Dropping Bombs
Dropping Bombs
Brad Lea: CEO, Entrepreneur, and Host of The Bottom Line
Laugh while you learn how to solve some of life's challenges! In fact, Brad Lea keeps it as real as it gets while he’s "Dropping Bombs" on a wide-range of topics that educate, inspire and makes you laugh out loud. Brad’s bombs are explosive strategies discovered through conversations with his fascinating guests that you can use to obliterate any obstacle getting in the way of your personal or business success. Listen to the Dropping Bombs podcast for exclusive content, success strategies rooted in real-life experiences and stories from the front lines. Brad’s dropping bombs. Listen up or run for cover!
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Hands down the best podcast
Brad Lea is funny af and the amount of value on this podcast is insane. Hands down my favorite podcast
Ma Bui
Transparency/Raw value
The entire conversational flow of how Brad leads these guest is incredible. Super genuine and tons of value to gain from whats being out out.
Must listen to content
Brad Kills it friends...the realest most transparent podcast out there....trust me I listen to my share of episodes in this arena. Thanks Brad
Life altering content!
Some of the content presented in dropping bombs has had a pivotal effect on my life. The bombs have caused me to change the way I look at things and open my mind to new ideas. Use the information on this podcast! Read the books recommended on this podcast! Don’t let fear people or ideas hold you down. #bombsquad
Andy Letizia
Just listen
I do not miss an episode of this podcast. Brad is fantastic and the the guests and content are incredible.
Doug Blevins
Great show
Love listening to Brads insight!
Mitch Felderhoff
BRAD.. Why do you always keep INTERRUPTING your guests??!! We really wanted to hear Cyrus Parsa and all of what he had to say!! His knowledge and information is of the upmost importance and relevant to our present and future existence. I know that you like humor as do the rest of us but this was not the time to do so. It seems you kept wanting to be relevant and patting yourself on the back. You obviously have already spoken to this man and are aware of some details on these subjects but some of us are NOT aware and would like to learn. This important information could’ve been much shorter and directly to the point without your constant interruptions taking this man out of his train of thought and having to start all over. PLEASE STOP INTERRUPTING and SHUT UP!! You’re worse than Hannity on that.
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Mind blowing 🤯
Brad Lea is giving us all a fraction of the action and breaking off a little piece for our niece! Wish I would of found this podcast earlier, it’s changing everything for me.
From Party Girl To Business Woman
Brad Lea is a no bull#%^* kind of guy. I think someone who doesn’t give a #%^* is not only refreshing but real. Some people might see it as arrogance, but he has truly motivated people like me to strive to be better because it can be done. I’m excited to listen to this podcast cause I know from following his Instagram, he makes $$. So if you wanna be a better sales person & make $$ you should definitely listen to Brad & his special guests. ❤️you brad!! ~Littleeladyy_
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Truth be told!
I absolutely love and enjoy listening to them, Brad and all of the guest he brings on all bring so much knowledge and insightful information, THANK YOU!!!
Awesome Podcast!!!
Brad, host of the Dropping Bombs podcast, highlights all aspects of businees, management and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
Since I am a person who also has background in the car business, I love Brad Lea’s perspective on sales and knowledge that he brings. He has amazing guests and gives me hope that I can transition out auto world. I love car business guys and I am thankful the skills I am learning now can help me if I want to start my own business. Thank you Brad
Carl Gerbscmidt
One of the best podcast for ideas!
Listening to this podcast has my brain in a nonstop entrepreneurial trip! I can’t stop with the ideas on how to make money! They are swinging in from all different directions!
Billionaire c.e.o and he actually answers and talks to you on social media
tommy_network on instagram
Best Podcast!
Brad teaches people how to avoid mistakes by sharing his and other successful people’s mistakes. I’ve had such personal and financial growth by listening and was able to avoid many mistakes. He does put his own money into his podcast to share the wealth of knowledge, which I am grateful for. Nice to not have to skip over 2-3 ads in one episode, since he doesn’t depend on sponsorships. Such a good guy.
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Interview with Dr. Buttar
Loved your interview with Dr. Buttar. Hoping I can find the interview in it’s entirety! Well done🇺🇸
Monika babinski
Epic show
Loved the interview with Jordan!
Rylee Meek
To be great, you gotta be different!
Love to hear Brad and how he challenges reality, provides advice and shares his experience to help listeners to create change to get results!
Alejandro Avendano
Humor, Strategy, and Amazing Guests
This show has been on my subscribe list for a couple years now. Brad is an awesome host, and he brings on some unique guests. #bombsquad
Tony Whatley
Super Awesome Podcast
Highly recommend your podcast Brad! I don’t know you personally but man am I grateful for your content. Things have been pretty rough but after consuming your content, I’ve been opening up to the power of my mindset and it’s ability to catapult my reality. I end each day pretty much listening to your content. Hope to meet you one day bro! Stay up! 🤙🏿
The Best Podcast Ever.
This podcast is informative, funny and very interesting. Great guests and it is always a pleasure to listen to the challenges and the amazing knowledge that comes from them. I highly recommend!! AMAZING!
Jenna CM Silverman
Professional yet raw and real
The man tells it how it is and provides tremendous value. It’s always great listening to his podcast. One of my favorites for sure, probably #1 🔥🔥🔥💣
Listened to the one with Stefan Aarnio, loved it and will definitely listen to more episodes
Brad is hilarious, but also very informative. Also has guests who bring great knowledge to the audience. Love this show.
Want my $ Back!!!
