Fascination Street
Fascination Street
steve owens
Fascinating People, Fascinating stories.Join me as I get to know: Actors, Musicians, Comedians, Directors, Athletes, Authors, Podcasters, and storytellers.New Episodes every Monday.
Chris Gronkowski - Ex NFL Player / Entrepreneur (Ice Shaker)
Chris GronkowskiTake a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Chris Gronkowski. Chris is the middle of 5 giant humans known as The Gronkowski Brothers. He is also the smallest. In this episode we chat about how being the smallest of the pack helped instill in him a tireless work ethic; and how his natural 'motor' stays running as he strives for success in all aspects of his life. We talk about growing up a Gronkowski in Buffalo, and why all of the brothers were drawn to athletics. Chris shares some fun stories about being one of these crazy kids, and we talk about his NFL career; which spanned 3 teams over 4 years. The we discuss his the many businesses he has started and continues to run, his appearance on Shark Tank, and his podcast: Gronk'd Up!Enjoy.Follow Chris on social media:Twit: @ChrisGronkowski & @IceShakerBottleInsta: @ChrisGronkowski & @IceShakerFB: Ice ShakerTikTok: @ChrisGronkowski
Apr 11
58 min
Stephanie Humphrey - Technology & Lifestyle Expert
Stephanie Humphrey.Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Stephanie Humphrey. Stephanie is a Technology & Lifestyle Expert who regularly contributes to: ABC News, Strahan, Sara, & Keke, Good Morning America, BlackEnterprise.com, EBONY.com, and tons of other outlets. In this episode we chat about why and how Stephanie came to be an expert in tech, what attracted her to the industry, and some her favorite bits of tech. She shares some "dos & don'ts", I tell an embarrassing Twitter story,, and finally, Stephanie tells us about her website and her book: DON'T LET YOUR DIGITAL FOOTPRINT KICK YOU IN THE BUTT!Stephanie helps all of us BECOME BETTER DIGITAL CITIZENS.Follow Stephanie on social media:Twit: @TechLifeStephInsta: @TechLifeStephFB: Stephanie HumphreyWebsite: TilDeathDoYouTweet.com
Apr 4
51 min
Vincent Caldoni - Filmmaker (Contactee) / Podcaster (The Shocking Details)
Vincent CaldoniTake a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Vincent Caldoni. Vincent is a filmmaker, a podcaster, and an employee at The Oregon Zoo in Portland. In this episode, we chat about growing up in the Pacific Northwest, some stories from working at the zoo, and what sparked his interest in making films. We also discuss his new feature film CONTACTEE, and where you can see it for free. Plus the story of how his podcast, (The Shocking Details) came to be!Follow Vincent on social media:Twit: @VCaldoni & @ShockingDetailsFB: Vincent Caldoni & Contactee: A Film By Vincent Caldoni & The Shocking Details Podcast
Mar 28
50 min
Paul Hollis - Former Secret Agency "Analyst"  / Author (The Hollow Man series)
Paul HollisTake a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Paul Hollis. Paul is a former "Undercover Analyst" for an unnamed United States government agency; as well as the author of The Hollow Man Series (winner of The World's Best Story competition). In this episode, we chat about how he came to work as a secret agent back in the 1970's. We also talk about some of the missions he 'analyzed', and why he decided to write down these exploits and turn them into a novel trilogy. I have read the first of the series and am diving right into the second! Heads up; we never say specifically which agency he worked for and some names have been changed, obviously. Follow Paul on social media:Twit: @HollowManSeriesInsta: @TheHollowManSeriesFB: Paul HollisFB: The Hollow Man SeriesWebsite: TheHollowManSeries.com
Mar 21
47 min
John Sylvain - Podcaster (Nooner) / Game Creator (You Know It!)
