Fantasy Football Weekly
Fantasy Football Weekly
Fantasy Football Weekly is America's longest-running fantasy football radio show—and is now available as a podcast. The show is hosted by Fantasy Sports Hall of Famer, Paul Charchian, founder of Each episode of Fantasy Football Weekly provides data-driven fantasy advice for every listener. We break down every NFL matchup from a fantasy standpoint, unearth sleepers, and answer the toughest questions facing fantasy owners. New episodes are available every Friday evening featuring previews of the upcoming NFL schedule.
Perfect Landing
Brian and Charch look at the biggest names in free agency and find the best possible landing spot to maximize their fantasy value. See for privacy information.
Feb 23
51 min
Did The Opposite Work?
Long time listeners know we advocate for a draft strategy called Do The Opposite, where you eschew running backs in the early rounds of the draft. But did that approach work in 2023? Charch provides all the data! See for privacy information.
Feb 16
15 min
Super Bowl, FFW Style
It's our last chance to break down an NFL game for seven long months!  You'll get FFW-style letter grades on every player and find out of Brian can sneak in a a final plus or minus into the 2023 season of shows.See for privacy information.
Feb 9
31 min
Squares Sucks!
Maybe the Super Bowl will be a great game with a dozen lead changes. Or maybe it'll be a sloppy, boring, one-sided affair. What we know for certain is that Super Bowl Squares is the lamest party game ever invented. Mat and Charch give you a half dozen better games that'll enhance your Super Bowl party.See for privacy information.
Feb 2
32 min
Muster Your Peafowl!
Scott Fish and Paul Charchian dispense tons of player advice surrounding Sunday's conference championship games. And they learn some new peacock facts. See for privacy information.
Jan 26
37 min
We're Drunk On Texans!
Charch and Brian have been hitting the bottle hard enough to convince themselves of fantasy success for a plethora of Texans players. That, plus actionable fantasy advice for the five other playoff teams still alive.See for privacy information.
Jan 19
40 min
FFW 1-12-24
Charch and Brian offer a variety of fantasy angles for each of the six NFL playoff games. See for privacy information.
Jan 12
39 min
Playoff Primer
Charch and Scott Fish breakdown the sustained viability of some of the playoff superstars who emerged over the past three weeks. Plus, they offer tons of advice for those looking to start a playoff fantasy league.See for privacy information.
Jan 5
30 min
It's Hardware Week!
It's championship week and the FFW crew helps you bring home the hardware!See for privacy information.
Dec 29, 2023
1 hr 28 min
The Semifinal Countdown!
Charch, Mat and Scott try to get you to your championship by breaking downevery matchup FFW style with all the usual bells and whistles as we reachthe penultimate week of the fantasy season.See for privacy information.
Dec 22, 2023
1 hr 29 min
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