Eric Krasno Plus One
Eric Krasno Plus One
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Krasno is connect!!! So it’s real talk.
My favorite part about this podcast is that Krasno is a very loved and respected musican and producer. He’s played with a lot of different groups and musical situations over the years. The guest he has on are people he’s worked with and are people he’s friends with. Krasno is connected. So it’s real talk. Most of these artist wouldn’t talk like this to another person interviewing them. But Krasno is on the inside so it’s a trust exchange. I love it. These are some of my favorite artists and Krasno is one of my favorite musician. Real Talk!!!
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Coy Dee Roy
Loving this pod! Awesome musicians & really authentic conversations. Thank you.
Consistently awesome
One of the best music podcasts out there!
Hits the note
Cant say enough about how appreciative I am to hear these stories and learn new things. Thanks, Kras! Great vibes
Beautiful podcast
I grew up on Soulive, Derek Trucks Band, The Roots during my teenage years - for me, this podcast is a gold mine. It has a nice blend of music talk, lifestyle talk, fun stories, and pure humanity/life lessons. Eric Krasno is friends with most of his guests, and that leads to particularly deep and interesting conversations.
J MacP
Every episode is a homerun!
Victoria Canal 💕
So happy to see her name pop up on your podcast. Been a fan for awhile, she’s friends with my son (also a musician). It’s nice to see this younger generation getting some space. As you mentioned they work for the most part very independently of a record company (contract). So they are always hustling, producing, exploring new vibes of music. Been to many many gigs of my sons band and others at Brooklyn bowl, and on LES. It’s a great community of young artists with no judgement, just trying to support each other’s journey. Just found out my son has a gig tonite. First one in soooo many months. Check out @miettehope. Thanks Eric. Also just ordered from Sunset Lake
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Great Podcast again this week as always!
Great podcast again this week! Checked out your Spotify playlist too. Your are great Selector, mon
Brown Ale Guy
Kraz talks shop with all the greats in our scene
Great conversations about music in the jamband scene. Awesome stuff!!
Podcast Legend
This is a top 5 podcast of all time, Eric Krasno created a masterpiece!
Dollar Derm
Incredible Stuff
I can’t even begin to thank you enough for these podcasts man! They are so full of info that blow my mind. I’m an amateur player but this stuff has me pushing myself more and more every day. My son is in a jazz program (16 yrs old) and he is taking this stuff and learning new artists and theory that has him on fire. Maybe someday after all this is over he can meet you. Keep it up man and thanks!
New favorite Podcast
Incredible line-up of guests. He’s got a great voice and journey to Tune into
Klaus the Mouse
Best jam band podcast
The best music podcast that I listen too. The guests are perfect and the stories are great.
Easily one of my Favorites
Plus One quickly became one of my favorite podcasts, and I am always excited to see a new episode in my queue each week. Kraz’s connections run deep and wide, and as a lover of music, I have been sent down numerous rabbit holes from listening to the conversations he has. His guests trust him and always give him the goods. You not only learn about his guest’s journeys through music, but you also get to know more about Kraz, and there are plenty of good tidbits and humorous anecdotes sprinkled throughout. Keep up the great work!
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Cool cat
Kraz is the coolest and it shows on this podcast. He gets all the best musicians to speak openly and honestly. I just wish the interviews were longer! Great work.
Dawt Topple
Dude always seemed like such a quiet guy to me. Surprisingly talkative, articulate, solid interviews/conversations. Good production. I listen to a lot of pods. This one is a new favorite.
Just what we need during these KRAZy times
Loving this podcast, Eric! Thank you for putting so much energy forth and getting this done. Yet another thing blessed by your touch that turns to gold. This has been a great insight into some of our favorite artists and most importantly, the art form as a whole.
Great for music fans!
Dang this is so cool. If you’re into music you’ll be into this.
John Mayer episode
Absolutely amazing conversation! I would have done anything to be a fly on the wall for that 1 hour...As a guitar player and just fan of music this was so insightful, revealing, clever, witty and intelligent... not to mention entertaining. Well done - 5 stars 🙏
Wow loved his episode! So insightful the entire time! Enjoyed every topic and just how easy that episode was. Bring John back for more!!! I can listen to him talk all day. 😍🤍🤘🏼
A fresh take on music interviews
It’s no surprise that Eric Krasno, who in my opinion is extremly underrated and one of the best guitar players in the world, is also a natural and engaging interviewer. Episode #1 with Dave Mathews played like a backstage conversation between two mega musicians who clearly have mutual admiration for each other. It’s a true fly in the wall experience that left this listener feeling both inspired and nostalgic!
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Mark Rudin
Great interviewing style, casual and smart conversationalist.
Crystal Haze
On point
Great podcast. Love all the stories
Derek Trucks!!!
Hearing discussions of music kicks my week off nicely. Thank you for what you do. Would love to hear Derek Trucks on here. Keep on keeping on
Clayton Mark
This podcast is sweet. Eric is an incredible host, musician and interviewer. He has a gift for creating an open and comfortable space for guests. He is also an amazing musician who has been around the block and played with so many people. His experience leads to such interesting conversations. Love listening in on these and I can’t wait for more episodes !!
music lover 😊
Awesome discussion!
Awesome guests!
loving this so far
Kraz is the truth!
Keep this thing going bro. Much love!
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