John SylvainTake a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know John Sylvain. John is a podcast host on the Nooner podcast on the Smodcast podcast network; as well as an adjunct film professor at Cal State Poly Tech. John is also the founder of The Sacred Fools theater in Los Angeles, and the creator of You Know It! The Game; my favorite trivia card based game. In this episode we chat about all of these things, plus his time at Yale, and his time in Seattle running a small theater company. There is a giveaway in this episode of his game, so pay attention!Follow John on social media:Twit: @SylvainbbbFB: John SylvainCheck out the game at: YouKnowItTheGame.comWatch the game by searching You Know it The Game on YouTube.John's Amazon Author page: https://www.amazon.com/John-Sylvain/e/B00TUPQ280?ref_=dbs_p_ebk_r00_abau_000000
Mar 14
58 min
Donald Carpenter - singer / musician (SubmerseD / Blisskrieg)
Donald CarpenterTake a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Donald Carpenter. Donald was previously the lead singer for the rock band SubmerseD, and Eye Empire; and currently fronts the new rock band Blisskrieg. Blisskrieg is comprised of Donald, and the three founding members of Days Of The New and Tantric. (Todd Whitener, Matt Taul, and previous guest Jesse Vest)In this episode Donald and I chat about how he got into the music business, how his first 2 successful bands got together, why he took a break from the music business, and how this new band came to be. We do briefly discuss some of the pitfalls and downsides of the music business, as well as some behind the scenes stories about how this new album got made during Covid 19. Donald does let me play one of the songs off of Blisskrieg's new album Remedy (available everywhere), so Thank you Donald!Follow Donald on social media:Insta: @DonaldCarpenterMusicFB: Donald Carpenter (Musician Page)Follow Blisskrieg on social media:Twit: @BlisskriegBandInsta: @BlisskriegBandFB: Blisskrieg
Mar 7
58 min
David Mittelman - PHD / CEO - Othram (DNA Crime Lab)
David MittelmanTake a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know David Mittelman. David is a PHD and the CEO of Othram. Othram is a DNA testing lab dedicated to helping law enforcement find the identities of both unknown perpetrators, and un-named victims. In this episode we chat about how he got into the DNA scientist game, and why he started Othram. We also talk about exactly what Othram does, and what goes into their end of helping solve a case. We dive a bit into a couple of the more notable cases that Othram has helped law enforcement solve; including the 46 year old sexual assault and murder of Carla Walker. We end the show explaining exactly what YOU can do to join in the fight to bring names to the nameless with justice through genomics.***Special thanks to my buddy Vincent from Gone Cold (Texas True Crime) Podcast for connecting the two of us.***Follow Othram on social media:Twit: @OthramTechSee what Othram does: Othram.comJoin in the fight: DNASolves.com
Feb 28
59 min
Jax Hollow - Singer / Songwriter / Guitarist
Jax Hollow.Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Jax Hollow. Jax is a singer / songwriter, and face melting guitarist. In this episode we chat about growing up in rural Massachusetts, moving across the country to go to school in Berkley, and then across the country again to live in Nashville. She tells us why she chose Nashville, and what it was like to have the legendary Michael Wagener produce her first studio album (AVAILABLE THIS FRIDAY!). We discuss the album; and Jax lets me play my favorite track from it. Buckle your seatbelts... this is a great ROCK album!Special THANK YOU to previous guest and friend of the show Angela Lese for making this happen,Follow Jax on social media:Twit: @JaxHollowMusicInsta: @JaxHollowFB: Jax HollowTikTok: @JaxHollowBuy the album at: JaxHollow.com
Feb 21
57 min
Barry McClain Jr. - Comic Book Artist (Blue Juice / Valiant Comics)
Barry McClain Jr.Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Barry McClain Jr. Barry is a comic book artist and graphic designer for several publishers including Blue Juice Comics and Valiant Comics. In this episode we chat about how he first got into comics and who showed him how to start drawing characters. (Its not who you think) Then we get into exactly how he was able to get signed to a publisher and was able to finally quit his day job. We discuss several of his projects including: Q Ball, The Accelerators, and Anne Bonnie. We also talk about how influential all of the guys at Tell 'Em Steve Dave and the I Sell Comics podcasts, and Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash have been.Follow Barry on social media:Insta: @Stay_BrokeFB: Barry McClain (Comic book artist)
Feb 14
54 min
Carole Baskin - Big Cat Rescue / Tiger King
Carole BaskinTake a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Carole Baskin. You know Carole from the 2020 Netflix sensation Tiger King. In this episode we chat about what got her onto her Big Cat saving mission, her experience on Dancing With The Stars, her ex-husband Don Lewis, and her husband Howie. We also talk a bit about Tiger King, Joe Exotic, and her foundation Big Cat Rescue; before closing out the show talking about how you can help save endangered Big Cats, and her organization's new Oculus Virtual Reality game featuring Big Cats. Enjoy!Follow Carole on social media:Twit: @Carole_BaskinTikTok: @CaroleBaskinCatFB: Big Cat RescueDonate to BCR at: BigCatRescue.org/DonateReach out to your congressperson at: BigCatAct.com
Feb 7
1 hr 16 min
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