Fascination Street
Fascination Street
steve owens
Fascinating People, Fascinating stories.Join me as I get to know: Actors, Musicians, Comedians, Directors, Athletes, Authors, Podcasters, and storytellers.New Episodes every Monday.
Vyasar Ganesan - Teacher / Docuseries Star (Indian Matchmaker)
Vyasar GanesanTake a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Vyasar Ganesan. Vyasar is a teacher at a very prestigious high school in Austin, Tx. HOWEVER.... you may ALSO know him as one of the stars of the first season of the smash hit Netflix series Indian Matchmaker. In this episode Vyasar and I chat about growing up as an Indian American in Texas, and why he got into teaching. We spend a short time discussing his stint working for The Food Network in NYC before we get into his time on the Netflix show; why he did it, what his experience was like, and if he would do it again. Vyasar may very well become my new best friend. We had such a great time talking that this could easily have been a 3 hour conversation. What a pulled together nice guy. Seriously, you're welcome!Follow Vyasar on social media:Twit: @NotVyasarGCheck out his writing at: VyasarWrites.com
Jan 17
1 hr 8 min
Jeremiah Chechik Returns! - Director / Photographer
Jeremiah Chechik Returns!Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know EVEN MORE about Jeremiah Chechik. The last time Jeremiah was on we had a great chat; (go back and check it out), but we missed a bunch of stuff in his story. So he was nice enough to come back and discuss some of the stuff we didn't get to last time. In this episode we chat a little more about his career as a professional fashion photographer and his work with Giorgio Armani and Gianni Versace as well as how a timely interaction with Andy Warhol helped change the course of his life. Jeremiah tells an enthralling story about the much darker version of Se7en that he wrote the screenplay for and was supposed to direct, and a sweet story about an as of yet unpublished John Hughes script. Plus we check in on how his podcast is doing during Covid. I could talk to Jeremiah all day; but we just don't have that kind of time!Follow Jeremiah on social media:Twit: @TinroofInsta: Jeremiah_ChechikFB: Jeremiah ChechikCheck out his website: Chechik.comand his podcast: TheFutureOfPhotography.com
Jan 10
49 min
Liliana Tandon - Actress / Screenwriter (A Ring For Christmas)
Liliana TandonTake a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Liliana Tandon. Liliana is an actress, writer, and producer. In this episode, we chat about why she got into show business, some of her amazing highlights given how long she has been doing this. We talk about her massively successful and award winning original YouTube series Period Piece, her role in the Lifetime channel thriller Indiscretion with Mira Sorvino, and her new film A Ring For Christmas that premiered last month on UPtv. She wrote, produced, and stars in this sweet holiday film!Follow Liliana on social media:Twit: @LilianaTandonInsta: @LTandonFB: Liliana TandonWebsite: LilianaTandon.com
Jan 3
48 min
Joe Bouchard - Multi Platinum Selling Recording Artist (Blue Oyster Cult)
Joe BouchardTake a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know legendary rock star Joe Bouchard. Joe is the founding bass player for the band Blue Oyster Cult. In this episode we chat about how he got involved with those guys, and we discuss some of their most popular hits during his 17 years in the band. Then we talk about his other project; Blue Coupe, with rock stars from other bands..... sort of a Super Group. Finally, we discuss his newest solo album: Strange Legends. During this wonderful chat we talk about all kinds of musicians & friends of his from KISS to Metallica, and more. Plus.... Joe lets me play a song off the new album!Follow Joe on social media:Twit: @JoeRockStarInsta: @AstronomyJoeBFB: Joe BouchardWebsite: JoeBouchard.com
Dec 27, 2020
1 hr 2 min
Herb Alpert - Grammy Winning Multi Platinum Selling Recording Artist
Herb AlpertTake a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Herb Alpert. Herb is a multi platinum selling recording artist, producer, multiple Grammy winner, record company executive, philanthropist, and founder of A & M Records. In this episode we chat about when Herb first knew he wanted to play music, why he started a record company (with Jerry Moss), and a few stories behind some of his biggest hits. Herb does let me play a couple of those hits before I talk about his new film Herb Alpert Is... available everywhere now.Follow Herb on social media:Twit: @HerbAlpertInsta: @OfficialHerbAlpertFB: Herb AlpertWebsite: HerbAlpert.com
Dec 20, 2020
41 min
