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Was okay but the civil war podcast was… wow
As an independent I’m pretty accustomed to hearing glaring partisan swings in these podcasts but the civil war podcast floored me. The woman they had on was so entrenched in her own cognitive shortcuts and tribalism that it was hard to even listen. Glaring racist take on the Hispanic vote by assuming the growing population of Hispanics are somehow here illegally and assuming that republicans assume all Hispanics are here illegally. Her echo chamber should have actually given her the curtesy of actually pushing back on her ideas because she sounds like a political pundit instead of a true academic.
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Bored of Partismism
I see this podcast getting out of touch. Go listen to Breaking Points instead.
I used to love this podcast but it has definitely gone to the left. I’m not conservative. I’m not a Republican. I do see a disconnect from the Republican perspective. Their conservative insights don’t make sense. I know because I have a politically diverse circle of peers and friends. I have worked and lived in Missouri, South Carolina, California, and now Colorado. It’s like they have no true conservatives in their circle. I really hope this changes. Neither republicans nor democrats are bad people. We all have disagreements. Go listen to Breaking Points with Crystal and Sager if you want a real podcast that cares to give a diversity of perspectives.
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Good discussion, but they are in an echo chamber.
They are typical city Democrats that have never really talked to Republicans. They keep trying to compare Jan.6 to 9/11. When actually Congress has been bombed and had actual gunmen from Costa Rica shoot in the Capital building. There history knowledge seems to be whatever mainstream media tells them. They also associate all Republicans to the far right. Hate to break it to them moderate political minded people don’t have time or care to answer polls. Which is why polling hasn’t been correct since 2016.
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We must do better
Nate now just tows the corporate line
Fivethirtyeight and Nate have increasingly become corporate tools towing the same line as all the big corporate media outfits. At this point 538 is no different than CNN or Fox News.
EconTalk Addict
Hands Down
Hands down, the best podcast. (Seriously though, I mean it. -and I would give Brunch 1 star.)
Sounding More Like an Echo Chamber (and the Decline Continues)
I’ve listened happily for many years but have been disappointed by the absence of real and broad ranging dialogue over the past 18 months. Nate Silver still seems tethered to an honest read of the data wherever it leads but the others not so much. Bring in alternative voices on a more regular basis or a new regular participant more in the style of Salena Zito. Echo chambers are like comfort food in that they literally keep you in your comfort zone but at the same time make you less healthy if taken to excess. If you don’t address serious arguments seriously but instead resort to ad hominem attacks and obviously cherry picked and unchallenged facts, you get intellectually soft. Update January 2022: The decline continues. It is becoming unlistenable unless they have guests. 538 continues to descend into an echo chamber of like minded urban progressives barely distinguishable from a group chat of low level DNC staffers and/or MSNBC/NPR interns. Here are two ideas. 1. Nate starts over with a bipartisan and intellectually and geographically diverse group of podcast partners. 2. They keep the existing echo chamber (that presumably provides welcome and unchallenging "comfort food" to their core audience) but at least bring in contrasting views on a more regular basis. This would go beyond the frankly lazy and intellectually dishonest straw man approach they currently love to use.
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More on climate crisis
Please include more discussion of the climate/environmental crisis—public opinion on these issues, which policies people support, and how these things are shaped by recent disasters!
Spectacular thanks
Spectacular thanks
Slappy McBaddass
Another vote for Clare
Listening tonight to the March 1 episode, where I heard Sarah Frostenson (sp?) once again mis-pronounce the word "rhetoric". Someone tell her how to pronounce it. Please!! Not to be picky, but she has incorrectly pronounced this before, along with several other words. I miss Clare, fellow Cleveland east-sider who was smart, funny and added a lot to the podcast. Maybe it is time to unsubscribe.
Abhorrent behavior from 538
I’ve been a listener of the 538 podcast for years, and that ends today. On the holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, your organization posted a reprehensible, tone-deaf tweet asking for listeners to post stories about killing babies in the womb. Totally out of touch and unacceptable.
