Femme Cyclist Podcast
Femme Cyclist Podcast
Kristen Bonkoski
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A podcast for women who love bicycles! We we celebrate all forms of riding and all forms of women, so whether you're a road cyclist, mountain biker, or bike commuter, you'll find your tribe here. Each week we'll week bring you interviews from inspiring women, and offer tips and tricks to help you thrive on the bike.
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Worth the listen!
I love the practicality of her episodes. I have at least one takeaway from each podcast. I recently listened to the episode about how to build confidence as a rider. I implemented at least one of her tips today - ride alone and/or celebrate the accomplishments. On today’s ride I cleared some sections I hadn’t been able to previously. I celebrated by letting out a little “woohoo” to myself!
On my long commutes, while I dream of being on my bike instead. This podcast inspires me to keep riding and exploring. Loving the content!
Love this female-focused cycling podcast!
Kristen is smart, passionate, and inspiring to listen to, along with her guests. I love how she focuses on making biking accessible to anyone and how we can all fit in more small or long rides anywhere. I especially loved the short podcast about her personal year-long cycling journey with her family. Thanks for the cycling community building support!
Podcast Focused on Women’s cycling? Yes please!
This podcast is great! I have been thoroughly enjoying the interviews as well as the narrator driven episodes. The practical advice is so helpful, and at the conclusion of each episode I find myself wanting more. Keep up the good work!
Making it a priority!
This hit home for me. My husband and I are both riders/racers and try to get our kids on bikes as much as possible. Making my own riding a priority has made such a positive impact on not only my physical and mental health but also has positive effects on my family. I’m happier and have more energy when I have an outlet. I also think that these podcast are easy to listen to and follow. I was present the whole time and hope that you continue to make them! They are perfect for my “nap time trainer rides” as I call them.
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Tenae J
Thank you
Trying to find enough time in the saddle is always an issue. Thanks for helping me realize what are excuses vs what is reality.