B J Thomas - Grammy Winning Multi Platinum Selling Recording Artist
B J ThomasTake a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know B J Thomas. B J is a singer / songwriter who has sold well over 70 million albums worldwide. He has had 8 number one hits, and has had 46 songs on the Billboard top 100. You definitely know his songs!I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry, Hooked On A Feeling, I Just Can't Help Believing, Rock And Roll Lullaby, Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song, and the Academy Award winning song Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head (1970 Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid). B J also sand the theme song to smash hit tv show Growing Pains: As Long As We Got Each Other. This is the FIFTY year anniversary of Raindrops!B J also has the honor of being a member of The Grand Ole Opry, winning 5 Grammy's, as well as having the very first Contemporary Christian album in history to go platinum. In this episode we chat about how he came to be in the music business out of a tiny town outside of Houston, Tx. Then he tells us some stories about some of these hit songs, including preforming at the Academy Awards in 1970. We also talk about when he was invited to play FOR Elvis. BJ is kind enough to let me play a song or two. Enjoy!Follow BJ on social media:Twit: @TheBJThomasInsta: @TheBJThomasFB: The B J Thomas
Dec 13, 2020
45 min
Thomas McClary - Multi Platinum Selling Recording Artist (The Commodores)
Thomas McClaryTake a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Thomas McClary. Thomas is the founder of the funk / soul band The Commodores. In this episode we chat about what it was like to be THE FIRST African American to be bussed in his county to a white school. We talk about The Civil Rights movement of the mid 60's and his involvement in that. Then we get into his time at Tuskegee University, and a chance meeting that would change the course of his life. We also discuss The Commodores time with Motown Records and how some of the decisions they made impacted future artists with that label. And finally, Thomas let's me play my favorite song of theirs, plus I get to play his BRAND NEW song called Yes (I Still Have Joy)!Follow Thomas on social media:Twit: @ThomasMcClaryInsta: @ThomasMcClaryFB: Thomas McClaryWebsite: ThomasMcClary.com
Dec 6, 2020
1 hr 3 min
Rich Manley - Magician / Actor (Culture Shock)
Rich ManleyTake a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Rich Manley. Rich is a life long magician, adventurer, and recently an actor. In this episode we chat about how and why he became a magician. We also talk about his new Tubi TV series called Culture Shock: Bridging Cultures Through Magic. In the series, Rich travels to various countries and villages and gets to know their culture and their people while performing amazing illusions. He tells us about acting with the great James Caan in a film that was based on a book Rich wrote, and some upcoming projects. Follow Rich on social media:Twit: @Rich_ManleyInsta: @RichCManleyFB: Rich ManleyWebsite: CultureShockMagic.com & ExpeditionRich.com
Nov 29, 2020
55 min
Kimberly Ewertz - Author (Family Redefined)
Kimberly EwertzTake a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Kimberly Ewertz. Kimberly is an author who has spent decades writing for magazines, etc. In this episode we chat about how her parent's love for each other was ever present, and then we shift into how conversations with her own adult child informed her decision to write her first book: Family Redefined: Childhood Reflections on the Impact of Divorce. I had the opportunity to read a couple of chapters ahead of the book's release; so we chat a little more in depth about those chapters, as well as why she wrote the book and what she hopes readers gain from it.Follow Kimberly on social media:FB: Kimberly EwertzGet the book: FamilyRedefinedBook.com
Nov 22, 2020
43 min
Ambush Vin RETURNS - Sci-Fi Hip Hop Artist
Ambush Vin RETURNS!Take a walk with me dawn Fascination Street as I get to know even MORE about Ambush Vin. This is his second appearance on the show and in this episode we get caught up on life in the time of Covid19. Ambush Vin also tells a story about how he almost got locked out of the country, plus we talk about what inspired his new EP called Shakespeare. The five songs on this project are about the stages of grief, and each song is associated with those stages. We do play one of those tracks so get ready to wiggle that booty!Follow Ambush Vin on social media:Twit: @AmbushVinInsta: @AmbushVinFB: Ambush Vin
Nov 15, 2020
56 min
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