Not the same without Clare
If ABC read the reviews on this show they’d know what a huge mistake they made firing Clare. The longer this show falters on without her the more apparent it is that she was holding it together. Galen is doing an admirable job trying to keep things interesting, but without the main person willing to stand up to Nate it’s just banal. Oh well. Update Dec 2021: I’m done. This podcast used to be so much better, but it can’t keep my attention at this point, and when Nate is on the whole thing is unlistenable.
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Nate Silver and his god complex are unbearable.
What done did happen?
I just switched mid-listen for the first time ever. I miss this podcast of old. The majority of episodes are great, but it appears they feel a need to keep to some publishing timeline. Please don’t force it, y’all.
Liberal Austin Hawk
Things Ain’t What They Used To Be
This was once the best, most intelligent, and least b.s. political discussion available, recorded when there was something to talk about. Then Jody and Harry quit, and ABC inexplicably laid off Clare. It’s still worth listening to when Nate has something to say, but the podcast now seems little better than the rest of the punditry available. I blame ABC - the podcast must go on, even when there is essentially nothing to say - and so we get another hour of essentially pointless speculation and opinion. Most of the time, not worth wading through.
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It used to be 5 stars, now I rarely Finnish an episode
I used to never miss an episode of the FiveThirtyEight podcast back in the glory days with Harry Enten and Claire Malone, and when Nate Silver was on pretty much every show. Basically those three where the show and when Harry left Clare and Nate still held it together okay. But in recent months with no Clare and far less Nate, it has often been impossible to listen to. It’s mostly a bunch of mediocre bros with no charm or particulier intelligence agreeing with each other and very little data science used or discussed. Occasionally they allow a woman to speak which I guess is refreshing but just because a female is in the room dose not mean she has something interesting to say. No one really knows who Galen Nathaniel are (I’ve been listening since the beginning) but they should probably not talk on the podcast. I hope they figure it out and hire some talent who actually have something interesting to say or just send it out to pasture.
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It is almost impossible to understand you when you speak at the speed of a chipmunk. I’m sure there is good info, but I would not know.
So I am Sam
Podcast on the decline
Clare Malone provided a really interesting insight that only Galen even gets close to providing -- its really too bad she's not here anymore. Its clear this podcast struggles to balance out its leftist bias because with so many topics to cover, every podcast manages to conclude with, "Republicans are bad bad racist liars." Lots of potential here, I just want to see the discussion move beyond the leftist perspective sometimes.
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Just Your Average Ben
Pollsters defending polls
Can be interesting at times, but it’s basically pollsters defending their flawed polling.
Vegas again?
Why are we talking about Vegas so much. Sort of seems like Nate has a gambling problem.
Shocking rudeness toward Monmouth director
Galen Druke was shockingly rude to the Monmouth director, Patrick Murray, basically choosing to debate and discount his words rather than hearing him out. Druke is a podcast host, not a pollster. Murray has been doing this important statistical work for decades, longer than Druke has even worked at FiveThirtyEight. It is crazy to me that he would choose to debate him rudely rather than deal with this important issue. This show has gone downhill fast.
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Kid Midas
O2 temp rising
I listened closely to Anthony Leiserowitz’s interview, and his statistics are great. However, comparing the stats on climate opinion between the U.S. (a capitalist republic) and China (a centrally controlled, Communist economy) is approaching ridiculous, if not 🍎 and 🍊, taking into account the odd cellphone methodology. First, most urban Chinese breathe terrible air, Americans (by comparison) really haven’t since the 1970s. Of course Chinese pollees be more convinced that climate change is a thing because they’re inhaling it. Second, of course they’ll look to government to to take action rather than private enterprise. They have no experience of the latter so how would you expect them to answer? It is such a weak comparison, I’m disappointed that these differences weren’t mentioned. I look to 538 to be data geeks and let the numbers tell the story. Drift from the ‘narrative’ once in a while.
