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The best!!!
Just won my league with their help!!! Been the best for a long time. It's not even close. The GOAT!
They give pretty bad advice and brag about calls they made on players that are totally obvious I listen to 4 other fantasy podcasts and this is by far the worst. Consistently give stats that aren’t correct and get players names wrong all the time.
Used to be a really good podcast
But it's been commercialized. Happy for the hosts who I assume are making more scratch off the show but the quality had suffered in the process. Listen half heatedly sometimes
Love it!!!!
Best fantasy football ever!
Good listen except...
Really love the show and the depth of analytics, but please stop with the obnoxious mispronunciations of players names. It annoying, bordering on racist. This is your job, made possible by those player with such funny (as you seem to think) names, the least you could is learn to say them.
why is this the hardest part
Hard to listen to these guys.
Lose the dopey music. It’s annoying and distracting.
This is a really good podcast. These guys are not only informative, they’re very funny too. I legitimately have a good time listening to them and I recommend them to any football and or fantasy fan. Breesh, they’re good! I looked forward to This podcast every Friday night!
Enjoy the show
I’ve been a listener for a long time. Love 95% of the show. The guys have insight and data to help make a variety of decisions. The only annoying parts are the weekly humor (?) bits that they’ve been doing for years. Some of the impromptu humor is fine but the same bits every week is about as novel as JJ Walker doing “Dynamite” every week on Good Times in the 70’s. If you’re a fantasy enthusiast, this is your show. Check your line up during the other stuff.
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Floyd T B
Charch ruins it.
Good Lord! Charch just shut up and let your co hosts talk! Stop interrupting them and changing their grades. It’s ok if they disagree with you, especially when they are usually right. Plus your ratings system is just lame. Doesn’t tell you much with three different A, B, C grades. So stubborn to not give me delimitation. Wish I could love this show.
Love the show but...
I mean your show is awesome but knock the politics off. For real ads for Hillary and Biden. Puke...
Cu in mn
Fantasy Football Podcast Champs
Hands down the best fantasy football podcast since I’ve listened to the past five years.
Annoying sound effects
The peacock sound is completely obnoxious and overused. They love to play this over and over again when they get something right but they rarely accept when they made a bad call.
I give up
These guys are highly entertaining but are so often so wrong on calls it’s hard to take the takes with anything but a grain of salt. They should rename the tough questions segment stupid wrong answers .
I have listened for 20 years, always entertaining. Very knowledgeable. Must listen every Saturday whilst watching college football.
Todd Heap
Awesome every week
This is my go-to FF show now. Great combination of ideas and data-backed speculation between these three guys. Always awesome.
Adam is Absurd
Best FF show over the past 20 years!
I’ve been listening to Charch and FFW on KFAN for the past few decades and now subscribe to the podcast. Love the “tough questions” and “premature speculation.” Keep is the great work!
Best FF Podcast there is
Church, Brian, Scott, Matt - all great. (miss Christian!) These guys know their stuff, their reassarch ... and they’re fun. Best 90 min of the week.
Wallace Tinkerton
The best fantasy football podcast
Nice show
Not bad
David Glen Pro Reviews
Used to be Good
Brian Johnson might be one of the worst analysts in the industry. Horrible out dated takes and strategies. This show went the way of the 06010. Go download the Harris Football Podcast and get useful information.
The GodPod Father
In the beginning, the GodPod was created.... With reverence I recall the first podcast dedicated to fantasy football. I eagerly looked forward to Saturday’s release so I could work on my ‘to do’ list while listening to Paul Charchian and crew with actionable and league winning insights. Today there are plethora of excellent podcasts to choose from. Fantasy Football Weekly is still my favorite, a secret I’ve unsuccessfully tried to keep from my league mates. Every Saturday my mantra remains “Take me to Charch!”
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Dan Arnold truthers unite
U guys are great thanks for years of entertainment and advice. Here comes the rise of Phoenix “He was going up and Moss-ing people. Everybody was oohing and aahing and we didn’t know his name,” Kingsbury said of Arnold’s performance
Best Fantasy Football Podcasters Ever
I have been listening to these guys for ages. They are well versed and very knowledgeable about all things fantasy football. Oh, funny and personable too. They get going about the 1st Saturday in August, but they just started doing weekly off season Friday podcasts about free agents, rookies, the draft , fantasy formats, etc. Those are really really good too. Thank You FFW for all your hard work, it is greatly appreciated. Stay safe everybody. We need everybody here for the upcoming (hopefully) NFL season. \o/ - already said it, but this is easily the best overall fantasy podcast out there.
