Fascination Street
Fascination Street
steve owens
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Great podcaster
Good listen, great work!!
Steve is great at doing interviews! I really loved the episode with Walt Flanagan and thought it was awesome that Steve was able to interview his “un-getable” person! I love the content and the audio is great! Can’t wait to keep listening!
AJ Benza episode is great!
I thoroughly enjoyed my first episode of Fascination Street ... AJ Benza is a font of fascinating stories! Great listen!
Super Dope!
Every episode is uniquely different and it keeps you coming back to see/listen to who Steve is interviewing. The guest list ranges from top celeberties to everyday folks with a story to tell. This is where Steve's knack for getting the guest to open up about their lives, history and what inspires them comes out. Everytime I listen, I feel as if I am sitting at the table with the guest and Steve and a bottle of something that gets us all to loosen up, relax and spill our guts.
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JTB Real Property
Absolutely one of my favorites.
First of all, Steve is a great interviewer. He's funny, guests warm up to him easily, and he asks the questions you, or even a seasoned interviewer, probably wouldn't have though to ask. MY favorite thing about Fascination Street is Steve's choice of guests. He interviews folks I had no idea I wanted to hear and I go away from each and ever episode learning something new or learning about an individual who I might not have ever thought to have taken it upon myself to explore. Top-Notch, no doubt.
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gone cold podcast
Great guy!
Steve is a great guy to talk to as well as listen too. As an interviewer he really draws you out with fun and compelling questions and as a very shy person he’s was able to make me really let my guard down and I had so much fun talking with him! He has a wide diversive group of people who he has interviewed and every single story is packed with interesting stories and often, a lot of laughter. He’s a natural with people.
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So many fascinating people!
I love how much I learn from each and every episode. Nuggets of brilliance! Expect laughter and tears. Amazing content.
The Monarch Team
Steve really does find truly fascinating people with great stories that are facilitated by excellent questions. There are stories I didn’t know I was interested in until listening to this podcast and I’ve furthered my scope because of it. I can’t stress enough that there is something for EVERYONE to relate to or enjoy by listening to FSP
A. Sparrow
Very cool
Very cool concept. Excited to see what’s next!
Fascination Street Rocks
Oh, Mika and Jimmy… you are just such a joy to listen too! Keep this going please! Big love!
Backyard Mystic
Truly fascinating
Steve gets a menagerie of guests that are as eclectic as they are interesting. Steve is a natural interviewer who gets the best out of his guests and their stories. I recommend this podcast to any and everybody.
Peter WG
Prepare to be charmed
A lovely collection of stories about fascinating humans. Every person has a story and this guy will bring it to you with humor & charm.
Fascinating Indeed!
Always on the lookout for a great new podcast to become addicted to, I am glad to have stumbled across this one! Steve is a great interviewer who is able to get beyond just skimming the surface but able to delve deeper to the hearts of many of his guests. This podcast is definitely worhy of a "subscribe"!
So many great stories. You just gotta sit back laugh.
Good Stuff
this guy seems to meet / know the randomest group of interesting people; sorry, l mean "Fascinating" people. Whoever this guy is, he is really good at interviewing. I LOVE IT.
Buffalo Chickenfingers