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Vicky the Archivist
Was once data driven nerds. There seems to be a lack of objectivity now. The podcast has few appearances with Nate now, who has the most credibility. Jeffrey Skelley also has valuable insight and Sara. There is clearly an underlying narrative that they want to avoid, ie critical of the administration. Inflation is obviously the coefficient affecting approval ratings, but they were dismissive in favor of GOP/white outrage.
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Gérard de Villefort
Heads in the Sand
Podcast full of Left wing ultra liberal yuppies - out of touch with the rest of the country. They keep finding excuses for the open borders, inflation, racism and black privilege.
Poll analysis is great but…
The show is not nearly as fun to listen to since ABC laid off Clare Malone. Her chemistry with Nate
Their background in statistics and data gives unique insight into the political world
More Nate Needed
Too many episodes lately without Nate. I’m also not a fan of the rotating panelists. I’m a long time listener and this format is really not working for me.
Sarah Felice
Interesting but quite biased
Good team and helpful/interesting insights. I wish they would stick to just data though. When they get into the social and political issues they are definitely on the left and are pretty dismissive of other views. They tend to just assume that lefty beliefs are true. That type of ignorance on both sides is very annoying. Update: It has only gotten more partisan and is far less interesting than it used to be. Pretty disappointing since I used to love it…
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caano geel
I have to one star again
The analysis on here these days is next to useless. The only bright spot this week was the amazingly talented Kristen S Anderson, who is too good to go on this show now, and that pains me to say. Bring back Nate!
Jumped the Shark
I used to like this podcast but now it completely blows. Complete waste of time.
Best podcast ever
Love the mix of statistical analysis and commentary. All the speakers are excellent. Only suggestion for improvement would be if Perry were a regular. He has great points and as a bonus sounds like Richard splett from veep. Oct 2021 update: no clare, Perry, Nate, Micah- I’m out. I tried, but it’s strayed too far from the personality and data mindedness the show used to have.
Still listening for now but more
disappointing lately agreed. It was great to hear Adam Schiff on the podcast. I’ve often wondered why there have not been not more episodes focusing on the real danger that our democracy is in. You’ve all been remiss here. With the Big Lie and what trumpian people are doing at the local level with election officials and boards, the alarms are flashing bright red as they’ve been for years since trump entered the scene. Also, obviously Biden is focused on sequencing messaging and policies as he needs some wins with these two bills to regain favorability. He can’t be blamed for republicans who refuse vaccination due to their own party’s purposeful disinformation and confusion/chaos they’ve been sewing. Most Americans pay little attention as we all know, which might be our democracy’s undoing. Also, with the slimmest of margins of power, none of this is easy to fix. Sure hope we do and sure hope you all speak out more on this. Just disappointing as other informative, high-ranking podcasts showcase these dynamics more.
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The format works . The host knows his subject matter well. The depth of most discussions and or interviews , is superb and stimulating , so thank you
Lost something
Finally had to unsubscribe. I just can’t stay engaged with the hosts anymore. It feels like the podcast is going out of its way to be as unentertaining as possible. It needs a sense of playfulness / spontaneity again.
Not as good as before
The show has really become dry and hard to listen to now that Clare and Perry are no longer on the show. Even Nate barely makes an apparent anymore. It’s a shame because this show used to be one of my favorites but it’s really gone downhill since ABC let their top personalities go. Not sure how much longer I’ll listen
Trending Downward
I use to listen to this podcast rather religiously. I think the departure of Clare Malone began a series of structural experiments that weren’t needed and quite frankly have contributed to a less enjoyable product. The content has also ventured into the absurd at times and looses me. The bones of the show are still great but wish they could get back to what made them great, which I think was dissecting the news and broader politics through polling data.
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Clare is the best!
