Dropping Bombs
Dropping Bombs
Brad Lea: CEO, Entrepreneur, and Host of The Bottom Line
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Laugh while you learn how to solve some of life's challenges! In fact, Brad Lea keeps it as real as it gets while he’s "Dropping Bombs" on a wide-range of topics that educate, inspire and makes you laugh out loud. Brad’s bombs are explosive strategies discovered through conversations with his fascinating guests that you can use to obliterate any obstacle getting in the way of your personal or business success. Listen to the Dropping Bombs podcast for exclusive content, success strategies rooted in real-life experiences and stories from the front lines. Brad’s dropping bombs. Listen up or run for cover!
Corey Berrier. Is an Ayahuasca Journey Safe for Entrepreneurs? Episode 311 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)
Corey Berrier is a Certified Sales, Success and Nutrition Coach, Master Personal Trainer, NLP Practitioner, & the host of the Successful Life Podcast. Beginning his career as a personal trainer in 2009, Corey was one of the top personal trainers for many years before partnering with a client to start at Hormone Replacement/Medical Spa Center. In this part two episode, Brad and Corey discuss Corey's Ayahuasca Experience and whether or not it is safe for all entrepreneurs!
Oct 19
57 min
Tom Bilyeu.How to Get Good at Being an Entrepreneur. Episode 310 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)
Tom Bilyeu is the co-founder of 2014 Inc. 500 company Quest Nutrition — a unicorn startup valued at over $1 billion — and the co-founder and host of Impact Theory. Tom’s mission is the creation of empowering media-based IP and the acceleration of mission-based businesses. In this episode, Brad & Tom discuss so many entrepreneurial notions and what it means to be good in business. Tom says, “Money does not make you feel better about yourself, perhaps only in the moment, but that is not what it is a
Oct 15
56 min
Major Scott Huesing. The Power of Human Connection. Episode 309 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)
Scott A. Huesing is a retired USMC Infantry Major with over 24 years of service, both enlisted & as a commissioned officer. His career spanned 10 deployments and he conducted operations in over 60 countries worldwide. During his numerous deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, & the Horn of Africa he planned, led, & conducted hundreds of combat missions under some of the most austere & challenging conditions. In this episode, Brad & the Major discuss everything from his time in deployment to where he is now.
Oct 12
1 hr 20 min
Cole Hatter & Dan Fleyshman.Thrive to Survive. Episode 308 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)
Dan and Cole partnered up to make Thrive virtual and this year, they did just that. In this episode, Cole, Dan, and Brad discuss their stories of entrepreneurship and how each of them came up in their businesses separately and some together. There is more to life than just making money, it’s fun to keep making money but what type of a global impact are you making? Take your existing business and turn it for purpose.  Go to attendthrive.com and use Promo Code: BOMB to get 10% off!
Oct 8
1 hr 8 min
Colton Lindsay.How to Crush Real Estate in Five Easy Steps. Episode 307 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)
Colton got an up-close look at the real estate industry from a young age. His mother worked as an office manager for a Utah r/e company, & he was eager to shadow some of the top producers at the agency. In this episode, Colton & Brad discuss why building value & building relationships with your prospects is the number one thing to make the money. Colton calls this one of the levels in the five levels of real estate. Don’t become a slave to your business & listen to how to leverage your time & your $$$.
Oct 5
1 hr 6 min
Travis Fox. How to Be the Architect of Your Life. Episode 306 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)
Since 1991, Travis Fox, The Architect of Being has been the CEO for Travis Fox, Inc., now Bigger Than Us, LLC. Fox has degrees in both Psychology & Clinical Hypnotherapy. Fox teaches his proprietary methodology Architecting sales, marketing, & communication. In this episode, Brad & Travis sit down & discuss what a true blueprint that YOU make for your life looks like. Ultimately, Travis gives you the first 5 things, then it’s up to you. You don’t just use mindset to train a mind, there is something bigg
Oct 1
1 hr 13 min
Kevin Harrington.Learn the Secrets of Success from this Shark. Episode 305 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)
Over the last 40 years, Kevin has been involved in numerous projects including being: An Original Shark on “Shark Tank.” The Inventor of the Infomercial, As Seen On TV Pioneer. Co-Founder of the Electronic Retailers Association. Co-Founder of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization. In this episode, Kevin and Brad discuss all the secrets from the shark to make the smartest business decisions in anyone’s life. Be aware and be smart and most of all, trust in yourself and look for the right opportunitie
Sep 28
35 min
Sean Castrina.How to Create a Company Based on What You Need. Episode 304 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)
Sean Castrina's mission is to equip entrepreneurs for success. I have developed a podcast called the Ten-Minute Entrepreneur as well as a vlog entitled Developing The Entrepreneur Within. In this episode, Brad and Sean discuss all the fundamentals and more about being a true entrepreneur. They discuss what it means to do two things at once so you can never depend on that second job again. Visit www.seancastrina.com for more information about him!
Sep 24
1 hr 14 min
Dave Rubin.How to Be a Free Thinker. Episode 303 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)
Dave Rubin is an American political commentator, former comedian, YouTube personality, and talk show host, Creator, and Host of The Rubin Report. Dave was born in New York in 1998 and got his start in comedy interning for John Stewart. Dave describes himself as a “classical liberal” even though MOST consider him a conservative OR a libertarian. Dave and Brad bring tons of free thinking to this episode and the genius that Dave outpours on this platform is one of unmatched! Listen twice.
Sep 21
1 hr 11 min
Jimmy Rex.How to Make Six Figures in less than Six Months. Episode 302 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)
Jimmy Rex is currently an active real estate agent based out of Utah. He has found success in the real estate industry starting at a young age to now selling over 2,000 homes by the time he turned 37. If Jimmy isn't selling homes or speaking, then he is traveling. In this episode, Jimmy explains how to be the HERO of your own story and he did this by gaining 6 figures in 6 months with the control of his own life and following his own blueprint.
Sep 17
59 min
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