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Snood/Sgt. Snoodler
Great Fantasy Football Analysis!
If you’re looking for one podcast to give you solid fantasy football analysis, this is THE one. It is a lengthy show during the NFL season and available only on Saturday. That being said, these guys give you a per match up analysis fantasy style unlike no other. In the off season, the content is still informative, bringing you relative information on types of fantasy football games and NFL player updates in a shorter format. Paul Charchian has been doing this for 20+ YEARS! He has a knowledgeable supporting cast of football stat nerds who are entertaining and will help you win your fantasy football matchup on Sunday.
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It use to be good
This show does not try like it did a few years ago. It’s gone big and now lacks passion or just good info for that matter. Look elsewhere
Elite Fantasy Football Insight
No other show brings stats, narrative and matchups the way Fanball does it. I’ve listened or read Charch and his team for 20 years, hands down #1!
Great show!
Great insight for FFB! I don’t always agree, but always a valid point for why you like a matchup! Thanks for the show and all your hard work. I look forward to the podcast EVERY week.
Honest opinion 507
Excellent FF Podcast
I’d give it an A-, maybe B+. That’s for you, Charch.
Best FF podcast available
I don’t miss a week.
A must listen prior to setting your lineup
Great advice and good entertainment. This podcast is a staple of my weekend.
Simply the Best
I’ve been listening to FFW for years and they are by far my favorites. Great statistical analysis along with humor. Love the Take a Chance on Me and Premature Speculation segments. I do miss the old format, especially FIVE tough questions, the bumper music and lightning round.
Paul, Scott, and Matt do a great job! In-depth conversations and grades on every key player in all the games. They’re not afraid to break from the “group think” of fantasy analysts based on the matchup that week. The “Take a Chance on Me” segment is great for those weeks injuries have pummeled your team or you need a flex guy with high upside. Always funny and personable ... all of them are really accessible on twitter as well.
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Great pod
Very thorough
The Godfather of Fantasy
Charch and the gang offer a brisk run through all of the fantasy football matchups, along with 3 tough questions to boggle the mind, premature speculation to get ahead of the pack and Take-A-Chance-On-Me to advise on starters you wouldn’t ordinarily consider. Fantasy football involves a great deal of chance, but this show hasn’t been around more than 20 years by chance.
Funniest fantasy podcast!
Great fantasy advice as well.
Ppr 10 team league Gallman or Michel?
Enjoy the insight and breakdowns. I know Michel is one you mentioned staying away from, but given that Gallman was also someone you weren’t too high on. Do you roll with the Sony Walkman? Or Gallman’s Travel?
Baboo O'Hulahan
Lighting round
Been listening for years, love the show. What happened to lightning round? Y’all know Reed is disappointed. Lol
Best of them all
I love take a Chance on me and premature speculation. Their advice has won some games for me.
Devine Ms D
New date
I REALLY need this information before the Thursday night game.
One thing
If you are looking for you one extra thing to beat the other people in your league. Listen I to this.
Excellent podcast!! Love this podcast.
I first heard Paul Charchian on The Steve Czaban show and he was very informative on all sports and not just fantasy football. He is easy to listen to and love listening to his fantasy picks and advice on who to play and who to sit. Paul is plugged in to the Fantasy football world. Love it!!
Take these!!!
Ron Paul 1111
Charch and crew
The best and informative fantasy listen!
By thieves
Simply the best
This show is so much more informative than anything Matthew Berry and the gang on ESPN does.
sausage and taco
The Real Deal
Love Charch and love this show. These guys know their stuff!
Simply the best.
The best fantasy football podcast/ radio show.
Dillon Sherwood
Great Show!
Don’t listen to clowns like jav60. Sure if you want to hear/see boring chalk rankings, listen to something else. Anyone could copy others’ rankings. These guys do a lot of research and dig deep. They’re ahead of the field when it comes to predictions.
The best
So many reasons why it’s the best. I actually get a “at home” feeling listening to this, probably because you know what you are going to get each week. It’s straightforward, there’s minimal advertising and (even better) minimal chatter. It’s all about fantasy football, done well. It’s my Saturday escape, I retreat to a room away from the family and try to correctly answer the 3 tough questions. (I’m half successful!)
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It's Not My Forte
Love the show
Have been a female fan listener for years with lots of success, thanks to you, and Fanball. Keep up the good work. I am missing “Take a chance on me” and the call in questions/chick chat now that you aren’t a live show Saturday’s in MN.
Purple Pain 21
What once was good... now quickly becoming un-listenable. Time to freshen up the gig. Love, A. Former Fan
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