Filter Free Amerika
Filter Free Amerika
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Funny and the sound quality is spot on! Chemistry is great and a variety of topics is covered on the show. Not too long and easy to listen to. Looking forward to more!
This guy is the Worst
One of the worst podcast I’ve ever heard. He’s awful and his podcast reflects that.
Highly Recommended!
Joey nails it. He knows how to hold the audience with a variety of views & topics. Set political correctness aside, open your mind, listen & enjoy.
The Bygone
Interesting and funny
I love this show! Weekly listen.
One faraday AtA time
Just what I was looking for!
I was looking for a new podcast to subcribe to and stumbled across this gem. It's funny and they tell it like it is. a must subscribe!!
Alisha & Jack
Filter Free Amerika…who ya…never a dull moment on this show
Filter Free Amerika…who ya…never a dull moment on this show, Love it
New listener / Great podcast!
I'm a new listener to the podcast, and it's great! The sound quality is high-quality, and the host is well-spoken and a great interviewer. Very funny too.
It’s good you guys!
New listener to the podcast and I won’t be stopping any time soon!
Listener from Montana
MSM is garbage
Get some Filter Free goodness in your ears asap
Randy Rainmaker
Surprisingly good!
No offense! I mean “surprisingly good” in the best way possible. I am a huuge fan of podcasts and the long for discussion format simply because well for one you actually get a chance to kind of know someone as well they get to give ling well thought out answers or descriptions when asked a question or when they are telling a story or what have you. That being said i have about 6-7 of them that i listen to on a regular basis, and i often try new ones out but find that it usually doesn’t take long before i go back to my regulars that i am accustom too. This podcast was able to keep me interested and my attention therefore i was somewhat surprised simply because i just have a tough time finding something new that i like enough to keep coming back. Well FFA podcast has officially made it into my rotation. Lol. That being said The Joe Rogan Experience got me into them initially and from there i branched out mainly to some of the guests he has had on his show that i found wither hilarious or very interesting that also have their own podcasts. Anywho i stumbled across his latest episode (at the time) that was about a kids opiod addiction and his road to recovery and being the world we live in today it seemed fitting enough and figured id give it a shot. HOLEYYYYY F***. What a story. After getting my mind blown i figured i would subscribe and give a few more episodes a listen and he has def gained a new fan. Well put together podcast with a wide variety of guests it actually reminded me alot of the JRE just in how he keeps an audience’s attention and the interesting variety of guests and subjects that he talks to. If your a fan of interesting podcasts you will have no problems taking a liking to FFA Podcast.
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Great local podcast that should be listened to WORLDWIDE!
Great, insightful host and interviewer of interesting guests. That's a sentence fragment right there, but I feel like it's a good synopsis.
Good Stuff!
I love this podcast! Comedy, crime, paranormal stories, and some even weirder topics are discussed. It’s good to know we have a local comic that is trying to put the Twin Cities on the Podcast map with very interesting and thought provoking content.
Aaronus Hammius
It’s good
Good stuff
Great Podcast Interesting Guests (check out episode Nick Rod) Funny host not afraid to speak his mind Highly Recommend
Sams S. 79
Great podcast!
I love this format of podcast, an interesting conversation with an interesting host and great guests.
Nicky nacks
Awesome Podcast!
I’m so happy this show is back. Always a funny, interesting and informative show! The Daryl Horner interview is in my top 5 podcast episodes of all time. This show is well made and contains focused interviews with interesting individuals. Definitely give the show a subscribe if you’re looking for something new!
Great podcast!!
I randomly found this podcast on Facebook. Very happy I did. It went from a random listen, to a podcast that I stop other podcasts halfway to get to a new Freedom First when it hits my phone. First episode recommendation: “I wanted to be black, until I got shot”. It’s a great story, and a good introduction to the host, Joey.
Mikey Hustle
Great comic podcast!
Really good stuff, interesting tales from comedians in the Minnesota area and beyond! Def worth a listen!!
Insightful and thought provoking
Always a great listen.
Funny and very informational.
Great stuff bud. Keep up the good stuff.
Head head scratcher
The perfect combination of funny, interesting and weird!
Great Podcast
Joey has a wide variety of guests from all walks of lives with very interesting stories. It’s a great podcast!!! Can’t wait to hear new episodes!