like to try to wear the cap of data nerds. I want information, not opinions.
They should rename this podcast the limp breadstick hour. The collective charisma of a waterlogged pastry.
This was a FAB podcast back in the election days, but without Harry Enten it's lost its punch. It's not enough to have good statistics; the chemistry seems to be off lately. Totally agree.
Fell off, way past peak
This show is not great, Galen does not have the skills to be a good host his questions are inane and pointless, and the panel shows are full of people who give directionless answers that just waste time. Nate Silver is basically never on the show anymore and the topics that Galen chooses don’t even qualify as click bait or breaking news. Their election coverage has been distilled and boiled down to the politics editor babbling but saying nothing and the polling analysts shrugging and saying don’t know. This show contributes nothing to discord or conversation. I would think it might be the fault of ABC News that owns them now, but ABC News produces really good audio content this is all a FiveThirtyEight created problem. Skip this there’s better shows out there.
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We miss Clare Malone
And Nate Silver. And Micah Cohen. Few podcasts had better chemistry and were as insightful as this group in the lead up to the 2020 elections. But then FiveThirtyEight laid off Clare, and Nate and Micah’s appearances are now few and far between. With their new cast of regular panelists, this just sounds like what you’d expect from an analytical website: boring, lacking personality and, frankly, naive on too many partisan topics.
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Nobody: … Absolutely nobody: … 538: “ThE BiG LiE, mUh DeMoCrACy”
Worst guest ever
The last show about how likely a civil war was one of the worst guests I have ever heard… Let me sum it up… “Republicans are to blame” How unreflective can you be? Stupid waste of time wrapped up in high brow word choices. 5/13/22 another bad guest… I look to these people for impartial data driven analysis… (which it often times gives) but yet again they bring on people that are so one sided and hurt their brand. If you are interested in learning anything from this podcast, make sure Nate Silver is on… otherwise 50% chance it’s trash.
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A load of crap
This was the worst episode I’ve ever listened to EVER! Complete trash.
Getting worse
Just a bunch of horserace political coverage masquerading as something deeper. The losses of Claire Malone and Perry Bacon Jr. have been crippling. Out of heavy rotation and just checking in every once in a while now.
Excellent use of myPodcast time!!
Loved the COVID mask and GOP draft informing and fun..
Well rounded
Gives multiple viewpoints. Goes deep into an issue. Personally, I hate the “good use of polling?” banter. If you do keep it in, please do not talk about it for more than 5 minutes, we get it.
Inflation is destroying the Democratic party. 2024 can't come soon enough.
Less Nate Silver please
I would give it 5 stars if Nate Silver wasn’t so annoying.
Great pod
Very informative
Heading toward irrelevance
Galen and crew seem to believe that not touching Biden’s 38% approval rating will make it go away.
Vicky the Archivist
Embarrassingly Left
Very smug, VERY condescending to the right and libertarians. They love to end their sentences with the word/phrase "right?", which is a bizarre elitist turn of phrase. I like to keep my media intake balanced. This podcast was balanced until 3 years ago when they all contracted TDS. It’s sad. This team was also COMPLETELY off in there 2020 predictions, and have yet to own it. They are owned by ABC and work very hard to perpetuate the mainstream media narrative. Each of the “contributors” is out of touch with non-elite Americans. They live a terrifying echo-chamber, and any polls that do not align with their radical left-wing ideology they simply dismiss as “bad use of polling.” Pathetic. I have a masters degree in research methods and statistics and I would recommend this podcast to anyone, so they can learn how NOT TO INTERPRET polling. What an f’ing disgrace to this country, media, and our education system. An example of how out of touch these clowns are: 30+ democrats are quitting Congress, and these dopes want to talk about Liz Cheney and Madison Cawthorne. They are liberal puppets. Nate Sliver should be ashamed.
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Podcast 2002
Too left leaning
I was stoked to listen to a podcast that had balanced representation and intelligent takes. This podcast failed at that goal. It’s often overtly left leaning and at most generous center-left. That’s unfortunate.
Daylight saving time
Get the term right, people!!!
Ukrainian basic knowledge
It’s Volodymyr not Vladimir Zelenskyy. Volodymyr is Ukrainian, Vladimir is Russian. Seeing as you’re reporting on Ukraine for the foreseeable maybe do your homework. Especially when language is incredibly political in Ukraine and Ukrainians have been fighting for decades for their culture. Also, stop saying the “Ukraine conflict”. It’s the Russia-Ukraine war. Saying anything else demeans the violence Russia is inflicting on Ukrainians and belittles the fact that Ukrainians are literally dying because of not a “conflict”, but a war.
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Sounds like Muppets talking about politics.
Fallen far…
The podcast is still very interesting, and I will listen on occasion. However, where it used to be interesting and also entertaining, it is no longer the latter. Since ABC news became it’s parent, the podcast has lost the trio that made it interesting: Nate, Claire, and Micah. They were not only informed and experienced, but their back-and-forth was fun even while talking polls and politics. Sadly, where I once listened to this podcast the day it would drop, I now only listen every couple months. I still appreciate the informed coverage and policy talk without the ridiculousness of most US political discourse.
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