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Filter Free Amerika
Porcupines Poking Parts in Parking Lots (with "Clair")
1 hour 51 minutes Posted Jun 8, 2019 at 4:20 pm.
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Show notes

In this episode Joey talks to "Clair" about her adulterous affair with a married man we will be referring to as, Mr. X.

Clair was also married at the time so this episode is dripping in drama and scandal! Clair also details how both her and Mr. X's marriages ended and how her new relationship with Mr. X ended in her cheating on him and Mr. X stalking her after she tried to move on.

Plot twist, Mr. X is a Twin Cities area Libertarian figurehead and based on Clair's story, he has a very questionable definition of liberty.

Heads up, lots of descriptive sex talk and adult humor in this one!