One of my favorite political podcast. Insightful and thought out. Clare Malone is my favorite. Keep up the great work. Update: Now with no Clare Malone I’m extremely disappointed. Unless Clare is mention in episode notes I’ll be skipping over this one unfortunately. Update 10/5/21: Unless the headline reads “The Return of Clare Malone!” I’m skipping over this and heading to Pod Save America.
Had to unsubscribe
Galen is good but without Claire, Nate Silver or Micah it’s hard to listen to the discussion. A few weeks ago one of the women said it’s mostly women of color who seek abortions. I would love to see where she got those stats.
i miss clare. please return
Getting Harder and Harder to Like
I still like listening to Nate (usually) and sometimes to Galen, but the other commentators are interchangeable and personality free. I really miss Clare Malone. She was not a statistics wonk or a Great Expert in a vertiginously narrow policy field, but she had personality and a regular-person perspective that is now almost totally absent. Every personnel change at 538 Politics since Harry’s departure has made the show drier and less interesting. And the typical hour is really too long.
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“Writ large”
Please, for the love of God, stop using the phrase “writ large”. Every episode it is uttered at least once.
hdvhsns suysbask s
Going Downhill
I used to really like this podcast but unfortunately the crew has changed a lot in the past year and the new hosts are not nearly as interesting. Clare Malone, Perry Bacon Jr and Micah Cohen were far more engaging and entertaining then Nathanial or Amelia or whoever else they choose to feature. ABC made a mistake canning Clare and letting Perry walk away. I’m a loyal listener and so I’ll keep on it hoping they find a new formula that works. But the current formula is definitely not going to be able to survive.
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Bring back Clare
Always listened to every episode, but I’m done unless ABC rehires Clare Malone. She was the smartest person on the podcast.
What a disappointing season
This was my go-to podcast for political analysis for four years, it used to be so great. Unfortunately, the quality of the podcast took a nose dive after the 2020 election. Is Nate Silver even the host anymore? They booted Clare Malone, lost Perry and Harry to other outlets, and now Nate doesn’t even bother to show up. It’s probably time for them to retire the podcast and focus on the website and election models.
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podcast 1355322
9/11 Era political consensus
This was pretty shoddy work. People trying examine the historical context were, by their own admission, in elementary school when 9/11 happened. What they found wasn’t horrible. But this was only 20 years ago, not the Civil War. There are plenty of thoughtful people who were adults and professional political journalists at the time who could lend perspective.
Need Glasses 21
Getting tedious
First Harry left. Then Clare was pushed out. Now Nate is busy playing poker. The podcast has lost its luster. I used to look forward listening at my desk, now it’s become hard to get through an episode.
Diluting Your Brand
Please stop diluting your brand with these grad student discussions. Stick with number-based analysis, which we can’t get very easily elsewhere. I assume ABC is pushing you to expand your audience. However, doing what other sites already do and do better is not the way to go.
stephen nyc
Fell off a cliff
This podcast used to be relaxing and an interesting listen. With being said it’s just not the same.
You cancelled Ms Malone
Or did she want to leave? Maybe a handwriting on the wall kind of thing. Either way, as another reviewer wrote, pretending any womanly voice will replace Clare is insulting to listeners, to Clare and to women. Perry Bacon Jr replaced Clare. He didn’t have seniority. Speaks for itself.
eagerly awaits
A great podcast with zero credibility
It really depends what kind of podcast you are looking for. If you are looking for a podcast that is really engaging, has great hosts, guests, and is full of politics, this is for you. With that being said, 538 as a company has literally no credibility as far as polling, and you have to take everything you hear with mountain of salt. So enjoy this podcast but don’t take anything they say seriously and remember that 538 was wrong on literally every prediction in 2016 and 2020.
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Moishy Knaw
We miss Clare!
Breaking news: Nate Silver discovers a basic theory of epidemiology! Honestly, this podcast has gone down the drain with both Perry and Clare gone. Maybe Nate should just go to poker full time.
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