When it comes to a gentleman that is a generous as much as he is wise he could only be addressed as Mr. or Sir! He has made such an impression on my life that I now look forward to my next forty years. Talk soon sir, and thank you.
Brad please don’t ever stop dropping bombs!! Your cool AF!! Ep#236 best ever!!
S. Hana
Like no other!
Brad has a unique way to hold and to steer a conversation over a long period of time and to keep a conversation unique, funny and informative all at the same time while being completely himself and genuine which is hard for most podcast hosts to be themselves in every situation and not bend to that individuals they decide to host on their show. Every time his content comes out I’m on it and I’m not a review type of guy which I should be because there’s other great content out there but I’m leaving this for a reason. You won’t be wasting any time here.
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What you have done
Hey as a member of the bomb squad al I can say is wow I have loved every moment of listening to you after my wife died I didn’t know what I was going to do and I can say Brad you have brought a little bit of laughter and a lot of bomb and it has improved my life drastically so thank you so much. I just listened to this week’s episode and you asked what your brand is and I would like to say you are THE REAL PROFESSOR.
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Good stuff
I enjoy every minute of it. You will never know what is going to be said until you give it a listen. Bombs will be dropped.
Love love love
I love this show!!! The content is amazing. There are so many solutions here!! I love it love it love !!!!!
Bombtastic 💣
Brad consistently blows it up with real content! Love this guy and his wit!
The Bottom Line
The bombs Brad drops on this podcast are pure gold bombs. Each one contains years of hard work, wisdom, skill and perseverance. I learn from Brad so I don’t make the same mistakes he talks about in business and in life. Also it’s for free? I don’t have to pay anything for this revolutionary content. UNBELIEVABLE! We should all be grateful.
I can’t get enough of Brad’s incredibly entertaining and highly insightful podcasts. Brad asks great questions which of course elicit great responses. He knows how to coax out the best information from the super high quality guests he brings on. Brad ALWAYS keeps it real, cuts through the BS and consistently provides hilarious comic relief when needed. He’s one smooth mf’er. HOW IS THIS FREE?? Thank you Brad!!! Your loyal fan, Trevor Eddy
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Trevor Eddy
My Absolute Favorite Podcast
Not only is Brad the realest but he also brings in the realest guests. My girlfriend and I have purchased products and services for at least 3 of the guests Brad brought on dropping bombs that we never heard of before. This show has a made a significant impact on my life. So much value and the humor always brightens my day. Keep killing it BL!!
Dave Lacamera
Addicted to this podcast
I appreciate Brad Lea and all the work he does. Thank you for all the coaching. I’m a subscriber of closers school. This podcast has helped me tremendously in sales and in life.
Best podcast for overall life information
Dropping bombs is the best podcast I’ve come across for people trying to improve their life in anyway possible. It’s super relatable to anyone and everyone no matter what you’re doing. Definitely dive deep into these episodes 🔥💯💰
Eric DeJohn
Bombs For Days! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Brad does a phenomenal job at getting his guest to say the truth! He’s bold and his podcast has blown my mind many times! My hubby and I love to listen to this in the daily! 💯
What it is, it’s the real Brad Lea
Dropping Bombs with Brad Lea is one of my favorite podcasts. It’s always entertaining and I always feel motivated to get stuff done after listening. It always has great guests and introduces you to new ideas and concepts that could help you improve your business or personal life. Brad is a cool dude and very funny.
Dropping bombs on my life!
Thanks Brad for this show! I’ve been listening to it daily forge past week and has been providing so much value and motivation!
Nery Junior
Brad is the real deal.. he’s made millions and now just wants to HELP PEOPLE. I had heard of him through Andy Frisella’s podcast and now I love his. If you’re ready to transform your life you better start listening to people like Brad. Don’t stop DROPPIN’ BOMBS BRAD!
The Real B Money AKA Brad Lea
With a name like the THE REAL BRAD LEA ! YOU BETTER MAKE SURE YOU KEEP IT REAL! He does that to the fullest! Do yourself a favor and tune in and get educated for Free!
Best podcast
This is the best podcast for real applicable information. Brad is a cool cool dude
Rate this Dude!!
So good! Thank you for all the bombs!
Best business/ entrepreneur podcast
I’ve been listening to Brad for over a year and not until listening to 3 podcasts back to back on a long drive, did I realize I’ve never given him a rating. Through the casual talk setting, learning the gems or bombs I’ve heard him and his drops guest, has totally revolutionized the way I go about life. No cliche bs, real life hacks broken down in an enjoyable manner. My favorite guy in the entrepreneur space, who I aspire to work with one day. 10/10 for the ol B. meister
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Amazing content!
Dropping bombs has amazing real life content. Brad is a rock star who just bull shots with solid guests and they just feed the listeners useful information over and over again. Thank you Brad!!
This podcast is the BOMB
This podcast has taught me so many lessons and has given me so much value. Not only that but he is hilarious which just makes it that much better 🔥
Value, life lessons, humor
One of the best podcast I listen to! Bradley brings the top people in their industry to learn from their life and mistakes. Grateful for this podcast!!!
Probably my favorite podcast of all time.
There are a ton of podcasts related to business and entrepreneurship. Some are good, most are just okay. They call him the "real" Brad Lea because he truly does keep it real. What I mean by that is REAL actionable advice, REAL world experience from both the host and the guests...and REALLY hilarious at the same time. Seriously, this is the best (and probably, last) entrepreneurial podcast you'll ever need to listen to.
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Walks the Walk
Brad isn’t on here just talking the talk because it sounds good, I can honestly say he walks the walk! Brad takes the time to respond to messages, and form relationships with random people that praise his work!
Trevor Meader
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