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Femme Cyclist Podcast
Kristen Bonkoski
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A podcast for women who love bicycles! We we celebrate all forms of riding and all forms of women, so whether you're a road cyclist, mountain biker, or bike commuter, you'll find your tribe here. Each week we'll week bring you interviews from inspiring women, and offer tips and tricks to help you thrive on the bike.
Body and Size Diversity And Inclusivity With Jennifer Kriske From Machines For Freedom
In this episode, I chat with Machines For Freedom founder, Jennifer Kriske, about the origins of the company, how they've promoted diversity and inclusivity, and what it’s like being a woman in a heavily male dominated industry.  Full Show Notes:...
Oct 26
30 min
Bike Maintenance: Conquer Your Fear And Learn To Fix Your Bike
Recently I asked the Femme Cyclist community what their biggest challenge was as it relates to cycling. One of the most frequent answers? Bike maintenance.In this podcast episode, I share what you should know, what tools you need, and how to gain bike...
Oct 19
20 min
How Women Changed The World On Two Wheels With Hannah Ross
In this interview, I chat with Hannah Ross, the author of Revolutions: How Women Changed The World On Two Wheels. We talk about the history of women on bikes (and women's bikes themselves), the diversity problem in cycling, and how we can get more women...
Oct 12
31 min
9 Ways To Increase Your Confidence On The Mountain Bike
Whether you’re brand new to mountain biking and feeling a little scared, or have been riding for a while but are struggling to improve your technical skills, there are concrete steps you can take to improve your confidence.  Use a few (or all) of the...
Oct 5
18 min
Why Women Deserve Better Cycling Clothing With Cassie Abel From Wild Rye
If you're like me, you've discovered that the best women's bike clothing comes from smaller, women owned businesses.  In this episode of the Femme Cyclist podcast, I interview Cassie Abel, the co-founder of Wild Rye and in a future episode this season...
Sep 29
33 min
How Little Bellas Is Creating Confident Young Women With Sabra Davidson
Did you grow up riding mountain bikes?  Chances are you didn't.  But that's all changing for the current generation of young girls, thanks in large part to Little Bellas.  This amazing organization has spent more than a decade running camps and weekly...
Apr 27
31 min
Don't Be Scared To Ride Alone! 7 Tips For Solo Cycling
In this podcast, I share 7 tips on how to bike by yourself–safely and confidently. These are all strategies I personally employ, and have gotten me through thousands and thousands of solo miles.Full Show Notes:...
Apr 20
12 min
Face Your Fears With Lindsey Richter From Ladies AllRide
Meet Lindsey Richter, mountain bike skills coach extraordinaire.  Lindsey is the founder of Ladies AllRide, a wildly popular series of mountain bike skills camps for women.  These camps are recommended time and time again by the women in our...
Apr 13
52 min
A MTB Honeymoon In The Alps
In 2010, my husband and I skipped a big wedding and opted instead to take a big honeymoon.  We chose to do the Tour de Mont Blanc, a 105-mile, 32,800 vertical feet, mountain bike route around the highest peak in the Alps.  The trip took us thru France,...
Apr 6
10 min
You Are More Capable Than You Know With Meg Fisher
Meet Meg Fisher.  Meg is a Paralympic gold, silver, and bronze medalist, ten-time world champion, and a super inspirational woman.  She's overcome adversity to become a professional cyclist, a physical therapist, coach, and motivational speaker.In this...
Mar 23
48 min
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